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For example, the reason why Zhou Jingyun called her again this time was because of the “bet” that Jiang Tong had mentioned earlier.

Very few people knew about the bet, so outsiders wouldnt know about it.

Soon, a muscular man in a black suit came to the parking lot.

He looked around and then went straight towards Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tong also knew this man.

He was one of Zhou Jingyuns most important bodyguards.

His name was Wang Yi and he was a retired special forces soldier.

He was married with a five-year-old daughter.


Wang Yi leaned over and knocked on the window of the Lamborghini.

Jiang Tong opened the door and raised her chin.

She said, “Lets go.”

Wang Yi looked at Jiang Tong.

At first glance, he thought she looked beautiful.

Her face was clean and without any makeup.

Her seaweed-like hair was tied into a ponytail, revealing her exquisite facial features.

She was young and beautiful.

Upon looking at her a second time, he only felt that she was a cold person.

This woman seemed to have a smile on her lips, but her gaze was arrogant and dangerous.

She was like a poisonous snake hiding in the dark, ready to give a fatal blow at any moment.

Wang Yi had retired from the army for many years, but he still had a keen sense of danger.

He instantly classified Jiang Tong as one of the most dangerous people.

“Dont be so nervous, I wont eat you.” Jiang Tong saw that Wang Yis body was tense, and the veins on his neck were protruding as if he was going to make a move in the next second.

She smiled nonchalantly and said, “Lead the way.

Dont let your boss wait for too long.”

Only then did Wang Yi come back to his senses and remembered that his boss had asked him to come down to pick her up.

“After you.” Wang Yi gestured and walked in front to lead the way.

Because his back was facing Jiang Tong, his body was always tense, making it easier for him to react quickly in an emergency.

Jiang Tong took in his actions and smiled in amusement.

She put her hands in her pockets and walked forward leisurely.

Huanyu Building was located in a famous business district in City Z.

The district was surrounded by high-class office buildings.

The management of these buildings was very strict, people could not enter without an employee card.

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Wang Yi took Jiang Tong into the elevator and finally stopped at the 31st floor.

It was said that the rent here was ridiculously high.

A small office was enough for a normal startup company.

However, when Zhou Jingyun came here three years ago to start a business, he directly rented five floors! This business office was merely a part of Zhou Jingyuns company.

He also had a billion-dollar factory in the industrial area.

Because the five floors belonged to the same company, the decoration style was very uniform.

The corporate logo of “Jingyun Fashion” could be seen everywhere.

People walked in and out of the office area.

They were all company employees wearing formal clothes and all of them walked hurriedly.

Wang Yi took Jiang Tong up the stairs to the 33rd floor.

There were fewer employees on this floor.

Instead, there were many bodyguards in black suits.

When she just entered this floor, she thought that she had broken into some big shots territory.

However, Zhou Jingyun was indeed a big shot, but he was not part of the underworld.

On the surface, he was a famous entrepreneur in Z City and a domineering CEO.

On the 33rd floor, in the CEOs office, two bodyguards in black were guarding the door like statues.

Wang Yi nodded at the two of them and then knocked on the door.

He said, “Boss, shes here.”

“Come in.” A mans cold voice came from the office.

Wang Yi brought Jiang Tong in.

The office was very big.

Through the floor-to-ceiling window, one could see most of the scenery in City Z.

The furnishings in the room were also very exquisite.

The sofa was placed very far from the desk.

“Were you the one who called me” Zhou Jingyun put down his pen, and a hint of surprise flashed in his deep eyes.

Jiang Tongs appearance was very different from what he had imagined.

A stranger who had suddenly called him, and she could even say something that only a few people knew… She was also calm and composed throughout the call… Zhou Jingyun had thought that she would be a mature and bold woman who was at least in her thirties.

However, Jiang Tong looked too young.

She looked no more than twenty years old, like a student who had not even graduated.

Jiang Tong also looked at Zhou Jingyun.

He had broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

His carefully groomed hair hung between his forehead and he wore gold-rimmed glasses.

He looked cold and unapproachable.

Even when he sat there, she could feel that he was domineering and difficult to get along with.

“Nice to meet you, CEO Zhou,” Jiang Tong put her hands in her pockets and walked around the office.

She looked around as though she was walking in her own backyard.

She walked around casually and even circled around the office desk, nonchalantly walking past Zhou Jingyun.

The bodyguard, Wang Yi, looked at Zhou Jingyun with a questioning gaze, wondering what her actions meant.

Jiang Tong was too arrogant! Although she didnt do anything, she was still arrogant for being so nonchalant in front of Zhou Jingyun!


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