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Its warm.

Aria thought stroking someones head was just a simple action, but it was surprisingly soothing.

‘I guess this is why the hounds kept pestering the Grand Duke to pet them.

Aria stared at Dianas hand, her eyes brightened with each stroke.

“Do you mind if I stroke you from time to time” Diana asked.

Aria held out a [No.] card to her.

But she kept glancing at Dianas hand brimming with anticipation and hope, so the maid couldnt help but laugh at her innocence.

“Why were you leaning against the window”

[The flowers outside are beautiful.]

Aria pointed towards the window with a quill in her hand.

The garden was adorned with garlands of the most vibrant blooms.

[I can see the flowers.

I like them]

Count Cortez used to trap her in the mansions attic.

So all she could do was gaze out the window and admire the beautiful scenery.

It might seem boring and useless to others, but to Aria, the flowers symbolized her hope to survive.

“I see, so the young miss fancies flowers,” she smiled.

“Well, there are a lot of rare plants here in the mansion…”

‘Rare plants…

Aria spent most of her life in confinement.

So when she heard the phraserare plants, she couldnt resist feeling curious.

Aria peered at Diana with gleaming eyes.

“O-oh! If you stare at me so imploringly…” Diana exaggerated.

‘I just stared at her with puppy-dog-eyes but she looks as if shes just been attacked.

“Its raining right now, but would you like to get acquainted with the garden”

Aria nodded.

“Alright! Well dress you up with the outfits you brought from home,” Diana said as she ordered the maids to bring Arias luggage.

The luggage was sent by the House of Cortez.

“Which one of these cute dresses do you usually wear”

All the dresses were actually brand new.

The clothes Aria usually wore… were rags.

‘But I cant just tell her that…

She hesitated for a moment, but decided to answer honestly.

[I havent worn any of these.

My father bought them for me before we came here.]

Dianas expression darkened.

“…Upon taking a closer look, these dresses are hideous!”

‘Huh Didnt she just say they were cute

“The fabric and design used are of poor quality! Its unacceptable! The Lady of Valentine should wear no such thing!”


Diana made it seem as if the Count was a cheapskate who could only buy his daughter hand-me-down rags.

“Call the other maids.

Well be taking the Young Miss measurements,” she instructed.

‘Arent we just going to the garden Why do they have to take my measurements

Aria wondered if shed even have the time to go outside…

“Well finish this in an hour.

Bring me a dress, a silk hat, and a lace umbrella!”

‘Huh… maybe it is possible.

Aria stood absent-mindedly, everything went by so fast that she could not grasp the situation at hand.

Then, the maids gathered together and began to discuss the dress shell be wearing.

One of the maids spoke in a very serious tone, “How about this dress Its paired with a cloak so I think its fine for this weather, and she could wear these boots too.”

The outfits were stunning, they could even satirize those worn by the Imperial Family.

Moreover, the detailed linings and the decorations were on a different level.

‘Now I know why they mocked the Counts dresses.

The difference between her dresses and the Valentines were like heaven and earth.

Aria was fascinated by the gorgeous and appealing dresses.

But what shes most fond of was the sky blue umbrella with delicate white lace on its rims.


I got this tiny umbrella.

She often imagined the sound of raindrops hitting an umbrella to calm down and relax herself.

She couldnt wait to listen to it in actuality.

“Ah,” Diana remembered something while glancing at Aria.

“The mask youre wearing looked uncomfortable, so I made this in a hurry.”

Diana held out a mask.

The mask was made with soft silk, and the inside was stuffed with cotton.

‘Fluffy, but…

It had rabbit ears.

‘What on earth

Aria glared at Diana in protest, but Diana just chuckled.

“Rabbits are very friendly.

This way, you wont be scared at night!” She grinned, “Our baby wont have any more nightmares!”

[I am not a baby.]

Aria pouted.

“Ho-ho! Of course, youre not a baby.

Young miss is already grown up! How silly of me to make such a mistake!”

Aria tensed up.

Diana was the first person to have ever treated her so kindly.

‘It tickles.

Aria had butterflies in her stomach.

Diana had shown her so much love and care.

While she wasnt used to it, Aria was still grateful.

Diana worked hard on the mask, so Aria had no choice but to accept it.

‘The Grand Duke too, has never asked me to take off my mask.

He didnt ask nor did he forcibly take it away.

Aria couldve tricked him about being the Counts daughter, but he didnt doubt her even a single bit.

‘Maybe hes trying to test me… Treating someone with kindness is one way to assess someones true nature.

Aria needed to regain her senses.

She had to prove herself as worthy and had to be as vigilant as possible.

‘Alright, lets do this.

Aria turned her back and changed into her new rabbit mask.

Diana, as playful as she was, started poking her cheeks and spoke, “Ho-ho! Youve been hiding such a pretty appearance behind that mask!”

She wore that mask for only 10 seconds.

Embarrassed, Aria puffed her cheeks and stepped back.

“Aw, stop that! Ill get diabetes from your sweetness!” Diana gave a quirky laugh.

She then handed Aria a mug.

Yesterday, Aria could not drink her cocoa because the mask covered her mouth.

“Its a cold day, so drink this and warm up.”

She brought the cup to her lips, and felt the cocoas warmth inside her mouth.


It was delicious, like nothing shed ever had.

Sweets usually made her feel nauseous.

She had even vomited once after nibbling on a piece of chocolate.

But this was different.

It had a rich taste which enveloped her tongue before flowing down her throat and heating up her insides.

‘I dont feel queasy.

Her heart pounded.

Themelon-like, soft, white clouds that floated on the cocoa had a distinct taste and instantly melted in her mouth.

Diana felt genuinely happy as she watched Aria enjoying the cocoa.

“Does it suit your taste

Aria thought she had no appetite since she always throws up her food, but she unexpectedly liked this.

She wiped the whipped cream on her upper lip with the back of her hand.

[Melon is delicious.]

“…Young Miss is far too adorable.”

‘M-me Cute

Suddenly, Diana raised her hand.

‘Is she going to stroke me again

Aria froze like a nervous rabbit, but at the same time, she anticipated being stroked again.

But before Dianas hand could reach her…


The door burst open, and a concerned maid urgently stepped in..

“Head maid! We have a problem!”

* * *

Aria toured the garden alone.

“Were in trouble! The madame is in critical condition!”

Because of the sudden deterioration of the madames health, all of the servants, including Diana, immediately headed to the Grand Duchess aid.

Every single one of them.

“You can take care of yourself, right Promise me youll come back to your room after looking at the flowers.” Diana worried.

Aria nodded and gently pushed her back, as if telling her to just hurry to the Grand Duchess room.

A moment later, the sky became dark, and the rain poured even harder.

Aria stared at the mansion, listening to the rhythmatic pitter-patter of the raindrops hitting her umbrella.

She was quite worried.

‘The Grand Duchess shouldnt die yet, but…

Aria thought that stopping her death could be the first step in avoiding the Massacre of the Valentines.

‘Diana had said that Lloyd was taking care of his mother.

He loved his mother deeply, and he struggled with his loss more than anyone else.

‘Just like me…

She unconsciously clutched her necklace and strolled back to the mansion.

‘The top floor of the mansion.

There was only one room with the lights on.

The servants shadows in the hallways could be seen throughout the storey.

That must be the Grand Duchess bedroom.

Aria found her location.

‘It wont be easy to get permission to enter the bedroom.

No matter how much the Grand Duke liked her.

Aria was still an outsider.

Furthermore, the security was strict.

Clip clop…


‘The sound of footsteps!

The approaching footsteps stomped over the wet grass, and as she turned to run away, she was already caught.

“You! What are you doing here”


He had a deep voice.

“I repeat, what are you doing sneaking around here like a rat”

He saw the shock plastered on Arias face before she could even hide it.

He knitted his eyebrows.

Suddenly, he drew out his sword and pressed it against Arias neck.

She raised her head and gazed at the wielder.

“Reveal your intentions.”

He stood there, uniformed in a cutting-edge attire which enhanced his dignified figure, clearly designed by great tailors.

Droplets of water dampened his jet-black-hair.

His eyes were dark, like two obsidian orbs and his lethal gaze seemed to pierce her.

‘Lloyd Cardence Valentine…

He was stunning, like those characters in fantasy novels.

His beauty was stupefying and surreal, unlike any other.

He was an Adonis among the other males.

‘I knew he was beautiful…

His eyes reminded her of smokey ashes rising from a passionate fire.

They were intense, reflecting the flame burning deep within his heart.

‘He wasnt this mad in the beginning.

Aria did not like this situation.

She was just actually hoping to meet someone who wouldnt be addicted to her singing.

But strangely…

‘Im rather glad.

What he held was not a sword dripping in blood.

It was a white, shiny sword, mirroring the moonlight and fit for a noble.

Arias neck began to ache.

The boy growled, “Spit it out! Unless you want your head rolling in the mud.”


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