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The pharmacy store was filled with shelves, and there were all kinds of words posted on the windows.

Therefore, Xie Wenkai could see the situation outside through the window, but the people outside the pharmacy store could not see him.

He was very nervous now.

He originally came to buy medicine for burns, but just as he was about to leave after buying the medicine, he saw a few familiar cars driving over.

He was so scared that he immediately retreated to the pharmacy.

His phone had been thrown out of the window earlier, so he could only borrow the pharmacy owners phone.

He had a good memory, to begin with.

He had seen Jiang Tongs phone number many times, and he had also seen that text message numerous times.

Therefore, he dialed Jiang Tongs phone number from memory and called her.

“Babe, what do we do I cant go out of the pharmacy now, I…” Xie Wenkai was a little flustered.

“Its okay, well go downstairs now.

Wait for us to go down.

Dont worry, Ill take care of it,” Jiang Tong comforted Xie Wenkai while putting on her clothes.

“Babe, can you really do it Are you planning to come down” Xie Wenkai was still worried.

“Its okay.

Trust me,” Jiang Tong said affirmatively.


Ill wait for you here.” Xie Wenkai hung up the phone, put on his mask, and walked to the counter of the pharmacy.

He returned the phone to the owner of the pharmacy and thanked him again.

The owner of the pharmacy looked very confused.

The pharmacy owner didnt know what was going on with Xie Wenkai, but no matter what the situation was, it had nothing to do with him.

He didnt want to ask too much to avoid getting into trouble.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Tong turned to Zhou Jingyun and said, “The people from the Xie family are here.

Theyre just outside the alley.

Lets go down.” The people from the Xie family came a little faster than Jiang Tong had expected, but it was also within her expectations.

She didnt think that the Xie family had found the old house under her parents name because they thought that they might find Xie Wenkai and Jiang Tong here.

As the Xie family was investigating in the wrong direction from the start, they had been going around in circles, so they couldnt have found them so quickly.

The Xie family must have found them by tracking her car.

Therefore, the Xie family might have used their connections to check the traffic cameras and trace her car.

“Did you know that the Xie family would come here at this time” Zhou Jingyun followed Jiang Tong out of the bedroom and asked as they walked.

“Im not a deity, how could I know” Jiang Tong walked to the living room and took her coat.

“I just thought that the Xie family might come here in the afternoon.”

“You knew that they would come here to look for you, and you still dare to wait for them here” Zhou Jingyun asked again.

“You dont have to try and fish information out of me,” Jiang Tong smiled.

She looked at Zhou Jingyun and said, “I can tell you this.

If you didnt call me this afternoon and come to look for me, I would have taken Xie Wenkai away for a meal or something before three oclock in the afternoon.

The Xie family wouldnt have found us.

But now that you are here, I dont have to leave.

Do you understand” After Jiang Tong said that, she smiled again.

Of course, Zhou Jingyun understood! He just wanted to test if Jiang Tong was really that terrifying! Could there be some kind of coincidence But now he knew that there was no coincidence! Jiang Tong wouldnt take the risk of doing something she wasnt sure of.

Originally, even if the Xie family came today, they wouldnt be able to find her and Xie Wenkai.

But because Zhou Jingyun was here, it didnt matter.

Why would it not matter Because Zhou Jingyun was here.

When the Xie family found Jiang Tong, they would not find Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai together.

Instead, they would find Xie Wenkai, Jiang Tong, and Zhou Jingyun together.

Then, this matter would be very easy to resolve.

It was especially easy to resolve! The key to resolving the problem lay with Zhou Jingyun!

Of course, Zhou Jingyun could also choose not to help, but the price of Zhou Jingyun not helping was too great!

“Lets go.” Jiang Tong took the car keys and turned to signal to Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyun walked to Jiang Tong expressionlessly and tidied up Jiang Tongs collar.

Then, he held Jiang Tongs slender waist and expressionlessly said, “Lets go.” The two of them walked to the door and changed their shoes.

Then, they held hands and went out together like a real couple.

“Ring ring ring.” The phone rang again, but this time it was Zhou Jingyuns phone that was ringing.

Zhou Jingyun picked up the phone and the person on the other side of the phone said, “Boss, theres a group of people surrounding Miss Jiangs car…”

“I know.

Ill go down right away.” It was Zhou Jingyuns bodyguard who called to report to Zhou Jingyun the current situation.

After Zhou Jingyun said that, he hung up the phone.

While they were going downstairs, Zhou Jingyun suddenly said in a low voice, “I dont like this feeling.”

“What feeling” Jiang Tong replied.

“A feeling that you have calculated everything, including my actions.

And I cant resist it.

Do you understand” As he spoke, Zhou Jingyun glanced at Jiang Tong.


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