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After a long kiss, Xu Youyou leaned on Mo Shenbais shoulder and fell asleep with a smile on her face.

It was clear that she would have a wonderful dream tonight.

Mo Shenbai turned to look at her cute and delicate face as his fingers tucked a lock of her black hair behind her ear.

Then, he gently kissed the side of her forehead.

“Good night, little one.”

Xu Jialu and Su Lanxu waited in the private room for a long time but Mo Shenbai and Xu Youyou still did not return.

When they went to the bathroom to search for the duo, they did not find them.

After learning from the cleaner that Mo Shenbai had taken Xu Youyou away, he could not help but curse.

He called Xu Youyou immediately, but his call went unanswered.

He called Mo Shenbai after that, but his call went unanswered as well.

Xu Jialu cursed in frustration.

He paid the bill and was about to go to Moon Pavilion when he turned around and saw Su Lanxu, who had finished half a bottle of wine on her own, standing at the entrance.

Su Lanxus eyes were unfocused, and her face was red.

She swayed on her feet, clearly unable to stand properly.

Xu Jialu walked over and grabbed her arm as he said, “Lets go.

Ill send you home.”

Su Lanxu looked at Xu Jialu in a daze before she reached out and patted his arm and said, “I dont need you to send me home.

I can go home on my own.”

“Youre drunk! How are you going to go back on your own Lets go!” Xu Jialu said as he glared at her.

Su Lanxu could not shake his hand off so she was forced to follow him out of the restaurant.

When they entered the elevator, she leaned against the glass wall and tilted her head to look at him before she said, “Youre so annoying!”

“Likewise,” Xu Jialu said as he looked at her.

Su Lanxu turned to look out the glass wall at the people in the shopping mall.

She said with a sigh, “I want to fall in love too…”

“I wonder which unlucky guy will fall in love with you He must have done a lot of wicked things in his past life to fall in love with you,” Xu Jialu said.

Su Lanxu turned to glare at him and said, “Xu Jialu, I didnt provoke you.

Why do you keep picking on me”

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Xu Jialu snickered as he put his hands in his pockets and said, “Shouldnt I be asking you that”

Su Lanxu only scoffed.

She lowered her head and ignored him.

After getting into the car, Su Lanxu looked out the window, continuing to ignore Xu Jialu.

Her eyes were half-closed as though she was about to fall asleep.

Xu Jialu held the steering wheel with one hand as he lit a cigarette with his other hand.

He puffed on his cigarettes, and it did not take long before the car was filled with smoke.

Su Lanxu looked at him and said unhappily, “Can you not smoke”


“Then stop the car.

I want to get out.”

Xu Jialu only looked at her coldly.

He remained silent as though he did not hear anything.

Su Lanxu felt like she was going to die from anger.

“Xu Jialu, can you be a gentleman!”

“Is this your first time meeting me When was I ever a gentleman” Xu Jialu said with a sneer.

Su Lanxu was rendered speechless by those words.

The fog in her eyes suddenly cleared as she looked at the side of his face silently and expressionlessly before she suddenly lowered her head and said with a wry smile, “Yeah, its not my first time meeting you.”

Su Lanxu turned to the side and closed her almond-shaped eyes.

She no longer spoke.

At the same time, a memory from long ago appeared in her mind.

The background was a cafe.

Xu Jialu leaned lazily against the chair as he drank a cup of coffee loaded with sugar.

His expression was carefree.

Xu Youyou sat across from him.

The brother and sister were talking and laughing, and at some point, the topic shifted to Su Lanxu.

Xu Youyou asked, “Brother, what do you think of Lanlan”

Xu Jialu rested his chin on one hand and asked with a gloomy expression, “Why did you bring her up”

“Lanlan is beautiful and magnanimous.

If she likes you, I think you can consider it,” Xu Youyou said sweetly.

Xu Jialu snorted disdainfully and said, “Shes not as good as you said.

Shes careless and heartless.

I wont like a crazy girl like her.

If she werent your friend, I wouldnt even bother to look at her!”



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