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Zhan Wenxiu didnt ask Jiang Tong why she knew her cell phone number, because Zhou Jingyun knew her phone number, so it wasnt strange for Jiang Tong to know as well.

It was just that… she hadnt brought Wang Jun out to meet people in the past few years.

She found it embarrassing, so she felt that Zhou Jingyun probably didnt know Wang Jun.

Also… Zhan Wenxiu felt a little uncomfortable.

As the saying goes, one shouldnt air their dirty laundry.

Now that Zhou Jingyun took the initiative to get involved in this matter, even though it was out of kindness to inform her to come and catch the adulterer… But because Zhou Jingyun was now involved, this matter would be spread even more widely and become gossip fodder for everyone.

“I sent it,” Jiang Tong nodded.

“Im really sorry to let you guys such a shameful scene.” Zhan Wenxius smile was a little unnatural.

Not only did she let Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong see such a shameful scene, but soon, all the rich and powerful people in City Z would know about this matter.

At that time, people would probably say something along the lines of she couldnt even keep an eye on the man she married and she was even seen by the eldest grandson of the Zhou family doing all these.

She would become a laughingstock for everyone.

“Although I met Ms.

Zhan and your husband, Wang Jun.

This was your family matter after all.

I didnt want to send you that text initially,” Jiang Tong said with a smile, she even curled the corners of her mouth.

“But your husbands words were too harsh, and he even scolded us because of a small matter…”

Zhan Wenxius expression changed.

She asked, “Did he quarrel with both of you earlier”

“Not really.

It was just a small matter.

He brought that woman over and kept talking very loudly.

He even said that he would divorce you after dividing the assets.

He also agreed to marry that woman.

Zhou Jingyun doesnt know Mrs.

Zhans husband, but Ive met him before, so I told Zhou Jingyun about it.

I know that you and Zhou Jingyun have a good personal relationship with each other, Ms.


The Zhou family and the Zhan family have long been on good terms,” Jiang Tong shrugged.

Then, she continued, “When Zhou Jingyun found out that Wang Jun was your husband, he didnt want to get involved in your familys affairs.

It would not be good for you if we made a fuss in public, Ms.


However, their words were too piercing.

Zhou Jingyun couldnt help but turn his head and ask them to lower their voices so as not to disturb the other guests dinner.

When they first realized that they had offended everyone here, they didnt say anything and immediately apologized.

Originally, everything should have been settled with that.

However, they were whispering behind me, saying that my relationship with Zhou Jingyun wasnt serious and that I was just someone who was sleeping with him.

Zhou Jingyun was a little angry and wanted to go over and talk to them, but I stopped him.

After all, Wang Jun is your husband, Ms.


If Zhou Jingyun were to have a conflict with him, wouldnt that destroy the relationship between the two of you We are all friends.

If we were to have a conflict over this matter, it wouldnt be worth it.

Thats why I sent you a text message, Ms.


Jiang Tong finished her words unhurriedly.

As soon as she finished speaking, Zhan Wenxiu and Zhou Jingyuns expressions changed.

The way Zhan Wenxiu looked at Jiang Tong instantly became a hundred times friendlier! Outsiders might not be able to understand what Jiang Tong said, and they might not know what was so special about her words.

However, as the person involved, Zhan Wenxiu instantly understood how much trouble Jiang Tongs text message had blocked for her! Zhan Wenxiu knew very well what kind of person Zhou Jingyun was.

For a person of his status, it was normal for him to be angry when his girlfriend was scolded for being indecent.

However, if Zhou Jingyun really couldnt control his temper today, then her husband, Wang Jun, would have been crippled by Zhou Jingyuns bodyguards today! And that would have been considered a light punishment! Zhou Jingyun still had his biological younger brother, Zhou Mingfei, who was very protective of him.

That was the person who was truly not to be trifled with!

So, if Wang Jun was really crippled by Zhou Jingyuns bodyguards, what would Zhan Wenxiu do Although Wang Jun was just a son-in-law with no status, as the saying goes, before punishing someone, one must look at how it will affect the people related to the one being disciplined! Zhou Jingyun crippled her husband.

Would she care or not Would she fight back or apologize If she didnt care, then what about her pride What would happen to the Zhan familys pride As a member of the Zhan family, if she was so afraid of trouble, the Zhan family wouldnt need to live in City Z anymore.

But if she chose to fight back, how would she manage it Directly start a war with Zhou Jingyun But the Zhou family was really not to be trifled with! So if things developed to this stage, Zhan Wenxiu would really be in big trouble! No matter what she did, it would be wrong!

Although Jiang Tongs words just now were said casually, and it looked as though she just didnt want to ruin Zhou Jingyun and Zhan Wenxius relationship because of Wang Jun, Zhan Wenxiu knew very well how much trouble Jiang Tong had blocked for her! Jiang Tong used a text message to resolve this crisis!

“So thats how it is… Sigh, Ive really troubled you guys.

Miss Jiang is really thoughtful and you guys have suffered.

Im really sorry,” Zhan Wenxiu quickly apologized, she even held Jiang Tongs hand and spoke amiably.


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