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Chapter 52

That’s because it uses the same energy.

‘By the way, I’ve heard that people who don’t know how to use energy take quite a while to learn how to use artifacts.’

Aria was surprised inside, but she kept a calm expression on her face.

– I don’t think so


Lloyd stroked his chin and concluded lightly.

“You must be a natural.”

He was also a genius, and there were many talented people around him, so he seemed to take it lightly.

Rather, William, who was officiating, looked at her with a new look of surprise.

“Now, throw away your worn-out bag.”

Every time he looked at the bag before, he looked at it as if he wanted to burn it.

It seems that the purpose of the special creation of the wedding ring as an artifact was to throw away the worn-out bag.

‘Deep Blue Diamond Artifact.’

How much would it have cost Aria had a lot of knowledge in this area, so it seemed like she could get a rough estimate.

She was afraid to think deeply, so she stopped.


– But you said this was only for Lloyd.

Only those who exchanged rings would be able to send and receive telepathy.

Using magic stones allows you to use a wider range of magic, but.

There was a limit to the magic that could be contained if used.

– How do I communicate with other people if you take away my bag

Then Lloyd raised his head up and brazenly responded.

“What’s the point of making others know”


She wondered if this ring was intentionally made with a gem rather than a magic stone.

While Aria was silent for a moment, William read the Marriage Proclamation.

“The kiss of the oath…”

Aria and Lloyd looked at William at the same time.

He belatedly realized it in the middle of the wedding.

“What of the oath”

“Hmmhmm, excuse me.”

The butler declared again, realizing that he had not taken into account the age of the young bride and groom.

“Then the smooch of the oath”

It ended in a question form.


“Just skip it.”

Lloyd coldly ordered.

Then the butler coughed again and made the final declaration.

“Therefore, the officiant solemnly declares that this marriage has been completed smoothly.”

The guests, who had only rolled their eyes in the bloody atmosphere, got up and clapped as if they had waited.


“You have to carry out the first night.”

She heard something unexpected.

“Are you crazy Are you a beast”

Lloyd was furious.

The boy didn’t seem to have received the words well.

Aria felt her head ache.

“The Grand Prince’s expression is a little… You only need to use one room.

Only for one day.”

The employees, sweating, pushed Lloyd into the room.

It looked as if they were trying to rush in all at once using the tools they had to put the wild beast inside the cage.

‘Maybe they didn’t tell him in advance because they assumed it was going to be like this.’

They’re not planning on having anything unscrupulous about young children, so this is just a simple precedent.

Aria quickly calmed down.

‘It’s just sleeping in the same room.’

Is it something to be so angry about Aria also thought she couldn’t understand the sensibility of the delicate adolescent boy.

‘I’ll have to look around the room.’

She looked around, leaving Lloyd, who raised his voice, and the bewildered employees.

It was so bleak that she couldn’t believe it was the Grand Prince’s room.

‘Rather, the guest room I’m staying in would be more glamorous.’

The person’s life was bound to be buried in the room to some extent.

Aria remembered Sabina looking at Lloyd and clicking her tongue that he only knew work, training, and studies.

The boy’s regular and monotonous life was melted in this room.


Then, the door closed with a heavy sound.


Lloyd let out a sigh full of irritation.

“I sleep on the sofa.

You sleep on the bed.”

– Why Don’t we sleep together

“…you want to sleep together”

– No, that….

Aria stopped sending a message to him, but she looked down at the bed.

It was large enough for ten people to lay side by side and roll around.

‘If this is enough, even if you have a bad sleeping habit, you won’t be able to touch even a single hair’

There is no need to leave the bed in good condition and sleep on the sofa inconveniently.

– Why are you so shy


It was a natural question for Aria, but Lloyd seemed stunned by her words.

“Ha, fine.

Against a child who doesn’t know anything…”

That’s not it.

‘What kind of life have I been living’

According to her memories of living in the heights of decadence and pleasure, Aria was acquiring all her knowledge there.

‘Inexperience is common.’

Even though it was the first day after her marriage, she wasn’t nervous at all.

They’re just kids, but what was that tension for They can have a pillow fight or something.

Then suddenly, Aria had a playfulness that she did not even know she had.

– What is the first night

She asked innocently, blinking her big eyes.

Lloyd lost his words as she tilted her head as if she knew nothing.

“…have you ever received sex education”

Lloyd said as she had asked himself first and had already come to a conclusion.

Considering Aria’s background of growing up, she could not have received a proper sex education.

“There is such a thing.

It hurts.”

Something feels strange.

– Hurts

“Hmm, death.”

Lloyd would be the only one who could explain the first night like that.

But she didn’t think he didn’t seem to be saying anything because he was too lazy to explain.

‘I think he’s serious.’

Aria saw a light of contempt in the boy’s black eyes.

“You need to know, so I’ll tell you in advance.”

He sighed and continued.

“Anyone who mixes their body with Valentine’s direct blood will be entangled in a curse, fall ill and die.”

After Lloyd’s very brief explanation, she paused.

There was no way a ten-year-old child knew what it meant to mix bodies.

He muttered to himself, stroking the nape of his neck with his palm.

“What should I do with a kid who doesn’t know anything…”

She could have guessed it roughly when she saw the wives of the predecessor Grand Dukes all died after giving birth to children.

‘Is that the cause’

On the other hand, Aria, who immediately understood Lloyd’s meaning, was silent.

Considering her current age, she doesn’t think she should pretend to know, she just pretended not to know.

‘Huh Wait a minute.’

Aria realized it late.

Come to think of it, her marital relationship was not simply a relationship that led to the bond of family.

‘So now, even if I kiss Lloyd, it should be okay”

It means that even if they are still young, they are a couple so it is legally permitted.

Aria had never thought about it that way, and her mind went blank.

“Anyway, don’t worry about it.

I won’t even touch you when you’re an adult.”

Although she knew that the words that followed immediately were just a useless worry.

‘Mixing a body with a direct Valentine’s blood exposes the body to the devil’s malice, and eventually becomes corrupted.’

So you get sick and you die.

Aria seemed to understand why Lloyd looked like that.

She seemed to know why he hated Grand Duke Valentine.

‘A curse that kills one’s companion, perhaps the one they love the most….’

Did Grand Duke Valentine love Sabina Did Sabina love Grand Duke Valentine

Did they end up falling in love with each other

‘If that’s the case, could there be a more cruel curse in the world’

Aria stared at Lloyd without a word.

‘Have he ever thought that it would have been better if he had not been born”

If Aria had come to the Grand Duchy a little later, Sabina would have already passed away.

It was hopeless.

‘Lloyd must have been preparing for her passing while rotting inside, nursing her every day.’

Lloyd seemed to think that his own life had been earned in exchange for his mother’s life.

‘I’m sure of that.’

Aria looked around Lloyd’s room again.

There were no hobbies that boys would normally have.

‘There are only minimal supplies.’

It was like a quiet grave.

It was like the room of a penitent sinner.

‘Why are you making atonement What’s wrong with you’

Her stomach has been getting stuffy.

Aria bit her lip, thinking she might cry.

‘Because if Sabina died, she saw firsthand what kind of life Lloyd would choose and what future he would face.’

So, it hurt her even more.

“So, don’t be curious about useless things and go to sleep.”

The boy said so, then lifted her up and put her down on the bed.

Aria didn’t feel like teasing him anymore, so she nodded her head quietly.

– You know, Lloyd.


– Thank you for being born.

I’ll make sure you’re happy

“……Where did you learn those words”

Lloyd’s face frowned at the typical proposal line.


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