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For a moment, the world seemed to have fallen silent.

It was so quiet that Xu Youyou could hear her heart thumping wildly in her chest.

Her ears were ringing at the same time.

The familiar woodsy scent from Mo Shenbai wafted into her nose and warmed her entire body.

Mo Shenbai lowered his head and looked at the woman lying obediently in his arms.

Her soft body felt pliable under his hands that he could not help the wicked thoughts in his mind that urged him to wantonly ravage her.

Xu Youyou regained her senses first and hastily pulled away from him.

Mo Shenbai naturally let go of her, but he felt uncomfortable with the emptiness in his arms.

“Thank you,” Xu Youyou said as her eyelashes fluttered slightly.

Her heart was still racing in her chest, and when she met his dark gaze, she quickly looked down.

Mo Shenbai did not say anything.

His gaze shifted to the boxes on the ground.

Their contents had spilled to the ground.

There were a few eye-catching books as well.

He stroked forward and bent down to pick the things up from the ground.

As soon as Xu Youyou saw Mo Shenbai picking up the books that Su Lanxu had given her, her face flushed red as she cried out, “No!”

Alas, it was too late.

When Mo Shenbai picked up the books, he already noticed the books were not ordinary books.

He saw a picture of a man and a woman whose bodies were entangled with each other.

At the side, there was a box of dialogue.

Xu Youyou ran over and hurriedly snatched the books away from him and hid them behind her.

Her face was red as she scrambled to explain herself, “Theyre not, not mine.

I… Im just helping Lanlan keep them.”

After saying that, she licked her cherry lips nervously as she looked at him with her bright eyes.

Then, she asked, “Do, do you believe me”

Mo Shenbais eyes darkened imperceptibly.

He hid the desire she could not understand in his eyes.

His Adams apple rolled once before he said, “I do.”

‘He actually believes me!

Xu Youyou looked at him suspiciously.

Mo Shenbai slowly said, “Youre still young.

Dont look at these things.

Ill keep them for you for the time being.”

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“Huh” Xu Youyou was startled.

She quickly shook her head and said, “No need! Theyre really not mine; they belong to Lanlan.”

Mo Shenbais attitude was firm.

He said in a tone that brooked no arguments, “Either I keep them for you or we let Xu Jialu keep it.

You decide.”

When Xu Youyou imagined Xu Jialus reaction, she said, “Fine.

You keep them.”

Mo Shenbai reached out, and Xu Youyou placed the books in his hand with an embarrassed expression on her face.

Xu Youyou looked at the books in her hand as she muttered softly, “Im already 20 years old.

Its not a big deal even if I look at the books.”

Despite her soft voice, Mo Shenbai heard her words clearly.

He turned to look at the red and resentful face under the moonlight before he said, “Theres no need for you to look at them.”

“Hm” Xu Youyou raised her head and met his burning gaze.

Then, she heard a mans magnetic voice saying, “Someone will teach you in the future.

Ill teach you in the future.”

After Xu Youyou and Mo Shenbai returned to Moon Pavilion, she returned to her bedroom with the presents while Mo Shenbai brought the books with him to his study.

She had just put the presents down when she received a call from Su Lanxu asking her where she had gone.

Xu Youyou apologized to Su Lanxu for leaving early and told Su Lanxu to have fun.

When Su Lanxu found out Xu Youyou had gone back with Mo Shenbai, not only was she not angry, but she was delighted.

She kept telling Xu Youyou to seize the opportunity to take down Mo Shenbai.

Xu Youyou laughed and said, “Lanlan, are you drunk Why are you talking nonsense again”

“I can hold my liquor very well.

I can drink thousands of cups without getting drunk! They call me the Goddes of Wine in Mo City, okay” Su Lanxu said proudly.

“Alright, alright, Goddess of Wine.

Drink less, and dont drive later.”

“I know,” Su Lanxu said seriously, “Youyou, happy birthday! I hope youll always be happy!”

Xu Youyou felt warmth suffuse her heart.

She replied, “Okay.”

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

She ended the call before she said, “Come in.”

Mo Shenbai pushed the door open and entered the room with a log-colored tray in his hands.


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