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Chapter 160

Cardinal Andrea.

He took over all of Veronica’s experiments and became the Chief.

The Pope gave him an important mission.

“I can’t delay any longer.

We have something to keep God’s feelings from the corruption somehow.”


I will try to succeed no matter what for Garcia’s eternal prosperity.”

The Cardinal went straight to the Kingdom of Bruto to fulfill his responsibilities.

The Kingdom of Bruto, which had already become Garcia’s vassal state a long time ago, took the Cardinal respectfully and guided him to the lab.

The head of the lab with a vile impression and the paladins who escorted and watched him followed.

“Let’s proceed as originally planned.

The Holy Father has commanded that.”

“To proceed as originally planned…”

“Are you pretending to hear it for the first time now The plan to bury subjects in Valentine’s estate.”

Hearing the Cardinal’s blatant expression, the head of the lab somehow broke out in a cold sweat.

“How was the experiment with injecting Shadra into the subject”

“It failed, as the Cardinal had expected from the beginning…”

“Never mind.

I had no expectations of it.”

He moved quickly, waving his hand.

The head of the lab followed after the Cardinal, wiping away the sweat.

“Well, by the way, Cardinal.

May I ask where the Shadra came from”

“Hmm, I’m sure there must have been an order to zip up any questions about Shadra.”

“But, but, it’s a more fatally dangerous substance than anything I’ve seen in my life…”

At that moment, an extremely contemptuous gaze fell on the head of the lab.

It was because the Cardinal, who had stood on the spot, was staring at him to not speak anymore.

“Oh, nothing.”


The Cardinal, clicking his tongue lightly, stepped forward again.


In fact, the substance called Shadra is a fragmented God’s feeling.

Among them, no one in the lab knew that it was God’s goodwill.

Because it was the top secret among the top secrets.

The researchers simply infused Shadra according to Garcia’s orders for various situations.

However, the hundreds of subjects injected with Shadra were contaminated and died without exception.

The whole body rotted and melted.

“How about the children”

The children the Cardinal was talking about wass the Class A children from the Orphanage of St.


Then the head of the lab looked desperate with a look saying, ‘It’s finally here.’.

“It was injected into the body, but it wasn’t absorbed, and it didn’t completely break down like the other subjects.

They just held it in.”

The result of the experiment was ‘as expected’.

To inject a part of God into the human body.

Does it even make sense If such a thing was possible, why would Valentine’s tyranny be left unattended

‘We must take God’s malice and make it Garcia’s.’

The Cardinal was convinced.

Veronica must have been a paranoid dreamer too.

“The experiment will be a no-brainer.

Discard all results.”

“What Bu, but…”

“Hmm, it looks like there’s something more.”

“That’s because the Shadra injected into the children was not recovered…”

What The astonished Cardinal paused on the spot again.

“What do you mean”

“As long as it has been injected, it can only be recovered when the specimen is destroyed…”

Class A children’s bodies do not melt right away, because they are chimeras whose body is all made up of divine power.

But they didn’t absorb it, so it had no effect.

“What should we do”

When the head of the lab asked, sweating in a flood, the Cardinal answered.

“I can’t help it.

Put it into operation.”

He had no choice even though the Class A children were a disappointment.

They must stop the corruption of God’s feelings right now.

If the corruption was not stopped, the divine power would gradually weaken, and Garcia’s power would also weaken by that much.

“But it’s too dangerous!”

“The head of the lab, who is only in name, is saying something new.”

The Cardinal waved his hand as if he wasn’t even worth listening to, and said.

“The energy amplification device is probably being developed as scheduled.”

“Yes, of course.

It’s still in the testing stage…”

“Go ahead.”


“We don’t have time to do tests like that.

It’s too late to waste time on useless things.”


“If you say ‘but’ one more time, I will deprive you of the position of the head of the lab and hold you accountable with your life.”

At present, the Cardinal’s words who carried the Pope’s mission became the law of the lab.

The head of the lab, who had only flapped his lips, had no choice but to nod his head countless times.

Gabriel was ordered to return, a year early.

It was a sudden call.

“Well, whatever.”

Tristan reacted indifferently.

In fact, his reaction was more, ‘Is there such a thing’.

“Actually, wasn’t he not needed since the moment my daughter joined our family”

‘Oh, come to think of it, Gabriel was there on Valentine in the name of purification……’

Aria remembered late.

It was because she now knew that purifying Valentine’s malice had nothing to do with divine power.

“But thanks to that, I’ve gotten a little stronger.”

There was a little twist with Gabriel, but Aria tried to understand him for the better.

If he goes back this time, it will really be the last time.

“Grand Princess, one last time.”


Gabriel, who had reached out his hand, untied the necklace from Aria’s neck.

No, he was trying to untie it.

“Oh, sorry.”

However, when his hand stretched out behind her neck and looked as if he was asking her for a hug, he felt even more embarrassed.

‘It’s the same as when he was young.’

Blushing red over something that doesn’t matter.

It’s kind of funny that he’s still the same person as when he was young, even though he’s big enough to be doubtful that he’s the same person.


Aria let out a deflated laugh.

“What are you so nervous about”

Still, he has been kind to her, and she wanted to spend the last time in a good way.

Aria untied the necklace and handed it to Gabriel.

“……thank you.”

“What are you thanking for”

“For coming to see me off today…”

All around them were the horse, coachman and carriage Gabriel was about to ride.

However, he has been here for 4 years.

It could have been a very sad moment.

In fact, since he’s the enemy, it’s only obvious that no one sees him off.

‘You, too, had a lot of trouble in this small enemy area.’

Next time they meet, they will probably be enemies.

Aria looked up at him without saying a word.

Somehow, it felt like a mixture of emotions.

“I have something to ask you.”

“Yes, say anything.

At any cost…”

What was he talking about Aria smiled softly to Gabriel, who was reacting more rigidly than expected.

“Please grant my wish just once.

Not now, but if we meet again someday in the future.”

It was as if she had no doubt that one day they would meet again.

Gabriel’s face, which had been quiet for some reason, brightened.

“Of course.”

“No matter what situation we are in then.”

“I will.”


Gabriel held the necklace in his hand with determination, as if handing over a token of promise.

The light of the sun shattered into tens of millions of rays as white and transparent as snow.

More brilliantly than ever.

It’s like a knight who swears allegiance to his master and recites a prayer on the day of the oath ceremony.

“Lady Aria, I will never forget and remember you forever.”

He spoke her name for the first time in his mouth.

Lloyd wasn’t in a good mood.

Because tomorrow is the day he will inherit all of Valentine’s curses.

‘Fortunately, there has been no more body transformation since I grew up.’

If his body hurts, that’s okay.

However, it was more difficult for him to gather his mind so as not to assimilate into God’s malice.


Lloyd looked down casually at his forearms, which was dripping with blood.

He thought the body transformation would never happen.

Even though his body is this big, it seems like there was still a place to.


He stopped what he was doing, wrapped his arms around with bandages roughly, and pulled the curtains of his office.

And, he saw it.

Aria with the Garcia apprentice.

‘How kind.’

Looks like she was seeing him off.


He set aside all the papers he was handling and went out.

Pretending to put divine power into the necklace, a finger gently brushed against her.

A necklace that remains as the last token.

A gentle smile and…….

“Lady Aria, I will never forget and remember you forever.”

He was convinced from the first time he saw Gabriel.

It would be like this

Still, he left it alone because he knew Gabriel wouldn’t be such a threat.

‘I know that.’

He wanted to get the knight in the carriage right away and crush his finger that touched Aria’s hand.

He wanted to cut off his tongue.

He wanted to break his neck altogether.

“Oh, Lloyd.”

One of those things he might have done if Aria hadn’t smiled brightly when she saw him.

Lloyd withdrew his cruel urge that had been rising endlessly and stretched out his hand to her.


“Giving things away… he’s flirting with you…”


“No, nothing.”

Then he squeezed the hand that Gabriel’s fingertips had touched.

As if erasing the traces and engraving it with Lloyd’s own warmth.


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