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“She doesnt want you to worry,” Mo Shenbai said bluntly, “You know shes afraid of causing trouble for the people around her.”

Xu Jialu calmed down and returned to his seat.

He recalled how Xu Youyou would smile and say that she was fine, telling him not to worry.

She had always been like that, afraid of troubling others.

She was afraid of being a burden, afraid of being abandoned by her family again.

This was all his parents fault.

No, it was also his fault.

“Are you sure you can take good care of her” Xu Jialu asked skeptically.

“I cant take good care of her, do you think you can take good care of her if you come over” Mo Shenbai retorted.

Xu Jialu scoffed before he said, “Then, Ill have to ask the great Chairman Mo to lower himself and take good care of my sister.

Ill look after your company for you.

It wont close down.

Dont worry.”

Mo Shenbai did not respond.

Xu Jialu said warningly, “Im asking you to take care of her health.

Dont f*cking take care of her in bed…”

Before Xu Jialu could finish his words, Mo Shenbai ended the call.

Xu Jialu cursed again, “F*ck! That Old Mo…”

After Mo Shenbai was done, he carried the steamed oranges upstairs.

He knocked on Xu Youyous door.

“Come in.”

When Mo Shenbai entered the room, he saw Xu Youyou looking out of the window with a sad expression on her face.

“Whats wrong”

Xu Youyou turned to look at him and said dejectedly, “Its Christmas today…”


Xu Youyou had been getting a transfusion every day, and she also had to take her medicine every day, causing her to feel sleepy.

When she was scrolling through her phone today, she finally realized it was Christmas when she saw the messages wishing her a merry Christmas.

“Do you want to celebrate Christmas” Mo Shenbai asked as he beckoned her over.

Xu Youyou walked toward the table and sat down before she said, “Its not that.

I just wanted to ask you out for a meal during Christmas and give you a present…”

Xu Youyou felt like her plans to chase him had gone down the drain again.

Mo Shenbai pushed the bowl of steamed oranges to her.

The oranges were steamed along with snow fungus and red dates.

They smelled very fragrant.

“Its fine.

I dont celebrate Christmas.

When you get better, you can invite me out for a meal, a movie, and give me a present whenever you want…”

Xu Youyou smiled and nodded before she began to eat.

The steamed oranges were sweet and sour; they were delicious.

Despite her words, Mo Shenbai could tell that Xu Youyou still felt disappointed.

However, he only pursed his lips and did not say anything as he looked at his phone.

After she was done eating, he cleared the table and brought the bowl away.

Before he closed the door, he saw her running toward the window to look outside again.

Xu Youyou sighed.

‘Its all my fault for falling sick! Isnt Christmas the best time to go on a date, eat delicious food, watch movies, and do something romantic with the person you like

Half an hour later, there was another knock on Xu Youyous door.

“Come in.”

Xu Youyou did not even bother to turn back.

However, when there was no noise after that, she felt it was strange so she turned to look.

The door remained closed, and another knock rang from the door.

When she walked over and opened the door, she was stunned.

She was a tall Santa Claus standing at the door.

Mo Shenbais face was covered with a white beard, revealing only his dark eyes.

He wore a pointed red hat and a red suit.

“Mo, Mo Shenbai…” Xu Youyou was so shocked that she could not speak.

She felt as though her heart was going to leap out of her chest.

“In view of your outstanding performance in the past year, Santa Claus would like to give you a gift,” Mo Shenbai said in a low voice as he raised the red sack in his hand.

Just when Mo Shenbai was about to bring the gift out, Xu Youyou, who finally regained her senses, quickly rushed over and hugged him.

Mo Shenbais movements paused.

He lowered his head to look at the person whose face was buried against his chest.

His voice was gentle as he asked, “Whats wrong”

Xu Youyou did not reply.

Instead, she shook her head and tightened her grip around his waist.

‘Hes really too good! I cant help but like him more and more.

Its as though my feelings for him are overflowing…

Xu Youyou could not help but cry, overwhelmed by her feelings for him.

Mo Shenbai lowered his head and gently said, “Dont you want to see what Santa is going to give you”

Xu Youyou reluctantly pulled away and raised her head to look at him with sparkling eyes.

Mo Shenbai brought a dark blue box out of the red sack and said, “Merry Christmas!”

When Xu Youyou unwrapped her gift, she saw a box of exquisite chocolates.

Her brother had bought her this brand of chocolate before so she knew they were extremely delicious and expensive.


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