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“CEO Zhou, I didnt… I didnt do it for the money…” Ma Xings brain spun rapidly as he tried to explain, “Yes, I did take Shao Yings money, but it was Madam who wanted this.

It was Madam who made me do it!”

Zhou Jingyuns expression changed.

TheMadam Ma Xing was talking about was his mother.

His mother had already approved of him marrying Shao Ying.

If it was really his mother…

“Hes lying.” Jiang Tong leaned against the sofa and propped herself up with one hand.

She said with a ghost of a smile, “The person behind this is Shao Ying.

In reality, your mother did not want to sacrifice your marriage to benefit the Zhou family.

However, she was forced by your grandfather, so she could only agree helplessly.

Since Shao Ying understood the situation as such, she told Ma Xing that if he was accidentally discovered, he could push all the blame onto your mother.

After all, in the Zhou family, you would not give the time of day to anyone.

You even dared to scold your grandfather, but the only one you can not bear to blame is your mother.

It was also because of this that Ma Xing dared to betray you and join hands with Shao Ying.

Shao Ying promised that after the matter was done, she would also transfer a company to Ma Xing on top of the five million that was transferred.”

“Bullsh*t, who are you ! B*tch, dont slander me!” Ma Xing instantly lost his composure and cursed at Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tong looked at Ma Xing with a smile.

The reason why she knew so many secrets was that she had been doing everything she could to get information over the past 500 years.

Because time would reset, she didnt need to consider the consequences.

She once kidnapped Ma Xing at eight oclock in the morning on the 4th of April.

She tied him to a frame and slashed various parts of his body with a knife.

She only managed to find out the inside story by using violence.

Of course, she also took a few hours flight to Donghai City and kidnapped Shao Ying in the same way.

Eventually, Jiang Tong killed her.


So… in City Z, there was no secret that Jiang Tong did not know.

“Tsk, your willpower is not good.” Jiang Tong shook her head in disappointment.

She stared at Ma Xing and said with schadenfreude, “Do you think that if Zhou Jingyun calls Shao Ying to ask about this matter right now, Shao Ying will protect you”

Ma Xing was stunned.

Protect Of course, Shao Ying wouldnt protect him.

“As a person, its not wrong to be greedy, but its wrong for you to be brainless and greedy.” Jiang Tongs slow and articulated words made Ma Xings defenses completely collapse.

He knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Zhou Jingyun.

“CEO Zhou, I was wrong.

I was really in the wrong!”

Zhou Jingyun looked at him without moving.

He asked, “Tell me, what have you done for Shao Ying all these years”

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Ma Xing did not dare to hide anything and stammered out everything.

All he did was monitor Zhou Jingyuns schedule, steal the companys core information, and hinder the companys development.

After listening to everything Ma Xing said, Zhou Jingyun slowly sat down.

His head ached as he massaged and pressed his forehead.

After a long while, he said in a hoarse voice, “Leave.

I dont want to see you again.”

Ma Xings face was instantly filled with great joy.

He kowtowed to Zhou Jingyun a few more times before stumbling out of the door.

The moment his figure disappeared, Zhou Jingyun made a phone call.

His voice was cold and devoid of warmth.

He said, “Ma Xing.

Deal with him properly and cleanly.”

After saying that, Zhou Jingyun threw his phone on the table, took off his gold-rimmed glasses, and closed his eyes to rest.

Not long after, Jiang Tong faintly asked, “10 million dollars.

When are you going to transfer it to me”

Zhou Jingyun paused for a moment and slowly put on his glasses.

At that moment, the gaze he gave Jiang Tong was profound.

Jiang Tong raised her eyebrows and waited for his answer.

Zhou Jingyun seemed to smile and said, “Did I promise Ill give you the money”

“Hey there,” Jiang Tong licked her lips.

“Are you trying to cheat me”

Zhou Jingyun snorted.

He picked up the phone at the side and pressed a few buttons on the screen.

Not long after, Jiang Tongs phone rang.

She opened it and saw a text message from the bank.

She had received a transfer of 20 million dollars! Zhou Jingyun had investigated Jiang Tong before, so there was no need to ask for her bank card number.

“You gave me more than what I asked for.” Jiang Tong put away her phone with a smile.

“News about my brother,” Zhou Jingyun said directly.

Jiang Tong responded with an “ah” but didnt say anything.

Zhou Jingyuns face instantly darkened.

“You lied to me”

“No.” Jiang Tong crossed her legs, her phoenix-like eyes saw through everything.

“I know what youre thinking.

You never believed me.

You even suspected that I was sent by Shao Ying to deliberately tell you about Ma Xing in order to gain your trust.

So… I guess you wont hesitate to shoot me after I tell you the news about your brother.”

Jiang Tong pointed a finger gun to her forehead and made a shooting gesture.


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