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Chapter 178

‘What’s wrong with him’

Anyway, it ended up being a good thing.

Aria thought she had to bring this good news to Lloyd.


And she realized later.

It was only now that she realized why Cuirre was flustered.

‘Does it mean that the physical contact may have to be more than I imagined…… ’

Cuirre would have told her from the beginning if the warming up was just about holding hands and hugging.

‘There would be no reason to be so ambiguous.’

Aria stopped walking.

Well, so…….

‘The doctor was so embarrassed that he couldn’t speak properly…….’

That means……she has to do something.

Can she interpret it that way

Is it a guess An over interpretation

‘I don’t think so…….’

Aria couldn’t get to Lloyd in the end and wandered around the same spot.

She had actually thought that she would like to kiss him once before she died.

But before she reached that, she began to have negative thoughts.

‘He didn’t want this.’

She remembered the first night with Lloyd.

The boy at that time sternly scolded her that if she slept with the direct descendants, she would get sick and die.

He hated his father extremely for exposing his mother to a curse.

To kill a loved one because they needed a body to contain God’s malice, and was disillusioned with Valentine’s fate to continue the descendants from generation to generation.

‘But what’s the difference from Valentine’s Curse if he was forced to do it…… ‘

She thought so.

‘Lloyd said he wanted to give me a choice after I became an adult.’

Of course Aria had intended to choose Lloyd.

She couldn’t have chosen something else.


‘Would Lloyd think that I had no choice but to choose him so I wouldn’t die.’

Because of the unavoidable circumstances, it would appear that she had chosen him by force.

Just like Valentine’s fate, who had to pass on their descendants from generation to generation.

‘It’s not like that at all.’

No matter how fine she was, she felt guilty.

Aria clenched her lips for a moment then thought.

It would be better to postpone it until after the coming-of-age ceremony.

“Is everything alright”

Aria was startled by Lloyd’s question.

Then he stared at her with puzzled eyes.

It was because she overreacted to his question that he only threw lightly.

“I was just asking if everything was alright at the auction.”


Aria muffled her lips and nodded her head.

Because of Cuirre’s sudden words, the auction incident was completely forgotten for a moment.

She hesitated for a moment, even when she was about to reply that nothing had happened.

Because she remembered that moment she suddenly met Gabriel at the auction house.

‘It was the same as the previous life.’

Perhaps the only future Aria could not change was Gabriel.

In the first place, she had no intention of bringing him to her side or changing his thinking.

She just thought they would stay acquainted enough to get a little help if she ran into him in the future.

‘But, would it have been different if I had listened to his concerns more actively, kicked out Saint Veronica, and started showing affection for him’

When she was reunited with Gabriel after five years, the first thought that Aria had was regret.

She regretted that, as human-to-human, she had overlooked his misfortune.

‘But how can I arbitrarily judge his life as being unhappy’

Although she soon came to her senses that she shouldn’t regret it.

She was not God.

It was Gabriel’s choice that he sided with Garcia.

Aria had no intention of criticizing his choice.

‘There’s none…….’

The memory of the day Gabriel told her to run away to Garcia together crossed her mind.

Gabriel was blindly trusting Garcia, making it impossible for her to reverse his thoughts.

But, it actually wasn’t.

It wasn’t impossible.

In fact, she hadn’t even thought of caring for Gabriel so deeply.

‘Maybe it wasn’t the last chance to get him out of Garcia.’

From the first time she saw him, she felt that.

‘He’s like pure white paper that gets dyed with the surrounding colors.’

Even if she didn’t aim to get a little help from him in the first place, but rather pulled him to her side and wanted to get him out of Garcia.

Then she might have been able to stop him from committing slaughter to such an extent that even his beliefs were tarnished.

At least, if Gabriel, who had lost his saint’s spiritual support, reached out to her, she wouldn’t have turned away…….

‘It’s just a meaningless thought now.’

It was that kind of feeling.

Aria said, brushing her thoughts away.


There was nothing special.”

“I’ve heard that you bumped into something dangerous on your own….”

“Ah, I met the Pope’s subordinate, but Sir Cloud took care of him and defeated him.”

“You were lucky everything went without problems.”


“I had a realization that it was dangerous enough that you had to be lucky.”


The question was strange.

Aria lifted her head and looked up at Lloyd.

He clenched his chin, staring intently at Aria.

“I’m getting angry now.”

Lloyd is angry at her.

“I only wish for one thing.

That you don’t get into dangerous things on your own.

You don’t even want to do my only wish, and you don’t want me to get angry”

Lloyd said coldly as if he was really angry.

The cold expression on his face was unfamiliar.

Aria looked into his eyes and made excuses in mumbles.

“Thanks to that, I found a secret to increase my lifespan…”


Aria was overly lucky.

Of course, her knowledge of the future also contributed to that luck.

She was lucky.

At least in this lifetime.

‘So you’re going to jump into something reckless.’

Still, the results are good.

Lloyd knew how to stop her recklessness.

Very effectively.

Lloyd’s eyes gleamed eerily for an instant, then hid it within his eyelids.

Aria, who looked at him, puzzled for a moment, said.

“Can you not be angry”

It was a sad, shaky voice.

The drooping eyebrows were expressing her upset feelings.

“You don’t like me getting angry”


“Then don’t do that again.”


Well, I’m soft.

Lloyd sighed deeply.

Actually, this time he wanted to be angry, but he couldn’t be angry.

As Aria said, there was finally hope to save her.

“So, how far has the secret magic progressed I heard that the doctor has delivered a message to you.”

“Um… it was.”

There was a reason Cuirre secretly spoke to Aria, then jumped out.

Knowing that Lloyd was sensitive to her problem, he passed it on to her instead.

‘I can’t even say it either…….’

Aria later decided that she would meet Cuirre separately and interrogate him.

“Research shows that you can definitely consume the ice flower if you use that technique.”

Lloyd then looked visibly relieved.

“It’s an urgent situation.

Can we start right now”

“It’s going to be difficult right now…”


“I know the future, but my life is very different from my last life.

I’m a lot healthier too.

So I’m not going to die right away as an adult.”

“I don’t know what you want to say.”

“Can’t we postpone the treatment until after my coming-of-age ceremony…”

Lloyd looked like he didn’t understand at all.

Aria swallowed a sigh and added some explanation.

“Actually, I’m a little anxious.

I don’t know what will happen while receiving treatment…”

It wasn’t the biggest reason, but it was also the reason why she couldn’t get the treatment right now.

Although Cuirre said that Lloyd had a strong yang, she would somehow be able to do it.

‘There’s no guarantee it’ll work 100 percent.

It’s a terrifying technique that can freeze a healthy person to death.’

Then Lloyd’s expression hardened.

“You mean that it may not be possible to guarantee your life.”


If she doesn’t continue physical contact until her body warms up, she’ll freeze to death.

According to Cuirre, that’s it.

“It’s a dangerous way.”

It’s like giving her life completely to Lloyd.

If anything goes wrong…….

‘Lloyd’s going to have to carry the guilt for the rest of his life.’

She didn’t want to imagine that.

“I’ll have to find another way.”

“If possible.”

Until the day of the coming-of-age ceremony, she will try to find a way, and if there is still no way…….

‘To be honest…… I guess I should.’

Aria got nervous, took a gulp and glanced at Lloyd.

Maybe they need some mental preparation or practice in advance.

If they do it all of a sudden, it’ll be very nerve wracking.


With a serious look, he looked at her again.

He looked like he would listen to any unreasonable request.

Aria asked casually.

“Would you like to kiss me”

It was a proposal similar to the one she had unintentionally thrown one day five years ago.

But she was convinced that somehow Lloyd would give a different reaction now.


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