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Hordwards POV

Hordward: "mother I miss you so much, life is so hard since you left..."

Queen: " I know my son, but you are strong...I don want you to feel sad forever, it doesn suit you" (*while holding Hordward*)

Hordward: " Im ...I-I don Know if I can" (*falling in tears*)

Queen: " but eventhough Im no more here I still watch you from above, your father and your brothers do love you too"

Hordward: " my...wait...you know Ingus?!"

Queen: " haha,...Ive seen him last night when your father brought him here, he looked hurt so...I did something to fix that..." (*smiling*)

Hordward: " wh-what do you mean?"

Wake up...wake up....WAKE UP...HORDWARD!!!

I got awaken from my dreams by someone telling my name.

I opened my eyes to see Im upside down and lifted by the leg held by Sara. ("Oh no...seriously ,now?!...")

Hordward: " morning Sar...I mean Master"

Sara: (*with an annoyed tone and a bored face*)

" morning young prince, its almost time for your training, are you fully awake now?!"(*with a smirk*)

Hordward: " yeah, yeah can you please..."(*got let go by Sara and Fall to the ground in a loud noise*)

Sara: " you

e welcome, now get your things ready and join me in the battle room in 5 minutes. Ill be waiting for you"

Hordward: " ( what a nice day...)" (*said to himself sarcastically*)

Saras POV

I left his room and headed to the battle room. I heard two voices coming from the lunchroom, but I didn bother that much. I met the king on stairs.

Sara: (*bowing*) " My king..."

King: (telling sara to get up)" well, hope you took a good rest, Ill be very busy today so I am afraid I won assist Hords training today but I will be back before you go for your first assignation"(*smiling gently*)

Sara: " it will be an honor your majesty, well I will be on my leave now..."(*excusing herself before continuing to the battle room*)

While Hordward was getting ready, Vardus and Ingus got to Varduss lab.

Ingus: " so, what are you doing exactly here?" (*amazed by the place filled with many desks made of glass on which many inventions could be found. On the only desk made of wood, books were laid.*)

Vardus: " well, without wanting to show off, I am the one who designed and created most of the tools, engines and even more here in the kingdom. For instance, this little thing..." (*while grabbing on the deck a monocle*)

Ingus: " whats that?" (*Looking attentively*)

Vardus: " normal people would think it is a simple monocle, but by adding technology and magic..."

Vardus placed the monocle on his left eye giving him an aristocratic look which made Ingus chuckle.

Then Vardus closed his eyes, and pressed a little button on the side of the monocle. The outer edge of the monocle began to glow with a blue light, some golden symbols began to appear too still on the outer edge.

Vardus opened only his left eye glowing with blue energy. His body was surrounded by some blue aura, the same that appeared around him the last night.

Vardus then took the right hand of Ingus whos still petrified in amazingness at the show.

Vardus: " okay now, watch what it does?"

Varduss right paw which was holding Inguss hand began to glow with blue light on the inner edge.

Vardus then looked at Ingus hand, then looked away on his side. A three dimensional projection of Inguss hand was materialized in front of Vardus.

Vardus rised his left paw to the projection and let go Inguss hand, he began to touch the projected hand which made Ingus to react.

Ingus: " wh-what was that?"

Vardus: " this is the MHPA, the Magical Holographic projector Advanced. My lastest invention. Actually I made it because it happens that I am busy elsewhere than my lab, so with this little treasure I can work on anything wherever I am. It is similar to a space portal concept. Oh the range is limited though by the Magical perception range of the user, mine is 50 miles for now...so impressed?"

Ingus: "...s-sure, I AM" (*With an enthusiastic tone*)

Vardus: (*smiling proudly*)

Ingus: " you

e a awesome, but what is holo..gra...?"

Vardus: " lets head to the library, I am gonna show you everything you have to know there."

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