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However, Jiang Tong had memorized the phone numbers of everyone she knew during the 500 years she had repeated.

Memorizing nearly 100,000 phone numbers was not difficult for her.

The time resetting would erase many things, but it would not erase her memories.

“There is a traitor who has been lurking around you for two years.

He monitors your every move.

In addition to that… he was ordered by someone to prepare to steal information on your companys latest design,” Jiang Tong said to the person on the phone as she held the steering wheel with one hand, enjoying the thrill of the car racing away.

“Who are you” There was a hint of doubt in the mans cold voice.

He continued, “How do you know my phone number” He originally thought that his subordinate called his private phone number because he had something urgent to report.

However, Jiang Tongs words made him react like this.

Someone who dared to speak to him in such a tone must be a stranger.

“I think we should meet and talk,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

“Who are you!” the man asked in a more serious tone.

“Tsk, dont be so anxious.

Youll know who I am when we meet.” Jiang Tong rolled down the car window and took off her cap.

Her thick black hair fluttered in the wind.

She said unscrupulously, “Ill remind you again out of kindness.

If you dont want to lose the bet, then you should obediently wait for me.”

“How do you know about the bet Who are you” The mans voice became more and more fierce.

“Im an ordinary person who just happens to know a little bit of information.

Of course, Im also an ordinary person who wants to make a living.

Ill give you information on certain matters, and in return, you pay me an encouraging amount of money.

Isnt that a very good deal” Jiang Tong smiled at the wind blowing into her and said, “If you pay me a satisfactory amount of money, I can also give you a piece of information about your brother…”

“Crazy!” The man immediately hung up the phone after cursing.

Jiang Tong was not surprised by this.

This man was quite good-looking, but unfortunately, his personality was not very good.

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“Is there anything I can help you with” Ji Lanzhou held his chin with one hand.

The wind caused by the fast speed of their car blew his hair back, revealing his smooth forehead.

It also completely exposed his face to Jiang Tong.

His beauty was even more impactful and striking.

“Dont worry, I can handle it.” Jiang Tong licked her lips.

The pursuers behind her were almost gone.

She stepped on the accelerator and the car drifted into the outer ring road.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped at the Imperial View Courtyard Villa District.

Ji Lanzhou raised his eyebrows when he saw the familiar neighborhood.

Jiang Tong leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

She said, “Be good.

Go home first.

Ill come back to you after dealing with those troubling matters.”


Ji Lanzhou: “…”

Ji Lanzhou, who had been tricked by Jiang Tong to get out of the car, suddenly came back to his senses when he saw the sports car leaving in a flash.

He still did not know this womans name, and he did not have her contact information!

Ji Lanzhou laughed in anger.

So… he had been tricked into sleeping with her


On the other side, Jiang Tong had never thought of exchanging phone numbers because she already knew Ji Lanzhous phone number by heart.

Half an hour later, Jiang Tong drove the red Lamborghini into the underground garage of an office building.

She stopped the car, turned off the engine, and put the seat down.

She lay down and closed her eyes to rest.

She was waiting for the man to call her.

All the troubling matters she was facing right now, be it Liu Da or Guan Sandao, were all minor problems.

The major problem was with Young Master Zhou.

If she could handle Young Master Zhou, she could handle everything.

Therefore, the first person Jiang Tong contacted was Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyun was a very good-looking, cold, suspicious, and opinionated man.

He was also the biological brother of Young Master Zhou, who could do anything he wanted in City Z.

To the outside world, Young Master Zhou seemed to be an extremely powerful person.

However, at home, he was actually very afraid of his older brother.

Therefore, if Jiang Tong wanted to take care of Young Master Zhou, she had to take care of Zhou Jingyun first.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz…” The phone rang.

Jiang Tong looked at her phone and broke into a smile.

Zhou Jingyun had called her…

When the line was connected, Zhou Jingyuns cold voice came from the receiver, “Come to Huanyu Building.”

Jiang Tong adjusted the back of her seat and replied, “Im already downstairs.”

The person on the other end of the phone held his breath and paused for a moment before saying, “Ill send someone to pick you up.”

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After Jiang Tong told him her license plate number, she sat lazily in the car and waited for someone to come over.

It was very difficult for a stranger to meet a big shot like Zhou Jingyun.

However, for Jiang Tong, it was easy for her to meet any big shot in City Z.

She only needed to make a phone call and say a few words.

She knew all the secrets of all the influential people.

As long as she casually said something that outsiders did not know, the other party would take the bait.


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