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Xu Youyou smiled embarrassedly as she said, “I was hungry earlier so I ate first.”

Mu Shenbai looked at her.

The first thing he noticed was the large band-aid on her forehead.

He recalled that she had met with an accident earlier today and was injured, and yet, not only was she unafraid, but she even remembered her promise to cook dinner for him.

Finally, he said, “Youre injured.

Its fine to cook another day.”

“How can that be A person must keep their promise,” Xu Youyou said as she raised her hand to touch her forehead.

However, when she saw him narrowing his eyes, she awkwardly lowered her hand and said with a smile, “Moreover, its just a superficial injury.

Its not serious.”

Although she was afraid when the car accident happened, when she woke up in the hospital, she was no longer afraid.

A hint of appreciation flashed in Mo Shenbais eyes.

He thought that she was really sensible even though she was young; she was not spoiled at all.

She even attached so much importance to a promise.

Finally, he said, “Get another set of cutleries and eat with me.”

“Ive already…”

Mo Shenbai interjected immediately, “Its been a long time since I ate with another person after what happened to Zhiyun.”

Xu Youyou: “”

‘Didnt I eat with you this morning Was I not human then

Although she was complaining inwardly, she did not refuse him.

She went to the kitchen and returned with a pair of chopsticks.

Since she had quite a large dinner, she really could not eat anymore.

Hence, she only scooped a bowl of fish soup for herself and drank it slowly.


Mo Shenbais long and fair fingers looked even more beautiful when he was holding the black chopsticks.

He ate slowly, and his manners were very good.

Xu Youyou found the silence quite awkward so she hurriedly searched for a topic.

She asked, “Hows Miss Mo now”

“After she regained consciousness, I arranged for her to recuperate abroad.

Shes recuperating very well,” Mo Shenbai said as he set his chopsticks down and moved to scoop a bowl of soup.

Upon seeing this, Xu Youyou hurriedly rose to her feet and served him the soup.

She said, “Thats good to hear.

Miss Mo is kind so shell definitely be blessed.”

After taking the bowl of soup, Mo Shenbai asked, “How do you know shes kind”

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Xu Youyou hurriedly averted eyes and hurriedly made up some nonsense.

“Oh, thats just my guess.


Mo, youre so kind so Im sure Miss Mo is also very kind.

Both of you must be very kind people.”

Mo Shenbai easily saw through her lie, but he did not expose her.

He lowered his head and drank the soup.

On the other hand, Xu Youyou sighed in relief inwardly when it seemed like Mo Shenbai believed her.

‘What a close call! I have to remember to watch my words next time!

Xu Youyou, who had showered, changed into a set of white pajamas.

She reached out to touch the band-aid, making sure it was dry since she could not get the injury wet.

However, it was slightly damp.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

Xu Youyou, who thought it was the butler, called out, “Come in.”

After saying that, she turned around and went to look for her hairdryer.

Her back faced the door as she bent down, exposing her slender and fair neck.

Mo Shenbai calmly averted his eyes before he asked in a low voice, “What are you looking for”


Xu Youyou straightened her and spun a round.



Mo Shenbais gaze fell on the band-aid on her damp hair.

He frowned when he saw the band-aid seemed to be slightly damp as well.

Hence, he said, “Sit down.

Ill help you treat your injury.”

Mo Shenbai gestured to her to sit on the couch even though the bed was closer.

“No need.

I can do it myself.” Xu Youyou did not want to trouble him.

Mo Shenbai did not seem to hear as he turned and walked to the couch.

Then, he looked at her silently.


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