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Demons of the fog Origins I: Terramas

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As soon as the king and Master Irkaan left the palace, Hordward got out of his hideout.

Hordwards POV

("Phiew...I almost died...now its time to get to the library...Never knew I would say that some day, I am sure if Vardus heard me saying that he will get a heart attack") I was thinking with a smirk across my face.


Master Irkaan: " he has grown a lot, he is stronger too,...but hide himself is not one of his good traits..."(*chuckles*)

King: " huh...(*sigh*)"

Inguss POV

I read some interesting stuff about this world that I never knew such as the fact that this world so old that even the those tiny lights Vardus called stars weren shining when it came to be..."fascinating" I whispered. Now I was on a new chapter named the same as the book "Terramas"

Once he heard it, Vardus turned at Ingus in shock.

Vardus: " what?! How can you that far?!"

Uriel who was sitting nearby just look up a bit at Ingus before continuing her reading.

Ingus, too intrigued by the chapter didn bother with his surroundings.

Inguss POV

~Beginning of the flashback story~

This is the story of the Darkness, the legend of Terramas.

Longtime ago, before the reign of the kings, before the war between Granted and humans. There was a village called Terramas, the only place where humans and Granted could live along with each other. At that time, Granted were living on the West and the humans on the North and the East. Terramas was considered as a heresy as it couldn be conceived for humans and Granted to live together. So its inhabitants decided to establish their village on the south, at the edge of the boundaries between humans and Granteds lands.

Terramas was a joyful and peaceful village, its inhabitants did not feel the hunger nor the illness. They all worked in harmony and love. Their chiefs Atharos and his wife Silvy were from each clan, Atharos a Granted and Silvy a human. Together they ruled over the village. They were good leader, kind and empathetic. Eventhough, the world was splitted, there was peace. But one day, the misfortune knocked the village. Dhemi, the only son and child of Atharos and Silvy got sick of an unknown illness, no cure was available nor known. Terramass inhabitants were sad as Dhemi was loved by everyone and was the living proof that Granted and humans can live together. So afraid of the fact that he might die, some of them traveled to humans and Granteds lands.

Unfortunately they didn get any help, their own kind refused to lend a hand pretexting that Terramass inhabitants were not worthy of help. Sad and mortified by such cruelty, they got back at the village with the bad news. A week later, after fighting bravely for his life, Dhemi passed away. He let a last message to his family "I may... be going ...but it is not the ...end, as... long as I am... in your heart I ...will always be there. I ...will give you something ...special, please ...keep it..." Dhemi passed away leaving behind him sadness and sorrow as long as a shining stone left from his body as a magical core.

It is said that Atharos and Silvy kept the stone for it was the Gift of life. It was believed that it was able to grant any wish.

One day, the Terramass villagers decided to ask their chiefs to make the wish of blowing off humans and Granteds lands, but the chiefs didn agree, saying that the Gift of life should only be used for good and by the one pure in soul. Thinking the chiefs were just cowards, Terramass inhabitants decided to steal the Gift of life which was stored in chiefs house. Atharos tried to stop them but was outnumbered and brought down as long as his wife. They stood on the ground watching powerless to the villagers fighting over the Gift.

Once brothers now enemies, they all fought to death until all their mixed blood dropped on the Gift of life once as white as snow now deep dark red. Soon a strange aura could be felt around it.

The remaining inhabitants watched in horror the dead bodies getting absorbed by the dark red glowing stone, crushing their bones, ripping their flesh and spreading their blood before absorbing them while growing bigger.

The carnage stopped. Everyone was froze in fear against the dark orb taking the shape of a body, without any hesitation considering the danger, Atharos broke free and took his wife out of their house at full speed telling her not to watch that thing in the eyes, so did she.

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