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“Because… wealth comes with risks,” Jiang Tong smiled.

“Apart from these, I also know that there are three guns in your office.

Why dont you guess whether I also took the two guns”

Zhou Jingyun instantly clenched his fists, and his knuckles turned white.

He didnt like this feeling, this feeling of being completely seen through by others and all his secrets were revealed!

“Knock, knock, knock.” At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

The stagnant atmosphere in the office suddenly relaxed.

Zhou Jingyun coldly said, “Come in.”

The person who entered was a tall and thin middle-aged man.

He held a folder in his hand and walked to the side of the office desk with an eager expression.

He didnt even spare a glance at Jiang Tong.

He placed the document on the table and said, “CEO Zhou, this document needs your signature.”

This tall and thin middle-aged man was Zhou Jingyuns personal assistant, Ma Xing.

For Ma Xing to be able to knock on the door and interrupt Zhou Jingyun while he was talking to Jiang Tong, showed that he was Zhou Jingyuns confidant.

Zhou Jingyun quickly glanced at the document, then picked up the pen and planned to sign it.

At this moment, Jiang Tong suddenly stood up and picked up the magazine of ammunition on the coffee table.

Then, she strode to the office desk to pick up the pistol.

With a few clicks, the magazine returned to its original position in the pistol, the bullet was loaded, and the safety trigger lock was unlocked.

Then, she pointed the tip of the gun at Ma Xings temple.

She asked, “How much did Shao Ying give you to make you betray your own boss, hm” Jiang Tongs smile was dangerous.

Zhou Jingyun was frightened by Jiang Tongs series of actions.

He stood up and took a step back, and loudly shouted, “Men!”

The door opened in an instant.

The bodyguards who were outside the door saw this scene before them and quickly took out their guns, pointing them at Jiang Tong.

This sudden situation made everyone a little confused.

The bodyguards at the door stared at Jiang Tong nervously.

If anything happened to Zhou Jingyun today, they wouldnt be able to live either.

However, the situation was still all right.

Jiang Tongs gun wasnt aimed at Zhou Jingyun, but Assistant Ma Xings head.

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Zhou Jingyun quickly calmed down.

He signaled the bodyguards at the door not to make a move first.

Then, he looked at Ma Xing.

“No… boss, I didnt betray you.

Dont listen to this persons nonsense!” Ma Xing had never seen Jiang Tong before and thought that Jiang Tong had said something inappropriate in front of Zhou Jingyun.

“Nonsense” Jiang Tong smiled.

She leaned over to Ma Xings ear and asked, “Then how do you explain the five million dollars that you just received”

“What What five million dollars I dont know about that…” Ma Xing still wanted to quibble.

However, after Jiang Tong listened to him dawdling, she grabbed his arm with one hand and twisted it behind his back.

When Ma Xing cried out in pain, she took out his phone and unlocked it.

Without even looking at the things on his phone, she directly dialed Shao Yings phone number.

As a traitor, every time Ma Xing contacted Shao Yings private phone number, he would carefully delete the call record and leave no evidence behind.

Very few people knew Shao Yings private contact information, but unfortunately, Jiang Tong happened to know it.

After she dialed the number, she turned on the speakerphone and threw the phone on the table.

Not long after, the line was connected.

A womans anxious voice came from the phone as she asked, “Did you get the information”

After saying that, Jiang Tong directly hung up the phone.

At the same time, she raised her hand and threw the pistol.

The pistol flew in a perfect arc in the air and accurately landed in Zhou Jingyuns hands.

She tidied her sleeves and slowly walked back to the sofa to sit down.

She crossed her legs and her beautiful face looked carefree and relaxed.


Zhou Jingyun looked at Ma Xing expressionlessly.

Then, he lowered his head to play around with the pistol in his hand as though he was checking if there was any problem with the gun.

After a while, he faintly said, “You can be considered an old staff of the Zhou family.

Youve followed my father for more than ten years and followed me for four years… Youve publicly and privately gotten a lot of benefits in the past few years.

I know that youve taken those bribes, but I didnt take those issues up with you because of your loyalty to me.

But five million dollars Five million dollars was enough for you to betray me”

The bodyguards at the door also reacted to the current situation.

They all put away their guns and closed the door.


Ma Xing immediately knelt down to Zhou Jingyun.

He cried with snot and tears running down his face, “CEO Zhou, I didnt do it on purpose… I was forced to do this!”

“So, you really have been betraying me this whole time” Zhou Jingyun put one hand on the table.

As if he had thought of something, he glared at Ma Xing.

He said, “No wonder… No wonder I would meet Shao Ying several times during my business trips.

The last time when we worked together with the advertisers too… We agreed to the collaboration but the advertisers side suddenly changed their minds… so it was all your doing!” A murderous look appeared in his eyes.


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