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“You go out first,” Zhou Jingyun said to Wang Yi.

Wang Yi didnt dare to disobey Zhou Jingyuns orders, so he bowed and left.

Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tong, who had already sat down on the sofa and was casually pouring tea for herself.

Then, he slowly said, “Jiang Tong, 22 years old, graduated from the computer science department of Z City University.

Your father, Jiang Fubing, and your mother, Zhang Juan, run a noodle shop in a small county town.

You also have a younger sister called Jiang Xue, who is currently studying in high school…”

In less than an hour, Zhou Jingyun had run a complete background check on Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tong could not help but applaud him.

She said, “Youre really resourceful, CEO Zhou.” She was not surprised at all.

No one knew Zhou Jingyuns power better than she did.

Her phone number was registered under her real name, so it was very easy for powerful people to check her background.

The only difference was the amount of time it took for them to find out.

“When I first received this information, I thought it was fake.

I didnt expect you to be so brave.” Zhou Jingyun threw the folder containing her information on the table and looked at Jiang Tong coldly.

Actually, Zhou Jingyun was puzzled.

Jiang Tongs background was so ordinary that he didnt think she would have the guts to threaten him.

“How can I make money if Im not brave” Jiang Tong put down the teacup calmly.

She continued, “Ill cut straight to the point.

Give me ten million and Ill tell you who the traitor of the company is.”

“Who sent you” Zhou Jingyun was not interested in the traitor Jiang Tong mentioned.

He was more curious about who sent Jiang Tong.

“Dont worry.

No one sent me, and no one is qualified to order me in the shadows either.” Jiang Tong crossed her legs.

Her every move was filled with confidence.

She continued, “You can think of me as an intelligence dealer.

I have a lot of information that youre interested in.

You give me the money, and Ill give you the answer.

Its a very fair deal.”

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Zhou Jingyun sneered and his face suddenly darkened.

He asked, “Do you think thats possible A stranger suddenly comes up to me and say something about a traitor in the company, and even asked me for ten million dollars.

Do you think Im easy to fool” He suddenly raised his hand and pulled open the drawer.

A metal object was placed on the table with a clang.

Zhou Jingyuns smile turned cold as he said, “I advise you to tell the truth, or else… You wont be able to leave this place alive today!”

Jiang Tong looked at the object on the table.

It was a black pistol.

She pretended to be afraid and crossed her arms.

She said, “Sigh, you want to kill me, CEO Zhou But its just a pity that…” she smiled and raised her hand, shaking the thing in her hand.

She continued, “Without this thing, that toy of yours on your table doesnt seem to be useful.”

The thing in Jiang Tongs hand was a magazine with ammunition!

Zhou Jingyuns expression suddenly changed.

He quickly picked up the pistol to check… Sure enough, the magazine was no longer in it.

“You… When did you…” Zhou Jingyun suddenly stood up, his gaze bewildered and uncertain.

He suddenly remembered that when Jiang Tong came in, she walked around the office and even circled around the office desk.

That was the only time she came close to the office desk, but how did she take the magazine away And how did she know which drawer the pistol was in Even if she knew all this, how did she take the magazine away and leave the gun in the drawer

“Calm down, CEO Zhou.” Jiang Tong threw the magazine with ammunition on the coffee table with a smile.

“I dont mean any harm.

I just came to you purely for the sake of making money.

This is a fair and just deal.

I hope you can understand.”

Zhou Jingyun slowly sat back in his chair.

He realized that he had lost his composure.

Losing his composure in front of a stranger was too unlike him.

“Can we have a good talk now” Jiang Tong raised her eyebrows.

“You were saying… the traitor by my side…” Zhou Jingyun completely calmed down.

He asked, “Who is it”

“Ten million dollars.” Jiang Tong raised a finger.

“Then Ill tell you.” She took the initiative to bring up the price of this information and emphasized that this was a business deal.

The main reason was to lower Zhou Jingyuns vigilance.

In order to deal with such a skeptical person, she needed a good motive.

It was very reasonable for her to sell information for money.

“Ten million dollars” Zhou Jingyun acted as though he had heard a funny joke, “What kind of traitor do you think is worth spending ten million dollars for me to find him Moreover, even if what you said is true and there is really a traitor around me, I can investigate it myself.

I dont need you.”

“But…” Jiang Tong touched her chin and smiled meaningfully.

She continued, “Youve been investigating and trying to find the traitor for so long, have you found anything”

“You!” Zhou Jingyuns expression changed continuously.

Thats right, he knew there was a traitor by his side.

He had been investigating secretly, but he hadnt found anything.


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