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Demons of the fog Origins II: Birth of evil

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Meanwhile, the inhabitants were watching, petrified, the thing right in its white glowing eyes.

Soon they began to scream painfully still standing in front of the thing which was drawing an unhealthy smirk on its face. As the scream of their pain could be heard miles away, their souls were literally ripped of their body. Their souls then got eaten by the thing which began to extend its shadow-like body while moving forward absorbing by the way the dead bodies.

Atharos and Silvi tried to escape but they couldn as the shadow concealed the entire village, they decided to go on the highest hill they could find. Then Atharos used his Nature power to make a small fortress as he was a Traum, a forest guardian spirit. The shadow slowly approached and looked at the construction then opened its jaw all white glowing to scream. A scream so frightening that Silvi almost fainted.

Suddenly from its extensions on the ground, shadow bodies began to get out. It was Terramass once inhabitants, now living dark shadows a bit different in shape as they were taller and more demon-looking.

The main shadow pointed at the fortress, right away all the dark corpses began to run towards it. Atharos used his magic to make vines to lacerate the bodies, while Silvi made a magical bow with Athaross help, then began to throw arrows made of Natures plasma.

Eventhough they sliced or destroyed them, the shadows kept regenerating. Atharos and Silvi looked at each other afraid. Atharos decided to use all of his remaining magic to create a forever-tree, which according to legend was supposed to absorb evil spirits. The wind began to go crazy, trees were cracking due to the pressure, Athaross eyes began to shine intensely with a great green color. As he began his incantation, a green light blinded everyone except himself then a gigantic tree got out from the ground. Its leaves were shining as stars with a smooth green color, the magical aura emanating from it was calm and appeasing. That calm energy transformed into huge blast which was wiping out every one of evil spirits.

Despite it working, the shadow blocked the blast with its dark energy made of Terramass inhabitants rancor. That cost the shadow almost all of its actual energy, but it had still enough to made a Shadow lance. It then threw it on Atharos still in trance. Silvi who was clearly the fastest warrior ever, saw the lance coming and tried to stop it with her Plasma arrows.

Unfortunately the lance was unstoppable, Silvi jumped in Atharos direction to push him aside but the shadow enhanced the lances speed which pierced through Athaross abdomen getting him out of his trance.

The shadow still willing to end them, used his remaining power to create once more Shadow soldiers and ordered them to kill Atharos and his wife.

Atharos was so badly injured that all of its Nature creations slowly disappeared, the only thing remaining was the forever-tree. Without any protection, nor weapons they were doomed.

Atharos was bleeding in Silvis arms.

When everything seemed to be doomed, a bright halo of light descending from the sky protected them from the shadow soldiers, making a barrier around them. They heard a familiar voice which was echoing, it was Dhemi.

Dhemi was sad that his death brought so much pain to his village, to his parents, so he told them " Father, Mother, I am so sorry to see this. I never wanted my gift to be such a burden to you, I should have known, mortals hearts are filled with rancor. I am afraid I can help you forever to get out of this situation. You have to remember my words" while listening to his voice Atharos and Silvi were crying, but they understood his message. They began to sing a lullaby they used to sing to Dhemi since he was born

"hidden in the woods, he was lurking on his prey, Granted by the moon the light showed him the way."

As they were singing, their bodies began to crack while the energy of Dhemi flowed through them and the barrier slowly fading.

"So sleep my dear bud, for evil shall pay. Although the dark path, the forest will guide you. So sleep now my bud for it is the moon."

The shadow began to freak out so it decided to do something unexpected, it tried to absorb the forever-tree.

Meanwhile Atharos and Silvi energys began to glow while their bodies were cracking more and more slowly turning into dust.

"The time has come for love to shine through your heart, let our spirits turn out the veil so you can rest among the stars. From now we are by your side..." With those last words, they closed their eyes while their bodies merged befor causing a bright blinding light followed by a blast so great that it has been seen and heard by all the lands, Granted and humans. The extreme power of the blast turned everything around 50 miles into a huge crater obliterating every thing within the area.

As dust began to fall after the explosion...the unexpected was in the game. The once forever-tree was leaves less. Its energy once pure had disappeared. The silence was Master in this dead desert. Until from the trunk of the tree, cracks began to form. A hole slowly appeared, a dark purple energy was glowing from it. Slowly a hand made of shadow began to get out followed by the rest of the body. It was the shadow. Its powers were now merged to the tree, its powers were now so great that nothing could have stop it. It looked at the sky and laughs loudly in the a deep frightening and echoing tone before saying "silly deities...no one will save your creations". It extended then its arms and its shadow began to grow, covering the entire place where the village was. Then dark shadows began to get out. But this time, they were two more beings among them different from the others, It was Atharos and Silvi bodies but they were shadow-like, their energies were equivalent to thousands of normal dark soldiers. They got called later by the name of the Primoxian the first Dark sentinels and the most powerful of all.

They stayed as the shadow, no, the Darknesss personal Guards.

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