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Hordwards POV

I was heading to the battle room, really annoyed by the present day. I was still wondering how great my afternoon with Ingus at the town will be.

Thinking about it, I remembered that I haven seen Ingus while getting up ("maybe Vardus took him"). I started laughing by the thought of Vardus trying to carry Ingus on his back.

Soon I began to shiver in fear and stopped laughing, as I was feeling the murderous aura of my father coming from the audience room.

It didn last that long, but it was still scary and powerful enough to bring me to my knees with my mouth and eyes wide open almost in tears and my mind turning insane.

I took some time to get up, then I decided to go and look for my father to understand what happened. I reached the door not completely shut.

I pressed my ear against the door to hear the conversation. I heard the counselors saying weird things about a possibility for Ingus to be a Dark sentinel.

("Wait...what?!") I thought really confused. Then I heard father saying that Ingus was not a threat nor he was a Dark sentinel. ("(*sigh*)but still").

He said he won tell Ingus where hes from, apparently he was coming from the Dark void location. (" why...") I got caught by Sara grabbing me by my neck while covering my mouth.

Sara: " young prince, curiosity might be a quality for scientists but in this case, it is inappropriate" (*while putting Hordward on her shoulder and starting to walk away to the battle room*)

Hordward: " seriously Sara?! I wasn eavesdropping...well its not what you think it was"

Sara: (*while putting him back on his feet*) " then what was it? Weren you spying on your father?" (*Crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow*)

Hordward: " didn you felt it? "

Sara: " felt what?"

Hordward: " the ..." (*got interrupted by the same pressure he felt a moment ago*)

Hordward got again on his knees petrified by fear, meanwhile Sara was barely shivering.

It was still possible though to see that she was scared. The intense pressure was brief, when it faded, Sara helped Hordward getting up and took him by the arm and walked away without a word.

Meanwhile, Vardus and Ingus finally reached the library. It was a big room. The walls were made of wood, some big crystals were reflecting sunlight from the window.

The place was looking like a big maze made of bookshelves. Near the entrance, a desk could be found. Some books were on it as long as a machine used for typing texts.

Ingus: " Vardus, this place looks amazing and it is so big, have you read all those books already? Is that even possible?"

Vardus: (*chuckles*) " yes it is possible but I haven done it yet, I only know four persons who read all those, two of them are my parents and the other two are..."(*interrupted by a paw patting his head*)

Inguss POV

I was listening to Vardus, when two persons came in. It was a male and a female wolf. The male one was looking old as his fur was grey as cinder and his posture was a bit curved. The female was younger, surely a teenager.

Her fur was brown, not as Hordwards though as it was lighter. The old one pat Varduss head who turned back to great them. Without giving it a second thought, I got closer to great them too.

Vardus: "Master, it is a pleasure to see you again, I thought you were supposed to be back from your journey in a month or so" (*saying with a bit of confusion*)

Ingus: " Master?!"

Vardus: " oh, yeah sorry...Master, meet Ingus, my brother from now on. Ingus, my master, the one who taught me everything "

Ingus: " I am honored to make your acquaintance " (*while Vardus turned at Ingus impressed by the combination of words he used*)

Master: (*getting at Inguss level to look at him in the eyes*)"the pleasure is mine young prince, Ingus wasn it? You can address me as Master Irkaan or just Master "

Vardus: " Uriel, how was the journey?" (*While wagging his tail*)

Uriel: " interesting! I got something for ya. As I know you

e obsessed with diamonds, I brought you some" (*while taking from her bag some kind of green diamond with a symbol on it*)

Vardus: " a-a Va-Vadahm gem?! These are so hard to find, I needed one to use it as a catalyst for my future invention. How did you get it?" (*amazed by the gem while taking it to look at it closer*)

Uriel: (*taking a proud voice*)" I was fighting a forest Night-dragon. The fight was tough but I..." (*interrupted by the sassy voice of the Master*)

Master: " she fell on it, head first" (*while laughing*)

Uriel: " grandpa, seriously?!" (*Falling into fake tears with her left paw on her face and the right arm extended to the right, doing as a diva*)

Vardus: " how suprising...still have two left foot huh?!(*laugh*)" (*Sassing and laughing at Uriel*)

Master: " so, what are you to up to so soon in the morning?"

Uriel: (*looking at Ingus*) " ( oh my ...humans children are cute, though its the first time I see one...alive at least)" (*thinking as she was looking down in sadness*)

Vardus: " well actually, I wanted to give him a tour, and teach him a bit about this place, its history and stuff. "

Master: " thats nice of you, vardus. How long have you been here, Ingus?"

Ingus: " a day Master"

Master: " okay, well then Ill be on my way. The travel was long, I am exhausted. See you kids around." (*while leaving the library and closing the door*)

Uriel: " wait, wait, wait ... Ingus, right? Hows that possible that you can understand and speak our language?" (*Saying Confused while grabbing Ingus by his shoulders*)

Ingus: " I-I don know,..."

Vardus: " thats intriguing...Ingus can you read too?"

Ingus: " yes, a bit...whys that?"

Uriel: " do you think what I am thinking Vardus?"

Uriel and Vardus: " a Soul-bound learning "

Vardus: " Father surely is the one who did it, as it is his kind of magic"

Ingus: " I remembered that Father placed his paw upon my face then said something that I wasn able to understand, after that I was able to understand and later I found out that I could read too"

Uriel: " thats it"

Vardus: " father must have taught you only basics of our language as you were hurt, maybe he found out that it was not possible to teach you all he knows as you have to be same grade as him for that to be possible. Anyway, I know which book you should read first"(*while taking Ingus and walking through the bookshelves, followed by Uriel*)

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