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“Brother, Lanlan is really very good.

Dont talk about her like that,” Xu Youyou said unhappily.

She was trying to help Su Lanxu to get some information, but she did not expect it to turn out like that.

Su Lanxu could not remember what Xu Jialu and Xu Youyou spoke about following that.

In any case, it was no longer important.

Xu Jialu and Xu Youyou were unaware that she had also gone to the cafe that day and overheard their conversation.

It was from then on that her relationship with Xu Jialu began to worsen.

Every time they met, they would bicker; they would not stop until there was a clear winner and loser.

Su Lanxu had drunk quite a lot tonight.

Alcohol had a tendency to make people feel melancholic.

The feelings of a young girl in her heart had long been crushed by Xu Jialu.

On that sunny afternoon, her secret love had also died.

At this moment, she did not have the mood to continue verbally sparring with him.

Meanwhile, Xu Jialu did not expect Su Lanxu to stop talking so quickly.

After all, she would usually bicker non-stop with him.

He did not know why she stopped bickering with him after only two rounds.

Perhaps, victory came too easily and quickly, he did not feel a sense of satisfaction.

He put out his cigarette and threw it into a small ashtray in the car.

Then, he did not roll up the window, airing the car.

When the car pulled to a stop in front of the Su family house, Su Lanxu alighted from the car wordlessly.

She slammed the car door shut loudly as though she was taking revenge on him.

Everyone knew that Xu Jialy loved his car as much as he loved his life.

Xu Jialu raised an eyebrow before he gritted his teeth and laughed angrily.

“It seemed like I went too easy on you, you stinky girl!”


When Xu Youyou woke up, she found herself dressed in her pajamas on her bed.

She sat in a daze, clearly confused.

She bit her lip, trying to recall how she had come back.

The scenes from last night slowly appeared in her mind.

She seemed to have fallen asleep in the bathroom after drinking too much.

Mo Shenbai came to look for her and carried her into the car.

And then…

Xu Youyou gasped.

She covered her mouth to prevent herself from screaming.

She finally remembered she confessed to Mo Shenbai and kissed him last night.

Her cheeks burned as a shy expression appeared on her face.

In the end, she pulled her blanket over her head and giggled.

After a while, she pulled the blanket down.

She blinked her doe eyes as she mumbled, “No, wait… In the end, did he agree to let me pursue him”

She only remembered kissing Mo Shenbai and falling asleep; she did not remember anything else.

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Xu Youyou punched her bed in frustration, disappointed in herself.

“How can I forget such an important thing”

‘However, since he kissed me, he shouldve agreed, right Otherwise, isnt he just a hooligan

At this moment, two knocks rang from the door.

Xu Youyou hastily tidied up her clothes and messy blanket before she said, “Come in.”

Mo Shenbai pushed the door open.

He held a glass of water with a slice of lemon in it.

The yellow from the lemon was bright and beautiful.

The kiss from last night appeared in Xu Youyous mind again when she saw him, causing her to blush.

She did not dare to meet his gaze at this moment.

Mo Shenbai walked to the bedside and handed the glass to her as he said, “Drink some water…”

Xu Youyou took the glass.

She had just woken up so her voice was a little hoarse and lazy when she replied, “Thank you.”

Mo Shenbai that her reaction was not quite right so he did not leave.

Instead, he sat down by her bed and looked at her with his dark eyes as he asked, “Do you feel unwell Do you have a hangover”

“Huh No.” Xu Youyou raised her head to look at him before she slowly shook her head.


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