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Xu Youyou did not doubt Mo Shenbais words.

She said, “Im done visiting Grandma Lin, and Im just about to leave.”

Mo Shenbai rolled up his sleeve and looked at his watch before he said, “Its almost lunchtime.

Why dont we have lunch together”

Xu Youyou naturally would not refuse to have lunch together with Mo Shenbai.


Mo Shenbai opened the car door and signaled for her to get into the car.

Xu Youyou was about to bend down and get into the car when she suddenly heard someone calling out her name.

She looked up and saw Lin Zhihuan getting out of a BMW that was parked nearby.

She frowned slightly as an ominous feeling rose in her heart.

Lin Zhihuan walked over quickly after she got out of the car.

Although she had called Xu Youyous name, her eyes were glued to Mo Shenbai.

“What do you want” Xu Youyou took the initiative to ask.

Lin Zhihuan seemed to regain her sense as she reluctantly shifted her gaze away from Mo Shenbai.

She asked, “Why did you come to my house”

“I heard that Grandma Lin wasnt feeling well so I came to visit her.”

“Oh,” Lin Zhihuan said before her gaze returned to Mo Shenbai.

The smile on her face was a little shy as she said in a soft and pleasant voice, “Hello, my name is Lin Zhihuan.

Im Xu Youyous good friend.”

Xu Youyou: “”

‘Is this still the person who kept saying I wasnt worthy of Lin Yin Since when did she become my good friend

Mo Shenbai only glanced at Lin Zhihuan briefly with an indifferent expression on his face before he replied with a curt, “Hmm.”

Mo Shenbais attitude was very arrogant.

Lin Zhihuan did not know, but Xu Youyou knew Mo Shenbai had the qualifications to be arrogant.

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When Lin Zhihuan saw Mo Shenbais cold reception, her smile faltered slightly.

However, she was not discouraged and asked, “Are you Xu Youyous good friend We met at the Xu family house previously.

Do you remember”

Lin Zhihuan sincerely thought that such a peerless man would not take a liking to Xu Youyou.

At most, someone like him would only help Xu Youyou put on an act to save Xu Youyous reputation.

No matter how stupid Xu Youyou was, she could still see through Lin Zhihuans intentions.

A hint of anger rose in her heart as she said, “Hes not my good friend.”

Mo Shenbai furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

He lowered his head to look at her and saw a hint of unhappiness in her eyes.

Following that, Xu Youyou grabbed his hand and held it tightly before she said firmly, “Hes my husband.

Were a legal couple.

Do you have any other questions”

Mo Shenbais expression eased immediately as his eyes fell on their tightly-clasped hands.

The darkness in his eyes was instantly swept away.

LinZhihuans expression froze.

She did not expect that Xu Youyou, who was usually so timid, would suddenly bare her fangs.

She lost control of her temper and asked indignantly, “Im just asking a question.

Why are you so fierce” After saying that, she looked at Mo Shenbai and said meaningfully, “You say that hes your husband, but youve never really introduced him.

Dont you think youre too disrespectful Or are you afraid hed be snatched away You dont even dare to introduce him.”

Lin Zhihuans words were clearly meant to sow discord.

Xu Youyou was about to refute Lin Zhihuan and say it was none of Lin Zhihuans business when Mo Shenbai suddenly said, “Theres no need to introduce me.

All everyone needs to know is that Im Youyous husband.”

Mo Shenbais voice was mellow and magnetic.

Even the hint of coldness in his voice could not take away from its charm.

Only when he mentioned Xu Youyous name could one hear the warmth in his voice.

His eyes were sharp and cold like a knife when he stared at Lin Zhihuan.

Lin Zhihuan felt chills running up her spine, and her mind went blank.

Mo Shenbai longer paid attention to Lin Zhihuan and held Xu Youyous hand as he pulled her into the car.

He did not spare Lin Zhihuan a single glance at all.

Lin Zhihuan watched in a daze as the luxury car drove away.

When she regained her senses, she stomped her foot angrily and muttered to herself, “Xu Youyou, you must have said bad things about me to him! Otherwise, he wouldnt have treated me like this!”



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