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One sentence made Zhou Jingyuns pupils shrink.

He was not sure if Jiang Tong was acting in front of the bodyguards to show that they were in love, or if she had guessed what he was thinking, so she was comforting him…

Half an hour later, the group of cars returned to Jingyun Fashion.

Jiang Tong officially went through the job entry procedures and became Zhou Jingyuns assistant with a monthly salary of 20,000 dollars.

After that, Zhou Jingyun personally brought Jiang Tong around the company.

On the surface, he was showing her around the company.

However, in reality, he was telling everyone that Jiang Tong was his girlfriend!

During this process, Jiang Tong held onto Zhou Jingyuns arm in an extremely intimate manner.

The night was getting darker.

Ji Lanzhou went to the bar where he met Jiang Tong, but he did not see her.

He did not think that he would see Jiang Tong the moment he arrived.

Just as he was about to leave with his bodyguards, Guan Sandao, who was patrolling the bar, suddenly glanced at Ji Lanzhou.

He paused, frowned, and thought for a while… Then, he finally remembered who this person was! Wasnt this the man who was with Young Master Zhous sister-in-law that night!

With the intention of building a good relationship with the people around Young Master Zhou, Guan Sandao smiled and stopped Ji Lanzhou.

This time, Ji Lanzhou came out with his bodyguards.

When the bodyguards saw that something was wrong, they quickly moved in front of Ji Lanzhou to protect him.

“Its a misunderstanding.

I dont mean any harm.

I just want to talk to your young master.” Guan Sandao raised his hands, indicating that he didnt have any dangerous items on him.

Ji Lanzhou also recognized Guan Sandao.

This person was the sucker who had his car stolen by Jiang Tong.

But his attitude right now… Ji Lanzhou subtly waved his hand for the bodyguards back down.

Then, he asked Guan Sandao, “Whats the matter”

Ji Lanzhou didnt often move around City Z because of his health, so Guan Sandao didnt recognize him as Ji Lanzhou.

Guan Sandao explained with a smile, “I wonder if you still remember me We passed by each other at the back door of the bar the other day”

Ji Lanzhou nodded, and Guan Sandao became even more excited.

If it werent for the bodyguards behind Ji Lanzhou, he would have held Ji Lanzhous hand and talked to him.

He rubbed his hands and looked at Ji Lanzhou.

Then, he said excitedly, “It was my fault that night.

You werent scared, right Sigh, you and Miss Jiang should have told us earlier that you were close with Young Master Zhou, especially Miss Jiang.

If she had told us earlier that she was Young Master Zhous sister-in-law, we wouldnt have had those misunderstandings, right You can drive my car as long as you like.”


Guan Sandaos words were packed with too much information.

Ji Lanzhou frowned and thought for a long time before he realized that the matter that happened at the bar last night seemed to have been settled by Jiang Tong.

That was why Guan Sandao had this kind of attitude when he saw Ji Lanzhou today… but what was this so-calledsister-in-law about

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Ji Lanzhou subtly suppressed the doubt in his eyes.

There was no expression on his beautiful face.

He asked, “Youve met Jiang Tong”

Guan Sandao nodded, “Yes, I just saw her at Lihao Ballroom this morning.

Miss Jiang came with Eldest Young Master Zhou.” As he said that, he took a step forward.

He lowered his voice and said to Ji Lanzhou, “But youre quite brave.

Miss Jiang is pregnant, yet you brought her to a place like this.

If anything happens to the child in her womb, you might…”

Ji Lanzhou interrupted him abruptly, “What What do you mean pregnant”


“Its Miss Jiang.

She…” Guan Sandao pointed at his belly and then came to his senses.

Seeing Ji Lanzhous frowning face, he suddenly realized that Ji Lanzhou did not know.

Guan Sandao asked, “So you didnt know Its my fault, its my fault.

I was too big-mouthed.”

It was only later that Guan Sandao found out that the gigolo who had left the bar with Jiang Tong that night was her brother.

That was why he was so nice to Ji Lanzhou.

Seeing that Ji Lanzhou did not know that Jiang Tong was pregnant, Guan Sandao was so dismayed that he wanted to die.

He hoped that Young Master Zhou would not blame him for being loose-lipped.


Ji Lanzhou lowered his eyes.

He had just slept with Jiang Tong last night and judging from how intense they were going at it, Jiang Tong did not seem like she was pregnant… then that means the matter between her and Eldest Young Master Zhou… Ji Lanzhou pursed his lips.

With a half-smile, he said to Guan Sandao, “Thank you for telling me about this.

I still have something to do, so Ill make a move first.”

“Okay, okay, please go ahead,” Guan Sandao smiled and sent Ji Lanzhou to the door.

Then he hesitated.

“About the pregnancy, can you…”

“Dont worry.” Ji Lanzhou waved his hand and was escorted into the car by his bodyguards.

He coldly ordered, “Go to Zhou Mingfeis place.” He wanted to see the woman who was lying under him last night.

How did she become someone elses sister-in-law in the blink of an eye!



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