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“This is up to you.

I wont interfere.” Zhou Jingyun was not interested in these things.

On the second floor, Jiang Tong left the bathroom after washing her hands.

On her way back to the private room, she had just walked past a corridor when she stopped in her tracks.

She pretended to take out her phone to take a look.

However, her phone screen did not light up, and the pitch-black screen reflected the scene behind her.

She had just felt that someone was following her, or rather, spying on her.

Jiang Tong was very confused.

Why was someone following her at this time Her new life had just begun.

Although she had experienced a lot of things today, judging from the speed at which the news spread, the things she had done would not have made her a target to be monitored so quickly.

Shao Ying No, Shao Ying was not a deity.

It was impossible for her to know of Jiang Tongs existence right now.

Her relationship with Zhou Jingyun would not be known to Shao Ying for at least a few days.

Then why was she being followed and monitored Could it be that Zhou Mingfei had arranged for someone to follow her Even when she went to the washroom Thinking about it, it was not right.

Zhou Mingfei would not do such a stupid thing.

His subordinates were not so stupid to be discovered so quickly.

While her mind was racing with thoughts, Jiang Tong did not stop walking.

It was not easy for her to get out of the repeating cycle.

No matter who was following her right now, she was going to enjoy herself and not mistreat herself.

Although being monitored was a dangerous thing, it did not matter.

Jiang Tong did not think that there would be a sudden situation that would be difficult for her to deal with.

Otherwise, her living in that 500-year cycle would have been in vain.

After Jiang Tong returned to the private room, at the corner of the corridor, a man wearing a cap poked his head out to observe her.

He glanced at the door of the private room and took out his phone to make a call.

He greeted, “Hello, Big Brother.”

The person on the other end asked, “Where is she”

“Shes having dinner with the Eldest Young Master Zhou and the Second Young Master Zhou,” the man in the cap replied respectfully.

“Continue to keep an eye on her.

Be careful not to be discovered.

Tell me where shes headed afterward,” the person on the other end of the phone reminded before hanging up.

In the private room, Jiang Tong entered the room and sat down.

She casually asked, “What are you guys talking about”

“Were talking about you, Sister-in-law,” Zhou Mingfei answered very naturally.

His attitude towards Jiang Tong was much more polite than before.

He asked, “Oh right, Sister-in-law, I havent asked you this yet.

Are you a City Z local”

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“Im from Anxi County, the county city around City Z,” Jiang Tong answered leisurely.

She knew what Zhou Mingfei meant the moment he opened his mouth.

He was just trying to get information out of her.

Zhou Jingyun also knew his younger brothers plan, but he didnt stop him.

“From the county city Then are you living in the city now” Zhou Mingfei continued to ask.

“In the old city district,” Jiang Tong reported her home address.

“Wow, the houses there are old.

Sister-in-law, you are so capable, why didnt you buy a better house” Zhou Mingfei was puzzled.

“The old house was left behind by my family.

I have feelings for it, so I didnt buy a new house,” Jiang Tong explained.

Zhou Mingfei pondered for a moment.

Jiang Tong just said that her parents lived in Anxi County, and her hometown was also in Anxi County.

However, she said that the house she lived in was an old house left behind by her family.

Wasnt this contradictory

Seeing Zhou Mingfeis confusion, Jiang Tong smiled and took the initiative to answer, “My parents came to City Z to work for a while when they were young.

That was more than twenty years ago.

The two of them had the skills and property price was cheap at that time.

They saved some money for a few years before they bought the house that I live in now.

Later on, my grandfather had a health problem.

In order to take care of him, my parents moved back to Anxi County to open a noodle shop.

The house here was rented out until I entered university here.

After I got into university, this house belonged to me.”

Jiang Tong didnt mind talking about her family matters.

Even if she didnt talk about these matters, Zhou Mingfei could find out about them with his power and influence.

After listening to Jiang Tongs words, Zhou Mingfeis first impression was that she was ordinary.

Too ordinary! Other than Jiang Tongs extraordinary appearance, the university she went to and the trajectory of her life was all so ordinary that there was nothing outstanding about them.

Zhou Mingfei looked at Jiang Tong suspiciously.

He felt that she was making up a story to deceive them!

If Jiang Tong was really as ordinary as she said, how could she possibly know so much confidential information How could she have such superb gambling skills She didnt even feel anything when she saw him chop off a persons hand with her own eyes.

How could she calmly criticize him for being crude

In fact, what Jiang Tong said was not considered lying.

If she excluded the fact that she had repeated yesterday, the 4th of April, for 500 years, she was an extremely ordinary person.


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