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Demons of the fog No one has absolute knowledge

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A fresh air caught our young heroes. Ingus got amazed by everything, the sky, the palace, the horizon and even more the lights of the kingdoms town.

The Royal palace was facing a huge town which was a bit far from it and residing on the lowest part of the valley.

The castle itself was on the highest part of the valley, allowing it to tower over the town nearby. Due to the location of the kingdom and the size of the castle, at some point during the day or night, clouds can hide some parts of the castle.

It was made of 5 compartment. 4 of them were merged as a single unit and the last one was floating above the rest.

White and golden were the most present colors, sublimating with panache the walls of the structure. Silver and dark frames were used for the windows and some doors. The roofs tiles were obsidian.

As it was the guards shifting time, no guards were on the guarding towers of the castle. And due to the lack of catastrophic events in the kingdom, the fact that all the guards can be missing at the same time was not that of a thing.

The lower part of the floating compartment was resting on a brilliant yet sober diamond base of a shimmering emerald green. The upper part was made of a residential area and a giant crescent moon structure made of an unknown material reflecting perfectly the light of the moon and the stars, allowing it to be seen from the town.

That compartment was floating above the exact middle of the unit underneath.

A stairway was leading to the entrance of the castle, huge torches were burning on the ledges of the stairs giving light and warmth.

A huge path made of golden paving stones was connecting the Town to the castle.

A little further from the castle, on both lateral sides of the path, gardens were playing an important role of decoration.

And surrounding the entire place, trees were forming a forest.

The lack of light made impossible to see how far the surrounding forest was expanding in the outer part of the place.

Hordward: " Amazing, right? But thats not what I wanted to show you..."

Ingus: "(*with wide open eyes, looking at the sky*) what are those tiny lights in the sky ? They

e beautiful! "

Vardus: " those are called stars, in fact they are gaz ball burning with high temperature far away from where we are, so they

e kinda like our sun..."

Hordward: " Vardus, you could just have said that those were stars "

Ingus: " Amazing, vardus how do you know so many things ?"

Vardus: " Ingus, I don know that much , but if you want to learn all that Ill show you the library and Ill teach you too if you want of course "

Ingus: " sure I want. Hordward what do you wanted to show me ? "

Hordward: " huh... ah yes, sorry I got asleep because of smartasss talking Haha "

Vardus: " hm!"(*giving an anger look to Hordward*)

Hordward led the way, but instead of taking the stairs so the only way possible, he took to his right a few meters before the stairs. He got stopped by vardus worried.

Vardus: " hey, where are you going to? The stairs are over here "

Hordward: " Don worry, I know where Im going. There is only one way to get where I want to take us and it is this way."

Vardus: " sure thats only if you want to go to the forest...wait...Are we heading to the forest?!"

Hordward: " haha precisely, we are heading straight to the forest"

Vardus: " hm Hord, I really think that it isn a good idea"

Ingus: " Hordward, are you sure its safe? "

Hordward: " you are worrying too much, that part of the forest we are heading to is completely safe, Ive patrolled all over the area. "

Vardus: (*taking a sarcastic tone*) "great, I immediately feel more reassured... Ive always dreamed to die eaten by a beast in the forest in the middle of the night, great..."

Ingus: " hm...eaten by a beast ? "

Hordward: " Vardus, seriously stop scaring Ingus, if you are too afraid, you can go back. I don need your whining here"

Vardus: " shut up, Im not afraid"

Hordward: " Well then be my guest. So...there we are"

The boys were now facing a wall.

Vardus: " huh...Hord, this is a wall, what now? We jump or fly?in any case I can . "

Hordward: " you might think of yourself as genius, but you

e quite blind "

Vardus and Ingus: " this is a wall! "

Vardus: " see, even ingus sees a wall"

Hordward: " huh!... Ingus hasn learned magic yet, right? But you sure did, didn you?"

Vardus: " yes, but no destructive spells, even so I won just blow off the wall"

Hordward: " do I really have to explain?...huh! What is the first lesson of magic?"

Vardus: " constant awareness, what do you mean? Just spit it out already!"

Hordward: " if I remember with my, how did you call it , ah yes my stupidity. I think during that first lesson, they taught you how to distinguish reality from illusion"

Vardus: " wait do you mean that..."

Hordward: " yes smartass, ... this wall is just an illusion of level 3"

Vardus: " but why would it be an illusion?"

Vardus closed his eyes and focused his mind on the wall infront of him, then a glowing blue light enveloped him, vardus opened his once amber eyes now blue as the sea.

Vardus: " I-I can believe it, this is really an illusion but that kind of magic, isn it yours?"(*looking confused*)

Hordward: " yes, this wall is one of my creation " (*smiling proudly*)

Vardus: " Im hurt to admit it but Hordward you really are talented"

Ingus: " so if i understand it well, the wall just here is an illusion but i can touch it"

Vardus: " thats normal, illusion spells get greater with their level. From 3 to the last level of illusion spells, it is barely impossible for a non magical user and in certain cases magical user, to distinguish those illusions from reality "

Ingus: " wow! Hordward you are awesome..."(*looking at Hordward with great admiration in the eyes*)

Hordward: " yes I am! But now we have to hurry, we only have 10 minutes left"

Hordward put his left hand on the wall and the wall just shattered, reveling a sumptuous little paradise: a giant tree in which there was a hut, a small lake shining with a soft bluish light.

Hordward: " there you are! This... is my no more secret hideout! "

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