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Lin Yi took the contract and left under the watchful eyes of countless people.

When they saw the red Lykan, he showed them how big the gap between the rich and ordinary people was.

300 million yuan house, 60 million yuan car.

It was very possible that ordinary people would never be able to reach this height in their entire lives.

On the way back, Lin Yi thought about it.

There were 22 people returning to the country this time, so a lot of things had to be arranged in advance.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi called Lu Ying.

He told her about Shen Tianzhuos return in detail.

This was going to be a huge project, and Lu Ying had to prepare in advance.

Besides that, Lin Yi was afraid that Lu Ying would be too busy, so he sent Wang Ran over.

He arranged for her to stay at the Peninsula Hotel for the time being.

He could take his time with the rest.

After this, Lin Yi followed the GPS and drove to the Mercedes-Benz 4S store.

However, at that moment, Lin Yis phone rang.

“You have a new order, from the Mercedes-Benz 4S store on Liaohai Road to Zhongcai Garden.”

“Isnt this the place you want to go”

Lin Yi accepted the order and arrived at the Mercedes-Benz 4S store on Liaohai Road a few minutes later.

There was a young man and woman standing in front of the 4S store.

The man was wearing shorts and a half-sleeve shirt, and the woman was wearing a long dress with a bag in her hand.

She looked like a beautiful young lady.

“Honey, look, a sports car is coming!” The woman pointed at Lin Yis Lykan and said excitedly.

“F*ck, isnt that the Lykan Super 7” The man said, “There are only seven of these cars in the world, and I think theres only one in all of Huaxia.”

“If only I could ride it once,” the woman said enviously.

“Dont dream about sports cars.

Just obediently ride in the Didi .”

“I saw a news report before.

It said that there is a rich second generation who drives a sports car every day and gives rides on Didi.

We might be seeing it first-hand today.”

“I saw that news report.

It must be one of Didis gimmicks.

I cant believe you actually believed it.

You are too gullible,” the man said disdainfully.

“If he really drives for didi, Ill let you leave in his car.”

“You are only saying that because you know he cant possibly be driving for Didi.”

“Haha, smart.” The man laughed.


Lin Yis Lykan stopped in front of them.

“Are you Miss Huang with the tail number 4711”

Huang Li and her husband were both stunned when they saw the Red Lykan.

“You… how do you know my phone number…”

“Im the Didi driver you ordered.”

“You… you really are the Didi driver!”

Huang Li took a deep breath, feeling that her life was like a drama right now.

It was just a casual remark, and she didnt even take it seriously.

She didnt think that she would be right!

“If I wasnt the Didi driver, I wouldnt know your phone number, right”

Lin Yi glanced at the two of them.

“Are you both looking to get in If you are, I might have to cancel the order because my car is only a two-seater.”

“No, its fine…”

Huang Li said, “Just give me a ride as my husband will take a taxi.”

“Thats not nice.”

Lin Yi was a little embarrassed.

This whole thing made him look like a homewrecker.

“Lili, youre just going to leave me here” Huang Lis husband was a little unhappy.

“Didnt you say that if this car was our Didi, youd let me leave in it Didnt I agree to this Wasnt I obedient enough”

Lin Yi, “”

Why did it sound like she was cheating on him

“Stop thinking about it.

Hes one of the drivers for Didis luxury car business, not the rich kid you think he is.”

“Thats not possible.

Hes so handsome, so how could he be a full-time driver He must have nothing better to do, and thats why he came out to experience life.”

“I thought you were gullible before but this is really next level.” Huang Lis husband said,

“The rich kid has nothing better to do Seriously”

Huang Li curled her lips and cursed in her heart.

“Whats so impossible about that Maybe he is one of those young models who got tired of playing around in the club and came out to hook up with a beautiful woman.”

“Cough cough cough…”

Lin Yi coughed a few times.

“Im really not a rich second generation.”


It was Huang Lis turn to be surprised.

“Youre really not a rich second generation Are you genuinely one of Didis contract drivers”

Lin Yi laughed.

“I said Im not a rich second generation, but that doesnt mean Im a contract driver.”

“Hmm What do you mean Who can afford a car worth more than 60 million if not a rich second generation”

“Im not a rich second generation, Im a rich first generation.”

“Youre a rich first generation!”

Huang Li and her husband were so shocked that they could not close their mouths!

Although a rich second generation was rich in and of itself, the first generation was even much more terrifying by comparison!

“Look, what did I say I told you he wasnt one of Didis full-time drivers.

Now you should believe me.”

Huang Lis husband was already on the verge of tears.

Why did he have to be so mean!

“Hubby, Im going back in his car first.

You can think of a way to head back later.”


Huang, I have something else to do.

I need to buy something.

Can you wait a few minutes for me”

“Okay, Im fine with that.”

At the same time, a few female saleswomen in the 4S shop were so excited that they almost jumped up when they saw Lykan parked outside.

“Forget what I was saying, I want to go out and take a look.

Its the first time Ive seen such a handsome man.”

“Little Chen, werent you receiving Mr.

Wang He might confirm it when he comes out of the bathroom later.

Dont tell me you dont want this deal”

“Its just a Mercedes-Benz E-class.

Its not as important as looking at handsome men,” Zhang Yuchen said.

“Mercedes-Benz E-class cars are bought every day, but handsome men at this level are hard to come by even in a hundred years.”

Zhang Yuchens female colleague was delighted.

“If you say so, then Ill help you take care of the customer.”

“Please, you can go right ahead.

Its not a big deal,” Zhang Yuchen said indifferently.

“But lets make it clear in advance.

If Mr.

Wang really does sign for the purchase, then Ill get the commission.”

“Of course itll be yours,” Zhang Yuchen said.

“Im going to see a handsome guy.”

Her colleague shook her head with a smile as she watched Zhang Yuchen leave.

“You youth.

Youre giving up your business just to see a handsome guy.

The Mercedes-Benz e-class is worth more than 500,000 yuan.

If he buys it, the commission will be a few hundred yuan, which is enough for you to buy a lipstick from Poplar Forest.

But whatever, your loss is my gain.”

Lin Yi was about to get out of the car after talking to Huang Li outside the 4S store.

He wanted to settle the matter of buying Shen Tianzhuos car.

Howwever, the moment he got out of the car, he saw Zhang Yuchen looking at him from not too far away.

“Pretty Girl, youre a salesperson at the 4S store, right”

Zhang Yuchen was stunned.

Shed snuck out to look at a handsome guy, so why was he talking to her

This… this was way too blissful!

“Y-youre talking to me”

“I dont think theres anyone else besides you,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Yeah, thats right.”

Zhang Yuchens heart was pounding as she nervously walked up to Lin Yi.

Why was he getting more and more handsome as he got closer What kind of god-like beauty was this!

“Sir, is there anything I can help you with”

“Id like to buy a few cars.”

“Ah You want to buy some cars”

Zhang Yuchen was confused.

Shed only come out to look at the handsome guy and luxury car, so why did business suddenly land at her feet

Lin Yi nodded and handed over his bank card.

“Id like to buy a Mercedes Maybach, the best model, and five Mercedes S-class Mercedes-Benz with the best specs, all in black.

The password is 0000000, just swipe the card.”


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