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Zhou Jingyun was silent.

“So, to dispel your doubts, lets put on a show…” Jiang Tong stood up and slowly walked towards Zhou Jingyun.

Her hands leaned on his desk and she slowly approached his handsome and expressionless face.

She continued, “Shao Ying is a possessive woman.

She will kill any female creature that appears around you by any means necessary.”

Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tong.

A hint of doubt flashed across his deep eyes.

He asked, “Why Arent you afraid of dying”

“Opportunities and dangers coexist together.

Only by having such things would make life interesting, dont you agree” Jiang Tong had a brilliant smile on her face.

Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tong for a long time.

The corner of his lips, which had always been tightly pursed, actually curved up.

He smiled, “Interesting.”

As a woman, Jiang Tong had the boldness and honesty that other women did not have.

She expressed her greed openly.

Coincidentally, Zhou Jingyun liked greedy people.

Because having greed meant that there was a weakness that could be controlled.


Seeing that Zhou Jingyuns attitude had softened, Jiang Tong lifted her head and took off her headband.

Her thick wavy hair cascaded down like a waterfall.

She supported herself on the table with one hand and turned her waist.

In the blink of an eye, she fell into Zhou Jingyuns embrace.

Her left hand hooked around Zhou Jingyuns neck, she raised her head slightly to reveal her slender and fair neck, and slowly moved closer to Zhou Jingyuns lips.


While Zhou Jingyun was still stunned, Jiang Tong had already taken out her phone and taken a selfie.

She got up from Zhou Jingyuns embrace and checked the photo that she had just taken.

Then, she handed the phone to Zhou Jingyun.

“Want to check the selfie” she asked as she tied her hair back up again, her ponytail swaying slightly.

Zhou Jingyun coughed slightly and took the phone.

On the phone, Jiang Tong had black hair and red lips.

She was hanging around his neck boldly and passionately.

Her lips were very close to his, and the atmosphere was rather amorous.

Because he was shocked by Jiang Tongs series of actions earlier, he lowered his eyes to look at her face.

This moment was captured by the camera and in the selfie, his eyes half-closed looked at Jiang Tong with deep affection.

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Whether he wanted to admit it or not, the angle of this photo was very good.


Zhou Jingyun knew what Jiang Tong meant by taking that photo.

It had something to do with Shao Ying.

If he sent the photo to Shao Ying, on one hand, he could anger Shao Ying and disgust her.

On the other hand, he could also ensure that Jiang Tong was not sent by Shao Ying.


From today onwards, you are my girlfriend.

In a while, I will get someone to help you with the job entry procedures.

You dont need to do anything as my assistant.

You just need to accompany me to attend business banquets occasionally.

Your salary will be paid accordingly,” Zhou Jingyun said straightforwardly.


“Okay.” Jiang Tong sat back down on the sofa.

“Tell me about my brother.” Zhou Jingyuns tone was cold.

Although the two of them had reached an agreement, it didnt mean that he trusted Jiang Tong yet.

Jiang Tong didnt care whether Zhou Jingyun believed it or not, she just wanted to borrow Zhou Jingyuns power to get rid of the trouble she had caused.

“Lihao Ballroom, Northern Map Coast, and Huangming Club are the three top entertainment venues in the country.

Among them, Lihao Ballroom is managed by your brother.”


What about it” Zhou Jingyun frowned.

It was not a secret that his brother, Zhou Mingfei, managed Lihao Ballroom in City Z.

“Lihao Ballroom is too far-reaching.

It involves a lot of upper-class celebrities, rich people, and government officials.

The higher-ups have already begun to investigate Lihao Ballroom three months ago… Based on what I know so far, the net will be closing in on Lihao Ballroom in another month at most.” Jiang Tong took out a box of cigarettes from under the coffee table.

After tearing it open with her teeth, she took out a cigarette and put it in her mouth.

She slowly admired Zhou Jingyuns shocked and doubtful expression, then she smiled.

She lit the cigarette and took a deep breath.

She continued, “This matter does not concern only your brother.

It is aimed at the Zhou family.

Once they close in on this matter, it will not end simply with just your brother going to jail.”

Jiang Tong blew out a smoke ring.

As the smoke lingered, her voice was like a seductive ghost that had crawled out of H*ll.

“If necessary, your family will have to sever ties with your brother to completely remove the suspicion on the Zhou family.”

Zhou Jingyun couldnt sit still.

If what Jiang Tong said was true… he stood up and walked back and forth a couple of times.

Zhou Jingyun could be considered thecleanest person in the Zhou family.

Although this matter didnt involve him, he had a very good relationship with his younger brother.

“Are you sure there is no problem with the information” Zhou Jingyuns tone was slightly anxious.

“Dont doubt my ability.” Jiang Tong held a cigarette in one hand.

Her fingers were slender and fair, and her nails were clean and round.

She crossed her legs and lazily leaned against the sofa.

Her phoenix-like eyes were filled with confidence.

Zhou Jingyun stared at her for a long time before he picked up his phone and quickly dialed a number.


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