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Xu Youyou stopped in her tracks immediately.

When she turned to look at Lin Yin, her clear eyes flashed icily.

Lin Yins heart skipped a beat when he met her icy gaze.

He had blurted those words out earlier in a fit of anger, but there was no turning back now.

Xu Youyous expression was solemn as she said tonelessly, “Lin Yin, thank you.”

Lin Yin was perplexed.

He naturally did not understand why she thanked him.

Lin Yin bit her cherry lips lightly before she said in a voice that grew more and more joyful, “Thank you for not marrying me.

Not marrying you is the greatest fortune of my life.”

Xu Youyou herself did not understand now how she could have fallen in love with such a person in the past.

How could she have regarded such a despicable person as her salvation How could she want to live the rest of her life with him and change herself for him He was clearly not worthy.

Xu Youyou did not wait for Lin Yins reply and turned to get into the car after she finished speaking.

“Youyou… Youyou…” Lin Yins expression changed slightly.

He did not care about his pain at this moment as he chased after her.

Alas, Xu Youyou did not care about him at all and told Cang Ming to drive away.

Lin Yins hand was just about to touch the car door when the car pulled away.

No matter how much he shouted, the car did not stop for him.

Xu Youyous expression was rather gloomy; no smile could be seen on her face at this time.

She was so angry.

She was not angry that Lin Yin tried to use her brother to threaten her, but she was angry at herself for being blind in the past and liking such a despicable person.

She comforted herself that she was young and ignorant in the past and did not know how to judge people.

When the car pulled up to the university, Cang Ming saw the dispirited expression on Xu Youyous face.

He hesitated for a moment before he called out, “Madam…”

Xu Youyou turned to look at him.

“Yes Whats the matter”

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Cang Ming kindly reminded her, “Mr.

Xu is Chairman Mos friend.

Chairman Mo definitely wont stand aside and do nothing if Mr.

Xu were in trouble.”

In other words, Cang Ming wanted Xu Youyou to turn to Mo Shenbai for help.

Xu Youyous eyelashes fluttered slightly before she said, “I know.”

Cang Ming wanted to speak again, but Xu Youyyou glanced at her watch and saw that she was late so she said, “I have to go now.”

Cang Ming frowned as he looked at Xu Youyous back.

After thinking about it for a moment, he called Mo Shenbai.

With Mo Shenbais status, he could deal with the Lin family with just a few words.

In the evening.

When Mo Shenbai returned to Moon Pavilion, he did not see Xu Youyou.

He instinctively asked the butler, “Wheres she”

“The moment Madam returned, she locked herself up in the studio,” the butler replied as he helped Mo Shenbai remove his coat.

Mo Shenbai nodded.

Then, he walked upstairs and knocked on the studio door.

“Come in.”

Mo Shenbai opened the door and saw Xu Youyou sitting in front of the easel.

She was holding a palette in one hand and a paintbrush in the other hand.

When she turned to look at him, a smile bloomed on her face as she said, “Youre back.”

The curtains were not closed so the light from outside illuminated her face.

It was as though there was a filter on her.

Mo Shenbais Adams apple rolled a few times before he replied with a low, “Mm.”

Xu Youyou wondered why Mo Shenbai came to her today.

He would usually return to his room first when he arrived home.

A thought appeared in her mind, and she asked, “Are you hungry What do you want to eat Ill cook it for you.”


Mo Shenbai was speechless.

After a few seconds, he replied calmly, “Im not hungry.”

Xu Youyou looked puzzled.

“Then, whats the matter”

“Nothing,” Mo Shenbai replied.

After a moment, he asked, “You… Dont you have anything to say to me”


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