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Xu Jialu, who was far away in Mo City, suddenly sneezed.

He was unaware that the capitalist had already planned to deduct his salary.

The ring was slightly cool to the touch, and the ruby shone brightly under the light.

Xu Youyou turned the ring on her ring finger as she raised her head to meet Mo Shenbais deep and gentle gaze.

A bright smile could be seen on her delicate face.

Mo Shenbai smiled slightly as his eyes fell on the iPad on her lap.

He asked, “Do you need help”

“Huh” Xu Youyou followed the direction of his gaze and landed on her iPad before she asked in confusion, “You dont know how to draw so how are you going to help me”

“Its true that I dont know how to draw, but…” Mo Shenbai said in a low voice before he trailed off.

Then, his dark eyes flashed as his well-defined hands held her chin, and he kneeled with one knee in front of her.

Then, he leaned closer to her.

Xu Youyou was stunned when she saw the handsome face that was magnified in front of her eyes due to their proximity.

She felt as though she had stopped breathing as she looked at him with widened eyes.

Mo Shenbai held her chin and tilted his head slightly.

The tips of their noses were very close to each other, and their lips were even closer; their lips were only a millimeter apart.

Xu Youyou could feel his warm breath on her face.

Her face was red, her ears were buzzing, and her mind was blank.

His unique woodsy scent wafted into her nose.

She heard the sound of a heart thumping wildly, but she was not sure if it was from him or her.

Mo Shenbais eyes burned as he stared at her delicate face unblinkingly.

His eyes slowly trailed down her face until they landed on her pink and tender lips.

His breathing gradually grew labored, and he swallowed a few times as though he was trying to restrain himself.

Something ambiguous hung in the air amidst the silence.

The duo did not speak nor did they move.

They looked at each with unsaid emotions swirling in their eyes.

After an unknown amount of time, Mo Shenbai finally lowered his gaze and pulled away.

Then, he asked slowly in a hoarse voice, “Did I give you any inspiration”

Xu Youyou blinked her eyes slowly before she finally regained her senses and asked, “You… You were trying to inspire me”

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Mo Shenbai nodded.

Xu Youyou bit her lip and lowered her gaze.

She felt slightly embarrassed when she thought about how she assumed he was going to kiss her.

“No” Mo Shenbai asked again.

“Ah, yes, yes.

I, I know how to draw now…” Xu Youyou replied with a nod.

She felt her ears burning.

Mo Shenbai placed his warm hand on the top of her head, but he did not stroke it.

Then, he said softly, “Alright, then you can continue drawing.

I wont disturb you anymore.”

After saying that, Mo Shenbai rose to his feet and left.

Xu Youyous eyes followed him, and when the door finally closed behind him, she let out a long sigh of relief.

She rubbed her face with both hands and muttered to herself, “Xu Youyou, dont flatter yourself.

He was only being kind and trying to inspire you.”

After she calmed down, she picked up her pen and focused on revising her drawing.

Time passed very quickly.

By the time Xu Youyou was done revising her drawing, it was already noon.

She stretched as she looked at her drawing with a smile on her face.

The two people who were about to kiss had their eyes closed.

They looked as though they wanted to kiss, but they did not.

There was an atmosphere of ambiguity and tension in the drawing.

“Im really amazing.

I cant believe I managed to draw this.”

After saving the drawing, she turned her iPad off.

As though she had recalled something, she went to the room next door.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

After knocking on the door thrice, Pei Chuan opened the door and greeted her respectfully.


Pei Chuan did not lower his voice so the executives sitting in his room heard him very clearly.

They were shocked.



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