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The Xie family had already found out about Jiang Tong, and everyone in City Z knew that Zhou Jingyun was Jiang Tongs boyfriend.

Therefore, from the Xie familys point of view, it was Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend who had stolen Xie Wenkai.

Now, things were a little difficult.

Was he going to cut ties with Jiang Tong and say that his relationship with Jiang Tong was fake No, no, he could not reveal that his relationship with Jiang Tong was fake at this time.

He had already done the fake girlfriend ploy three times.

The fourth time he acted so realistically with Jiang Tong.

However, if he told everyone that it was fake, then he would never have the chance to do it again.

Even if he found another woman to act very realistically, no one would believe him.

But if he didnt cut ties with Jiang Tong, what should he do He should be angry with Jiang Tong because Jiang Tong was cheating on him by being with Xie Wenkai.

But he couldnt be angry with Jiang Tong because their relationship was fake! So what should he do now Break up with Jiang Tong If he broke up with Jiang Tong, wouldnt it confirm the fact that he was cheated on by Jiang Tong If he was cheated on, would he have to swallow his anger and let Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai be happy This wasnt his way of doing things.

Therefore, Zhou Jingyun threw away the possibility of breaking up.

Furthermore… as Jiang Tongs boyfriend, he silently acquiesced that there were other men by Jiang Tongs side.

Then, he would have to share the Xie familys wrath with Jiang Tong and start a war with the Xie family.

Wasnt this a joke What kind of person had Zhou Jingyun become The current situation was a dead end! No matter how Zhou Jingyun thought about it, he felt that it was a dead end and there was no solution.

From his point of view, no matter what kind of reaction he gave, it seemed to be wrong.

It was Jiang Tong who had gotten him into this dead end.

However, he couldnt blame Jiang Tong.

He couldnt say a single word! Because Jiang Tong wanted to settle Xie Wenkais matter and he knew in advance about it.

Not only did Zhou Jingyun know, but he also made a bet with Jiang Tong.

If Jiang Tong lost, she would have to kneel down and apologize to him, this was equivalent to forcing Jiang Tong to get together with Xie Wenkai to win the bet.

So… Who could Zhou Jingyun blame Blame himself for not admitting defeat and insisting on placing a bet with Jiang Tong Zhou Jingyun looked out of the window and paced back and forth.

He thought for a long time.

Suddenly, he raised his head and was stunned.

Then, he suddenly looked at Jiang Tong.

His eyes were fixed on her.

He realized that he was wrong.

She was Jiang Tong, how could she leave a dead end for herself How could this woman, who was almost like a ghost and God, block all the paths of retreat Although Zhou Jingyun had been thinking about how he should deal with the situation in front of him, his dead end didnt mean it would be Jiang Tongs dead end as well.

Moreover, Zhou Jingyun also knew one thing — Jiang Tong would never harm him! She would also not let him get involved in the chaos and leave him with a mess.

Therefore, Jiang Tong would definitely not tread on a path of no return! No, there must be something wrong.

There must be something that could break the situation.


“If you have something to say, just say it.” Jiang Tong smiled when she saw Zhou Jingyun looking at her.

“You just said…” Zhou Jingyun seemed to have thought of something.

He frowned and continued, “You said that you brought Xie Wenkai and escaped from the control of the Xie family”

“Yes,” Jiang Tong nodded with a smile.

“In other words, the Xie family doesnt know about your relationship with Xie Wenkai” Zhou Jingyuns eyes widened a little.

“Youre really smart.

Youve finally thought of this,” Jiang Tong smiled.

It was unknown whether she was praising Zhou Jingyun or mocking Zhou Jingyun.

But now, Zhou Jingyun understood.

He completely understood.

After he understood everything, his entire body turned cold because he felt how terrifying Jiang Tong was.

He felt extreme terror.

He felt that he had become Jiang Tongs chess piece, and now, he had to take the initiative to cooperate with Jiang Tong.

He had to cooperate willingly! If a terrifying woman like Jiang Tong was his enemy or his competitor, she would probably play him to death a hundred times!

“Ring ring ring.” At this moment, Jiang Tongs phone rang.

She walked over to take a look.

It was an unfamiliar phone number, but Jiang Tong knew that it was the phone number of the pharmacy owner downstairs.

“Hello” Jiang Tong picked up the phone.

“Its finally connected!” Xie Wenkais tone was very anxious.

He instinctively lowered his voice and said, “Babe, I see my family.

Theyre looking for me.

Theyre outside the alley, next to your car.” In the pharmacy at the entrance of the alley, Xie Wenkai leaned against the window.

While he was on the phone, he secretly looked outside the window.


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