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Xu Jialus office was huge, but it was extremely messy.

Snacks littered his couch and coffee table.

A few coats were strewn all over the place, and his desk was piled up with documents.

It was a stark contrast to Mo Shenbais tidy office.

Xu Jialu said innocently, “I was busy with a huge project recently so Id been staying in the office every day.

I didnt have time to tidy up.”

Xu Youyou frowned as she said knowingly, “The company has cleaning staff, right”

“The technology department is the core department of the company.

How can we simply let people in” Xu Jialu said as he raised his chin and put his arm around Xu Youyous shoulder, “Its okay.

Ill clean it up later.”

As soon as Xu Jialu finished speaking, one of his subordinates called him.

He told Xu Youyou to take a seat before he left and that he would be back soon.

Xu Youyou inhaled deeply as she walked in and rolled up her sleeves.

She resigned herself to her fate and began to help her brother tidy up.

The subordinate who had called Xu Jialu away wanted to ask about Xu Youyou.

Although they had heard that she was cute, they did not expect her to be so cute and sweet.

Those in the technology department were usually so engrossed in their work that they barely had time to socialize.

Hence, they were mostly single.

Now that a girl had come to their department, they were like wolves that had spotted a sheep, weasels that spotted a chicken, and vampires who saw blood.

Xu Jialu frowned.

His eyes were fierce as he said, “How dare you have thoughts about my sister Do you want to die”


Suddenly, one of his subordinates looked at his phone and exclaimed, “F*ck! Brother Lu, your sister… your sister is our boss wife!”

“What” Xu Jialu snatched the phone away to have a look.

When he saw the content, he cursed, “F*ck!”

He turned around, intending to settle the score with Mo Shenbai.

‘Damn it! I knew he had bad intentions when he brought Youyou to the company! Now everyone knows Youyou is the wife of the Chairman of the Mo Group! If they were to get a divorce in the future, everyone will know Youyou has been divorced once! How is she going to marry again!

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Xu Youyou was almost done tidying Xu Jialus office when she received a call from Su Lanxu, who had grown impatient.

“How is it Did you manage to pursue Mo Shenbai”


After a few seconds of silence, Xu Youyou said helplessly, “How can it be so fast I havent even thought about how to pursue him yet!”

After all, Xu Youyou really did not have much experience with pursuing someone.

“Whats there to think about Find a suitable chance and tell him you like him and that you want to be his real wife!” Su Lanxu was used to being direct and could not stand indecisiveness.

“Thats it”

“What else then”

“What if he refuses me” Xu Youyou sat on the couch and bit her nails.

“Wont it be embarrassing if he rejects me”

Su Lanxu thought about it for a moment before she suggested, “Why dont you invite him out on a date At that time, you can strengthen your relationship.

Do it until you feel confident about confessing to him.”

“What kind of date should we go on” Xu Youyou asked curiously.

“Of course, you should invite him to an escape room!” Su Lanxu said excitedly, “Most importantly, the theme of the room has to be scary.

Then, you can pretend to be frightened and throw yourself into his arms! Let him save the damsel in distress! After hugging him a few more times, youll be in a relationship!”

“Why does your idea sound so unreliable”

“Trust me! Its absolutely reliable!” Su Lanxu said confidently and enthusiastically, “Alright! Its decided then! Ill help you make a booking, and Ill send the address to you.

Remember to invite Mo Shenbai out!”

Xu Youyou:

‘Is there a need to rush


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