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“Youre saying that youve been trapped in this day for 500 years”


In the dimly lit bar, the man leaned against the sofa.

His glassy eyes swept across the bar like a layer of mist.

The spotlights above the stage inadvertently swept across the bar, instantly illuminating his face hidden in the shadows.

He was astonishingly handsome.

“Yes!” Jiang Tong stared straight at the mans face.

She looked at him with a piercing gaze as she sized him up from top to bottom.

It was rumored that the young master of the Ji family, Ji Lanzhou, was the number one beauty in City Z.

He was also the famous sickly beauty with a delicate body.

Now that Jiang Tong saw Ji Lanzhou, he really lived up to his reputation.

“Is this a popular pickup line nowadays Its quite novel.” Ji Lanzhou had a pair of beautiful eyes and the ends of his eyes were a little pink.

The ends of his eyes were slightly raised, and when he lifted his eyebrows to look at people, he gave people a vague dreamy feeling.

Every frown and smile of his was exquisite.

He was so beautiful that it made peoples hearts skip a beat.

Jiang Tong smacked her lips.

This man was too seductive!

“What I said is true.

Of course, it is also true that Im using this as an opportunity to strike up a conversation with you.” Jiang Tong shook the red wine glass and smiled, “After all, when you look around the entire bar, you are the most good-looking person here.”

As if he was startled by Jiang Tongs straightforward words, Ji Lanzhou coughed and lowered his head.

His slender fingers pressed on his collarbone.

Because he was coughing very hard, his neck was dyed crimson.

Jiang Tongs eyes stared straight at him as she gestured to the waiter for a glass of water.

Then, she pushed the glass of water in front of Ji Lanzhou.

She teased, “Your reaction is still so intense.”

“It sounds like you know me very well” Ji Lanzhou drank a mouthful of water and forced himself to suppress his cough.

His pale lips had a touch of red because of his coughing fit.

When she looked at Ji Lanzhou, he seemed sickly, delicate, enticing, and even casually languid.

Jiang Tongs gaze lingered on Ji Lanzhous red lips for a moment.

Then, she stretched out three fingers and said, “Thirty thousand days, eighty-two years.

Just seducing you took up one-sixth of the time Ive spent repeating this day.

I can guarantee that no one in this world knows you better than I do.”


Ji Lanzhou ignored Jiang Tongs crazy words.

He lazily leaned on the sofa with his head lowered.

His slender fingers poked at the screen of his phone.

Today, he had finally gotten rid of his bodyguards and came to the bar alone to have some peace and quiet.

Coincidentally, Jiang Tong came over to strike up a conversation and casually chatted with him.

He didnt expect that Jiang Tong, who was barely pleasing to the eye, had mental problems and claimed to have reincarnated for 500 years or something.

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“You shouldnt have ditched your bodyguards today,” Jiang Tong suddenly said.

“Huh” Ji Lanzhous dreamy eyes narrowed slightly.

He asked, “How did you know that I ditched my bodyguards”

“I told you, Ive been repeating this day for years.

So its not the first time Ive seen you,” Jiang Tong smiled and took a sip of wine.

“Then do you know when the bodyguards will come over here” he asked.

Ji Lanzhou was a little interested now.

Jiang Tong replied, “15 minutes and 30 seconds later.”

“Giving me the time right down to the second” Ji Lanzhou looked at the time on his phone and said, “Its 10:10 pm now.

Ill give you another 15 minutes.

If the bodyguards dont come, what will you do”

Jiang Tong raised her glass at him.

She smiled confidently and openly as she replied, “Ill be at your disposal.”

Ji Lanzhou laughed softly.

His cello-like bass voice was very pleasing to the listeners ears.

While Jiang Tong was still in a daze, she saw Ji Lanzhou suddenly raise his eyebrows.

His air of laziness disappeared, but it only lasted for an instant.

Then, he laid lazily on the sofa again and casually asked, “Then what if I want you to die”

“Die The last thing Im afraid of is death.” Jiang Tong took out a cigarette from the cigarette box and held it to her mouth.

Just as she was about to light it, she sighed, “Sorry, I forgot that you hate the smell of cigarettes.” She reluctantly put the cigarette under her nose and sniffed it.

Then, she continued, “In order to get rid of the repeated cycle, I have tried countless ways to die.

I sl*t my wrists to commit su*cide.

I could feel the blood in my body drain away bit by bit.

The cold and bleak feeling would surround you as though countless pairs of cold hands want to drag you to h*ll… but unfortunately, I didnt die.

There wasnt even a scar.”


Jiang Tong stretched out her arm.

Her arm was slender and fair without a single blemish.

Such immaculate skin did not match her face full of makeup.


“Ive even tried getting hit by a car.

The moment a speeding car crashed into me on the highway, I felt as if my internal organs had shifted.

I could even hear the cracking sound of my bones breaking, followed by the weightlessness of falling from a high altitude.

With a plop, I could feel myself falling to the ground.

I was still conscious, but I could not feel my own body.

I knew clearly that I was about to die.

I was so excited at that time, you know Its like the thrill of a thirsty junkie finally getting high…”


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