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“You can say that.

You were so worried that I would leak out your secret so I had to take the initiative to do something,” said Jiang Tong.

It was not the first time she had taken the initiative to give someone something to use against her.

The five hundred years of the cycle had made Jiang Tong understand that letting go was one of the simplest and most effective ways to gain the trust and peace of mind of others.

That was because people were selfish! No matter how good a relationship was, no matter how deep a relationship was, once something happened, they could fall out with each other.

However, a weakness was different.

A weakness would only make people afraid to attack, and it would make people afraid to attack even if they wanted to.

It was the most advantageous way to control people! While talking to Xie Wenkai, Jiang Tong was still teaching Xie Wenkai how to hit the golf ball.

So she hugged him and hit the ball with the golf club!

“Dont swing too fast and only focus on venting your pressure.

What you need to do is to focus on the last explosive point to hit the golf ball further.

Your explosive point is too fierce, but it doesnt achieve the effect you want.

Will you feel good Swing with a rhythm, just like me…” said Jiang Tong.

She lifted the golf club with Xie Wenkais arm again and hit the ball! The ball flew at least 400 meters!

Jiang Tong let go of Xie Wenkai and looked at the golf ball landing on the grass far away and rolling for a long distance before revealing a satisfied smile.

Then, she turned her head and said to Xie Wenkai, “Come, give it a try.

Theres nothing wrong with your playing style.

There are just some small details that need to be corrected.”

Xie Wenkai looked at Jiang Tong from the corner of his eyes.

Why did he need her to teach him how to play From the moment Jiang Tong appeared, the rhythm of their conversation had always been controlled by Jiang Tong.

“Why are you looking at me Hit the ball,” Jiang Tong said with a frown.

Her beautiful face had a bit of sternness, just like a golfing coach.

As soon as she finished speaking, Jiang Tong suddenly reached out and patted Xie Wenkais buttocks.

She said, “Dont lean out and keep your buttocks inside.

How did your previous coach teach you”

Jiang Tongs sudden action stunned Xie Wenkai.

Jiang Tong dared to hit him And in such a special place! His face instantly turned cold.

“Lean in, Im telling you to lean in.” Jiang Tong didnt care about Xie Wenkais cold expression.

After reminding him, she put her hand on Xie Wenkais waist again.

Then, she said, “Like this… stand like this…” In the end, she put her hands on Xie Wenkais shoulders and gently bent them outward, slightly changing the angle.

Then, she said, “Alright, lets play.

Pay attention to your right knee and the extent of your bodys bending.” After saying that, Jiang Tong took a step back, indicating for Xie Wenkai to hit the ball.

How did it end up like this Xie Wenkai did not understand, or rather, he did not have time to think before he stood properly according to Jiang Tongs instructions.

Out of habit, he used the golf club to correct his position and then swung the club.

There was no tee for the machine service.

It was the small base that was inserted into the ground.

Raising the golf ball high would allow the golfer to hit the ball better.

However, it was usually used for long-distance balls.

Xie Wenkai had never used it before, and he would also have to put the ball in place before he could swing.

He played golf to vent his pressure.

He did not want to waste his energy so much.

Before he played, he first touched the ball with the golf club to make the ball move a little.

This was Xie Wenkais playing habit.

Bang! Xie Wenkais ball flew more than 100 meters.

Jiang Tong shook her head and said, “Youre really stupid.

Sports id*ots shouldnt play golf, okay” As she said this, Jiang Tong rolled her eyes and hugged Xie Wenkai again.

“Ill teach you again.

Keep your legs back and keep your arms straight.

Like this…”

Jiang Tong hugged Xie Wenkai and played again.

This time, the golf ball flew nearly 400 meters.

Of course, this distance was calculated.

Although the distance was too far to see clearly, the golf course was very large, and it was flat as far as the eye could see.

“Try doing it again,” Jiang Tong said as she took a step back.

After Xie Wenkai was in a good position, Jiang Tong slapped Xie Wenkais butt again.

“Keep it in, keep it in.

Why is your butt protruding so much Are you deliberately showing off your butt to others”


Xie Wenkai gritted his teeth.

A good upbringing made it impossible for him to say crude words like Jiang Tong.

He took a deep breath and lowered his head to watch the ball.

At this moment, Jiang Tong raised her head slightly and squinted.

She used the corner of her eyes to look at the side of the court.

Xie Wenkais bodyguards, who were standing far away, were making a phone call.

Jiang Tong was watching to see if they would make a phone call and when.

Before this, when Jiang Tong first came into close contact with Xie Wenkai, she had already noticed those bodyguards.


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