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Demons of the fog It is an exploit

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Both Vardus and ingus were staring amazed to the fabulous place. Shining with so much positive energy.

Ingus: " did you made all of this by yourself ? "(*astonished*)

Hordward: " yeah sure I did "(*proudly smiling with fists on his tigh*)

Vardus: " you must be kidding me?! Just how long have you been going out to build all this?"

Hordward: " hm... pretty much every day since my ninth anniversary. Believe it or not, it wasn as difficult as you may think it was..."

Vardus: (*looking away while crossing his arms*) " surely when it is about you, nothing seems impossible. You

e a mystery to existence! "

Ingus: " so you built that hut up there alone, but how ? "

Hordward: " yep, I learned it from a book Ive borrowed in the library, that hut is pretty much the thing that is taking me so long "

Ingus: " wait, are you saying that it isn finish yet ? But it looks already so cool... I really wanted to go up there ... thats boring!"(*disappointed*)

Vardus: " the real thing is, I mean the true surprise is that youve got to the library and you read a book, ... have you bumped yourself or something ? "

Hordward: " haha, I know you might find it surprising but yes I got to the library, more often than you think I did, smartass. "

Ingus: " and the lake, has it always been here or ..."

Vardus: " no way..." (*confused*)

Hordward: " that small lake? I brought it here "(*shrugging as of it was no big deal*)

Vardus: " Hord, what do you mean by rought it here ?"(*Giving a scared and confused look to Hordward who is smiling proudly*)

Hordward: " do you know about irrigation? "

Vardus: " wait, you aren telling me that ..."

Hordward: (*laughing*) " yes, I did !" (*Proudly smiling with closed eyes and hands on his hips*)

Vardus: " wh-what?! But it is impossible..." (*so confused that he is putting his hand on his head try to comprehend how unbelievable Hordwards sayings are*)

Ingus: " Vardus, you look astonished... why are you overreacting ? I may not know what irrigation is, but I do know that if Hordward managed to build a hut so great alone and in a tree, surely that irrigation stuff hadn be as hard as well for him, don you agree?"

Vardus: (*getting completley mad*) "Ingus,... you don seem to understand! Irrigation itself is not the real matter, the problem is how he did it, to irrigate you need a water point...but the closest is ... 2 miles away... so I am confused by the fact that a nine year old managed to do that...alone!"

Hordward: " if it can ease a little bit your mind, I haven done this at 9 but at 11..."

Vardus: " and...you think that changes anything?!" (*Completley disturbed by all this*)

Ingus: " Hordward, I think Vardus is going to have a heart attack..." (*while looking at Vardus with a worrying look*)

Hordward: " huh no. he is just fine, for me he is as usual " (*laughing*)

Vardus: " (*thinking loudly*) no it can be...a hut, ok?! Maybe? But a lake?! Haha it is impossible?! Im not crazy,right? Hahaha"

Ingus: (*now staring with fear at Vardus who is completley mind broken*) " huh...Im not really sure he is as fine as you think he is..."

Hordward: " hm..."

Hordward gently placed Ingus on the ground before going to the lake just few steps away.

Ingus: " Hord, what are you doing?"

Vardus: (*still in dementia*) " haha! Science is clear about that, it is impossible! But vardus there is magic in this world...yes but Hord is still a novice, he can create a lake?!..."

Hordward: " Ingus, Im going to wash his mind off "

Ingus: " ("wash his mind off ?! What did he meant?") "

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