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However, the bodyguards didnt make a phone call at that time.

They were probably still in shock when they saw that she actually dared to hug Xie Wenkai.

Later, when Jiang Tong hugged Xie Wenkai again and even spanked Xie Wenkais butt, the bodyguards finally made their move.

Jiang Tong knew who Xie Wenkais bodyguards called and even knew what they would say.

On the north side of the golf course, next to the buggy, Xie Wenkais two bodyguards had a short conversation.

One of the tall bodyguards took out his cell phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, Madam, its me.

Yes, the Eldest Young Master is playing golf at the Jinsha Private Club.

He came early in the morning.

Well… He didnt encounter any trouble.

Its just that the Eldest Young Master met a young woman in her early twenties.

We dont know her, we havent met her… We didnt hear what they were talking about.

You know, the Eldest Young Master likes to be left alone when he plays golf and doesnt let us get too close.

But that woman was talking and laughing with the Eldest Young Master.

Yes… she even hugged the Eldest Young Master and touched his butt, as if she was teaching him how to play golf.

Yes, that woman is very young.

It seemed like the Eldest Young Master came to the Jinsha Private Club today to wait for that woman… Yes, yes, Madam.”

The tall bodyguard hung up the phone and turned to his companion beside him.

He said, “Madam asked us to guard first.

In a while, Madam will come over personally.

If that woman leaves early, you follow her…”

At the same time, on the golf course in Area A.

“You are really stupid.

You have been playing golf for a few years, right” Jiang Tong scolded Xie Wenkai again.

Then, she simply pulled Xie Wenkais arm to the side and took the golf club from Xie Wenkais hand.

She stood in Xie Wenkais position and said, “Watch.

Watch me play once.

Watch my movements carefully.” As Jiang Tong spoke, the machine automatically sent the ball over.

Jiang Tong did not stop.

She directly twisted her body and raised the golf club, swinging it down! Golf was not a sport that only needed the ball to go far, it also needed to be accurate! But now, Jiang Tong only needed to hit the golf ball far.

Therefore, she could play as she pleased.

“Bang!” Jiang Tong also hit the ball more than 400 meters away.

It was probably the farthest that Jiang Tong had hit today, and it was also Jiang Tongs limit.

There was no wind today, so if she wanted to hit the golf ball the farthest… For example, if she wanted to break the world record, she had to hit with the help of the wind.

Xie Wenkai looked up and saw that the golf ball had flown far, far away.

His right hand unknowingly pinched his left arm.

Just now, Jiang Tong had pulled him quite hard, and it was a little painful.

He didnt know how a woman like Jiang Tong could have so much brute force.

“Come, come, come.

Your turn to hit the ball.” Jiang Tong returned the golf club to Xie Wenkai and then moved aside.

Xie Wenkai walked to the position where the golf ball was placed and stood almost in the correct posture.

However, he moved a little more, making his movements seem less precise.

“How many times do you want me to say this Lower your buttocks, lower your buttocks!” Jiang Tong hit Xie Wenkais buttocks for the third time.

Xie Wenkais cheeks flushed red.

It was unclear if he was embarrassed or angry, but his breathing was very unstable.

He said in a low voice, “I got it.”

For the next half an hour, Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai seemed to have forgotten why the two of them met today.

Jiang Tong was very serious about teaching Xie Wenkai how to hit the golf ball.

Xie Wenkai was also very serious, earnestly learning from Jiang Tong.

Moreover, he didnt question her much.

Jiang Tong told him how to play, and he played according to her pointers.

If he didnt play well, he would occasionally be spanked.

“Hats off to you.

You go ahead and hit the golf balls.

Ill go to the back to take a look and rest for a while.” Jiang Tong looked at her watch and walked to the back.

Behind the service table, there was a sofa and a small table with fruit plates and drinks on it.

This was a place for the rich to relax, so the condition of this area was naturally very good.

Jiang Tong sat down on the sofa at the back and crossed her legs.

She looked at Xie Wenkai who was a few meters in front of her.

Xie Wenkai played again.

Once, twice, thrice.

“Good shot, youve improved!” Jiang Tong suddenly exclaimed and praised him.

Xie Wenkai stopped his movements at this time.

He held the club in his hand and turned around to look at Jiang Tong.

“Im not stupid, and Im not an id*ot either.” After saying that, he turned around and continued to play.

This time, his movements were a little different from the correct ones.

Jiang Tong stood up and walked over.

She patted his back and hugged Xie Wenkai.

She held the club and said, “Come, Ill teach you one more time.

This is the last time.” She spoke very quickly, she seemed to have been angered by Xie Wenkais stupidity.

She seemed as though she was so angry that she was about to give up.


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