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Mo Shenbai replied immediately.

Mo Shenbai: The year-end bonus for everyone in the group will be deducted @Peichuan


Everyone: !!!

‘When did the boss sneak into the Chairmans office group chat!

When Pei Chuan saw Mo Shenbais message, he could not help but light a candle for his colleagues.

Pei Chuan: Understood, Chairman Mo.

After receiving Pei Chuans reply, Mo Shenbai put his phone down.

However, after a moment, he picked up again and typed another message.

Mo Shenbai: In the future, if you gossip about the Chairmans wife again, all of your bonuses will be deducted.

Everyone: !!!

Previously, they had been curious about Mo Shenbais wife when they heard that he had gotten married.

They really wondered who was able to thaw Mo Shenbai, the iceberg.

In their opinion, his wife had to be a peerless and country-toppling beauty who was cunning and smart.

None of them expected his wife to be a cute and sweet young woman.

Yaoyao was very direct.

She could not help but send another message.

Yaoyao: Chairman Mo, youre a cradle robber!

Mo Shenbai, the cradle robber: Pei Chuan, deduct Yaoyaos monthly bonus for this month.

Yaoyao gasped.

She clutched her phone against her chest and cried out, “Dont, Chairman Mo! I know my mistakes now! Give me another chance!”

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Mo Shenbai finally put his phone down.

He definitely would not give his secretary another chance.

He looked at Xu Youyou, who was sitting on the couch and drawing with a serious expression on her face.

He could not help but pinch the bridge of his nose as he thought to himself,Am I really old Im not only nine years older than her…


Xu Jialu went to the top floor when he found that Xu Youyou was in the company.

He met a few people from his department on the way there, and all of them crowded around him excitedly.

“Brother Lu, is your sister an adult Is she in a relationship If not, why dont you consider me”

“Get lost! You only know how to use connections in your favor! Brother Lu, choose me! I promise to listen to you, my brother-in-law, in the future…”

“F*ck! Are you marrying Brother Lu or his sister I knew it! Youve been longing for Brother Lu for a long time!”

Xu Jialu could no longer endure it and push the others away.

He said with a disgusted expression on his handsome face, “Do all of you want to die How dare you have thoughts about my sister Do you want me to break both your legs or do you want me to break your third leg”



When the elevator doors slid open, Xu Jialu kicked the others aside and went to the top floor.

He did not even knock on the door and entered Mo Shenbais office directly.

He strode over to Xu Youyou, who was sitting on the couch, immediately.

He asked, “How come you decided to visit me today”

Xu Youyou locked her iPad when she heard Xu Jialus voice.

Then, she looked up at him as he took a seat next to her.

“Did you miss your brother”

Xu Youyou smiled brightly as she replied teasingly, “Alas, you have so many beautiful women around you.

Im afraid youve already forgotten about your sister.”

Xu Jialu grinned mischievously.

“How can you compare to them Youre my little baby.”

Mo Shenbai frowned deeply as he stared at Xu Jialus hand that was on Xu Youyous shoulder.

At this time, Xu Youyou looked at the man sitting at the desk and said in a low voice, “My brother is back now.

Ill go to his office and not disturb your work.”

“Mm,” Mo Shenbai replied.

Xu Jialu rose to his feet and pulled his sister out of the office without sparing Mo Shenbai a glance.

Then, he said happily, “Youve not been to my office, right Let me show you around.”

Xu Youyou nodded.


A few minutes later.

Xu Youyou wore a slightly complicated expression on her face as she stood in front of the door of Xu Jialus office.


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