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Demons of the fog Need to fight III : THE MISSING ONE

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Just after his sons departure, as long as that of the elders, the King was looking at Irkaan who was on his knees. His daughter was escorted to her place as well. The king ordered vigilance to the knights assigned to protect them all. Any suspicious activity should be reported.

King: " master(*sigh*)...Irka, what happened exactly?"

Irkaan was looking down in shame before his king.

King: " guards...leave us"

Guard 1: " b-but my lord..."

King: " I appreciate your concern but I will be fine"

Guard 2: " To Serve and protect!" (* proudly said while putting his fist on his chest*)

Guard 1: " To serve and protect!" (*gesturing the same way as the other one*)

The guards bowed politely and got away. The king then turned to Irkaan, the old walc now facing him with a grin as he was now getting up.

King: " So you killed him...he was my closest friend and my mentor..."

Irkaan: (*gesturing a bit awkwardly and with a deeper and echoing voice*)" so...you knew all this time...I am impressed...King Ardeamon..." (*walking towards the king*)

King: " spare me your ** talk..." (*getting really annoyed but limiting his aura not to alert everyone*)

Irkaan: " I must admit...that was a tough fight...this old walc did everything to protect...his daughter...but...(*smiling creepily while tilting a bit his head*)he was...as all mortal beings...weak"(*laughing awkwardly*)

The old walc was laughing, on the other side, the king was not annoyed nor was he sad...he was numb...no, to be more precise he was beyond being extremely calm, his eyes were shut. He then calmly asked " why did you do all that ? And why not killing his daughter too?" (*with his eyes still closed*)

Irkaan: " oh...don worry ooo Bloody king...this fragment of me isn enough to defeat you...I am not here for you...i am here for..." (*interrupted by the King*)

King: " Ingus...you are here for him, aren you?"

Irkaan: " exactly...let me take him gently and all of your kind won be harm...I might spare your lives for another century..."(*laughing*)

King: " so that what it was about...I am afraid I can let you take him from me...I don know what you want from a poor child..."(*interrupted*)

Irkaan: " HE ISNT AS SIMPLE AS YOU MAY THINK! HE IS SOMETHING I NEED TO DESTROY " (*Yelling with disturbances in his voice*)

King: " what is it you are so afraid of...ah...I see...he is able to destroy you, isn he?(*laughing*)"

Irkaan: "...I may have concluded a pact but if you refuse to give up on him now I will no longer be forced to let you live..."

King: " (*laughing*) oh is that so? I am the King of Walcs, none shall decide what I do or not but myself, none shall intend on the lives of my family...if you want to fight then come...I don fear anyone for I am an Ardeamon" (*said proudly*)

Irkaan: " insolent...you are lucky I am busy with humans...how long do you think your trick of hiding one of them will last?"

King: " none of your damn business...now I have something to do..."

Irkaan: (*shifting to a shadow soldier...a Dark sentinel*)

King: " You can make samples of yourself, I knew a Dark sentinel couldn die so easily, beaten by just bare fighting...I assume this is your real body then"

Dark sentinel: " maybe, maybe not..." (*laughing while running towards the king lifting a blade-like arm to slice the king*)

In the blink of an eye, the King was now behind the Dark sentinel who was grinning...

Dark sentinel: " you...you are indeed strong...but I will kill that boy someday, I swear..." (*said before violently exploding in thousands of small pieces evaporating after a short while, all this followed by a violent shock wave*)

King: " Farewell Master, you can now rest in peace...(*a tear falling from his left eye*)"

As the king was returning to the palace, someone was lurking on to him, hiding on the roof of the palace.

Unknowns POV

I witnessed everything during this betrayal thing. And before my very eyes I saw the kings strength, I didn know what they were talking about for I was too far to do so, but I still heard the King saying something about something or someone able to kill the Darkness.

I was now going back to the lair to report what I saw and heard here as long as my spying on the princes.

I got in the palace by one of the windows still opened.

As I got in, i ran towards the halls silently using my ability to silence my movements. I got near one of the hidden entrances of the lair, the one near the audience room as it was the closest one. As I was about to get in, I heard someone footsteps.

It was one of the kings son, I jumped to the ceiling sticking on it while erasing my presence and getting invisible.

I looked at this prince, he was walking towards the audience room but stop just in front then said " I may not be able to sense you but I can see you quite well, Elonidas" I was shocked but I remained calm and got down.

I revealed myself completely.

Vardus: " are you willing to explain to me why you were sneaking on us today"

Elonidas: (*having a flashback which revealed a scene during which, he was sneaking and Vardus turned his head towards him*)" my apologies your majesty, I was just curious "(*anxious*)

Vardus: " I don think Father would appreciate your bad placed curiosity...besides, an adult sneaking on young children isn quite knighty, don you think?"

Elonidas: (*embarrassed*) " oh my...you are mistaking my lord...I-I...it wasn ..."(*interrupted by Varduss laughter*)

Vardus: " I am kidding...and actually following us is a thing but doing it with Father isn really showing your will to live ...so..."(*approaching the early twenties walc slightly built*)

Elonidas: " so, what? "

Vardus: " I don know why you were sneaking on us, so, willing to explain...?"

Elonidas: " well...huh...I mean ...(*lowering himself to Vardus level by squatting a bit*)I was intrigued by the new one"

Vardus: " huh...Ingus isn a threat, he is our...brother "

Elonidas: " my apologies but what?! It shouldn be possible?!" (*hoping his acting will be taken to serious while knowing already the truth about Ingus*)

Vardus: (*facing now blankly Elonidas*) "so...you know, right? About Ingus?"

Elonidas: " wait what?! I don know him, I..."

Vardus: (*coldly said*) " enough or I will slice your throat"

Elonidas: (*all fur standing and shivering*) "..."

Vardus: " I know you are one of those who dislike outsiders...but please...don tell the others about him..."

Elonidas: " y-you know (*sighing*) look I am sor... "(*interrupted*)

Vardus: " I won tell Father about you, but don say a word about Ingus...I still trust you...don make me think otherwise "

Then Vardus turned back and got away and disappeared behind the corner. Elonidas then sighed and said to himself "oh my...I guess, its just a human anyway..." and activated the gate to the lair and disappeared as it closed after him.

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