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Chapter 25- Escaping Helos (5)

“What This is the work of one”

Mary was in disbelief.

“Aris! How did that elf find out Peter should have lured the elves with his carriage!”

Arje was also in disbelief, remembering what had happened in the colosseum. 

“I guess she made her subordinates go towards the carriage and then decided to move on her own.”

That was the only possible solution.

I had no idea what her intentions were, but it was clear that she was powerful enough to be on her own. 

“How dare an eary like you attack my ship!”

Mary immediately ran out of the captain’s room and went over to the deck.

“Hey, you! What are you trying to do”

Mary yelled at the elf below the ship with her sword out.

I assumed that she would suffer like the others, but 

“They are inside, right The bunny and the sorceress.”

Surprisingly, the elf was trying to make a conversation with Mary.

“They are.”

Mary answered bluntly. 

“You and that captain, why are you all so blunt”

Arje probably thought that Mary would try to hide us.

“That kind of bluffing wouldn’t work if she came all the way here.”

Although I take pride in my bluffing skills, there are times when bluffing doesn’t cover it.

If Mary were to bluff here, it would be someone low as gangsters would do.

It was better to be honest in situations like these.

Mary should know, since she is a captain. 

“Fine, human pirate.

I will make this easy for you to explain.

If you hand over those bitches, I will let the rest of you live.

How about it It’s a good trade, right”

The words of the elf were closer to a threat than a deal. 

“Captain, what will you do”

The lucky pirates who managed to dodge the elf’s attack behind walls and barrels asked and looked at Mary. 

“What do you mean what will I do”

Mary snorted. 

“Do you think a eary like you who dared to attack my ship will get away with this on top of threatening me You deserve to become fish food!”

From seeing how much Mary welcomed me as a bunny, Mary seemed to really hate elves.

Come to think of it, I think that the rival pirate of Mary is also an elf. 

“You have a short-distanced outlook as that of a finite mortal race.”

The elf clicked her tongue at Mary’s response. 

“Captain! Let’s just give her the two girls!”

The crew also shouted for her to hand over us.

I will make sure that they get the end of it after all this is over.  

“You fools! Don’t let that eary trick you! She has no intentions to keep us alive!”

Confirming that she was tricked by elves before, she did not trust them at all.

It was the same for me. 


This is what YOU chose.”

The elf spoke as if there will be no more threats, and 

“I will make sure that you regret attacking my boat!”

Mary stormed inside the captain’s room with an angry face.  

“You are Arje, right Go take care of that elf!”

Mary bumped Arje on the back in a pushy way. 

“..What is this”

From the shock, Arje looked over at Mary after taking a couple of steps forward. 

“You said that you are a sorceress, right That eary seems to be a sorceress as well, and should be dealt by one.”

Mary was confused why Arje was flustered from her push.

“You talked so confidently…”

Arje let out a sigh and then went outside the captain’s room.

“Aris, if I’m being honest, it’s hard to even resist the attacks of that elf.

I will believe in you.”

I had already confirmed that Arje cannot win against the elf from the battle at the colosseum.

I had to do something while Arje fought.

“Please hold on a little longer, Arje.”

Arje nodded at my words, spread her arms out and then white balls started to surround them. 

“It’s you.

The masked sorceress.”

The wooden plank that was floating in the air turned into a case of stairs from the elf’s magic, and then the elf got onto the ship from the ground.

The elf was still the same in her blond hair, but this time she had a scarf covering her nose and lips.

“Why are you chasing us”

Arje seemed to be confused why the elf was trying so hard to kill us.

She was going beyond entertainment by getting her subordinates into the chase as well. 


The elf let go of the scarf that was covering her face.

There was a long scar from my sword on her cheeks. 


Even for me, the scar was pretty deep.

I didn’t think that the scar would heal with time. 

“How dare you mark my face Then to ask me why I am chasing you.”

The elf sounded really angry. 

“It’s a little overboard, Aris.

She won’t be able to get married anymore.”

Mary seemed to be scolding me, but her happy expression said otherwise.


We will compensate for your medical bills or heal you.”

Arje seemed to be flustered from the scar on the elf’s face, and even mentioned healing.

“Stop the nonsense! Do you think I am following you because I can’t fix this stupid scar”

Then why so I didn’t understand.

“That bunny is the only bitch who has left a direct scar on me.

And using a foul trick!”

She could compliment me for being smart.

“So I will make sure she pays for it.

Move over.

I will let you live, acknowledging that you can have a magic duel with me.”

Did the elf think highly of Arje’s magic skills She mentioned that she will let Arje live.

I wished that she could do the same for me, too.

Why only me

“If I say no”

“Then you will die a terrible death along with her.”

Then Arje replied right away.

“Then I will say this once again.


Arje didn’t do something like selling me off.

I felt that the back of Arje seemed trustworthy for the first time.

“Why are all finite being so stupid”

And so the magic battle between Arje and the elf began again.

When Arje threw a ball of light, the elf flicked it off with her hand movements and although it was unseen, Arje was moving her hands really fast to block the elf’s attacks.

It was like a dance battle. 

“My ship is getting wrecked!”

As in the colosseum, this battle was destroying every where on the boat, and the other pirates were screaming and running away to dodge the throws.

“Aris, do something! You said that you will!”

In the end, Mary had to ask me, the only one who could end this situation. 


I still observed the two battle each other from the captain’s room.

How would I approach the elf without being seen If I could throw the sword like last time, it would be nice, but the elf wouldn’t be fooled by the same trick twice. 


To not be fooled twice…”

Immediately, I thought of a great idea.

To do something a normal person would not dare to do. 

“What are you murmuring to yourself Do something before this ship gets destroyed!”

Mary was so loud, so I flapped my ears in front of her.


Although it wouldn’t hurt, at that moment Mary turned and shut her lips after getting hit by my ears. 

“Shut your mouth and watch well.

I will make sure to get that elf.”

I ran out of the captain’s room. 

“I won’t let you run away!”

The elf immediately tried to use magic on me, but Arje pushed harder to protect me. 


While the elf and Arje were bickering, I made a big loop to stand right across from the elf.

Then I dashed towards her right away.

At this right, I would be able to catch her without having to use my absurd plan from earlier.

“Get away from me!”


Unfortunately, Arje let her defense lose from focusing on protecting me from the elf so much and got a hit.

She flung behind the captain’s room as if something pulled her from behind. 

Clink! Clank!

Mary caught Arje and then fell over.


The elf rushed to place her hands towards me, and I felt once again, the feeling from the colosseum that I never wanted to feel again.

The weight was pressing onto my shoulders and head.


“It was close this time again, right bunny”

As in the colosseum, I got under her spell at a close distance.

I could feel myself getting pressed down harder and my energy growing weaker, but I still felt that I could squeeze out one last move.


I used the last bit of my strength and threw my rapier once again to the elf.


“Are you stupid Do you think I will be tricked again”

The elf shook the rapier in her hand, as if she was showing a trick.


I expected that conceited pride to catch the rapier instead of dodging it.

She had caught it and was laughing at me.

“Yes, I will use this to make a barbeque out of you.

I will stick you on this sword.

How about it”

The elf said a gruesome thing while holding the rapier.




The elf’s laugh got awkward, from noticing something.

“Before the bunny barbeque, there will be an elf barbeque.”

I managed to open my shaking lips to mock the elf.


The elf immediately threw the rapier, and there was smoke coming out of her palms. 

“My hands! My hands! Hands!”

The elf suffered as if she really was burning in fire. 

“What have you done to this thing You damned rabbit!”

The furious elf stormed over in my direction, but


Arje, after regaining her consciousness, threw a mass of light to the elf and the elf became surrounded by it.

The elf had forgotten about Arje from trying to hurt me.

The elf screamed in terror from the light on her body and then fell into the ocean.

“Haha, you deserve that.”

I looked at the scene and chuckled weakly.

“Aris! Are you all right”

“Bunny Are you okay”

Mary and Arje walked over. 

“Of course I am.

I am the greatest…”

But I couldn’t help my head spinning from the effect of the elf’s magic, and 


I lost consciousness.


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