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Demons of the fog Worries

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Kings POV

The audience ended. So I got out still upset by all the speculations about Inguss nature.

("Oh Dyriss, what would you have done if you were in my situation...I miss you so much...my love...") I thought as I heard a familiar voice.

It was Master Irkaan. He asked about my actual mood but I cut it off by greeting him joyfully.

Master: " so Ardy, whats the matter?"(*giving a concerned look*)

King: " oh its nothing, really...what about your early arrival?"(*the king said trying to change the conversation*)

Master: " you might be a great king and really talented in everything you do but lying is still not your domain. Just between us your right ear twitches when you lie."

(*chuckling on the last part*)

King: (*a bit embarrassed*)

" ("what?! My ear?!") Can we discuss about it a bit later? I have to attend the first assignation of my youngest general"

Master: " the young Sara?! Im coming with you then, its been a while since I saw her"

King: " Do as you please"

Master Irkaan and the king then began to walk to the outside as the assignation ceremony will be taking place in the town.

Meanwhile, Ingus was reading...

Inguss POV

("Really interesting "). I was reading for 10 minutes now I think.

As I was immersed in the reading, I began to read some important part of the story of this world.

Meanwhile Vardus got up to look around for a new book to read, and Uriel still reading her book while writing something on a piece of paper.

The part I was about to read had the same title as the book "Terramas". ("I wonder what is this") I thought as I got back on reading.

Hordwards POV

I slowly opened my eyes still dizzy after my intense training with Sara. ("That female is gonna make me die before its time for it to be").

I got up and began to walk in the hallway, wondering where Ingus and Vardus might have gone. I knew there was only one place where Vardus likes to go when he is not sleeping ("the library").

So I took the direction of the place and walked as fast as I could, as I was still a bit tired. I mean I summoned a dragon and I won against Sara. ("I am sure Father will be proud of me...this time he sure will").

As I was getting to the library I noticed my father as long as ...("Master Irkaan "). My eyes opened wide and I began to hide myself from them as I didn want Master to see me.

After all I used one of his spell books without his agreement, he did realize it only after his departure I guess. (" if he find me, I am a dead pup") I said to myself while hiding behind a random table while they took another direction from mine which let me in a relieved state.

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