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After apologizing, Zhan Wenxiu turned to Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun.

Then, she said, “Please wait a moment.” As she spoke, she hurriedly walked to the car by the roadside.

Her husband, Wang Jun, who had been brought back to the car, was dragged out by her.

Zhan Wenxiu had just walked away when Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tong with a cold gaze.

He knew that Jiang Tong had lied just now because Jiang Tong had never told him that Wang Jun was Zhan Wenxius husband! If he had known that Wang Jun was Zhan Wenxius husband, he would not have let Jiang Tong send the text message to Zhan Wenxiu.

He knew that with Zhan Wenxius personality, she might not thank him for this matter.

She might even feel uncomfortable because although he had helped her catch the adulterer, he had also increased the impact of the matter.

However, Jiang Tong used the simplest words to resolve this matter.

She even changed the starting point of the conflict from Wang Juns loud talking to Zhou Jingyun knowing Wang Juns and the young womans identities.

Thus, it seemed like he felt that they had said bad things about Zhan Wenxiu, which was very unpleasant to hear.

This caused Zhan Wenxiu not to feel uncomfortable with him, but instead, this matter closed the distance between the two of them.

As for Jiang Tong, Zhan Wenxiu was probably not only grateful to Jiang Tong, but also felt that she owed Jiang Tong a huge favor!

But how did things end up like this Jiang Tong clearly did not seem to have done anything special, but she did it and used everyone present, including him, Zhou Jingyun! Zhou Jingyun finally felt how frightening Jiang Tong was.

It was a kind of terrifying communication ability that made peoples hair stand on end.

It was as terrifying as the abyss! The ability to turn the universe around with just a few words!

Zhou Jingyun knew that Jiang Tong was capable, and he firmly believed that Jiang Tong was a capable woman.

After all, she had proven that to him too many times, but he might not have thought that Jiang Tong was scary before.

Even when it was Qian Mangs matter, Jiang Tong later told Zhou Jingyun the truth behind it.

Zhou Jingyun felt that Jiang Tong had relied on intelligence to settle the conflict with Qian Mang.

This could only mean that she was very good at intelligence gathering! Until this time! Zhou Jingyun participated in the entire process.

He had watched how things had happened and how things had developed.

In the end, she cleverly used a few words to draw a perfect end to this matter! Jiang Tong had not only brought about a perfect end to her revenge on Wang Jun, but she had even made Zhan Wenxiu owe her a huge favor!

This matter should not have led to a friendship, it might have even developed into a bad relationship with Zhan Wenxiu, but Jiang Tong was able to go this far.

Although Jiang Tong had lied, the only person who could expose Jiang Tongs lies was Zhou Jingyun.

However, Zhou Jingyun was one of the beneficiaries of Jiang Tongs lies.

He could not expose Jiang Tongs lies, nor could he tell Zhan Wenxiu that he had stood up to tell her husband and mistress to shut up because they were talking too loudly.

He could not say that the truth was not like Jiang Tong had said, that he stood up because he had a good relationship with Zhan Wenxiu and felt that Wang Juns words were too harsh!

Jiang Tong handled the matter in such a way that it was settled comfortably for everyone, including Zhou Jingyun himself! However, when Zhou Jingyun analyzed it rationally, he would feel a chill run down his spine.

“Whats wrong” Jiang Tong asked with a smile when she saw Zhou Jingyun looking straight at her.

“Youre very beautiful today.” Zhou Jingyun also imitated Jiang Tongs expression and smiled.

“Really Havent I always been beautiful” Jiang Tong played with her long hair.

Seeing this, Zhou Jingyun walked around the table to stand in front of Jiang Tong.

Then, he helped her tidy up her beautiful hair that was tangled around the buttons of her clothes.

Then, he took the opportunity to approach Jiang Tong and whispered to her, “Yes, youve always been beautiful.”

Jiang Tong raised her eyebrows.

“Why Have you finally found out how attractive I am Are you starting to be interested in me”

“Yes, Im really interested.

I really want to peel you off layer by layer.

I want to see how your heart and brain work.

I want to know if youre always so confident in handling all kinds of matters” Zhou Jingyun asked in a low voice.

“Dont be like this.

Im very reserved.

And here you are, saying that you want to peel me off layer by layer…” Jiang Tong smiled and pushed away Zhou Jingyuns hand.

In the eyes of others, Zhou Jingyun took the initiative to tidy up Jiang Tongs hair, and then the two of them whispered in each others ears.

They seemed to have a very good relationship.

At the same time, Zhan Wenxiu had already brought out her husband, Wang Jun, who was covered in blood.

She impatiently urged, “Hurry up.

Dont dawdle.” She kicked Wang Jun on the back of his waist, Wang Jun stumbled and fell directly onto the table next to Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong.

Wang Jun held the table to steady himself.

Just when he was about to rise, Zhan Wenxiu kicked him again.


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