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Gabriel said, perplexed.

“I’m sorry if it seemed that way.”

– I’m complimenting Sir Knight right now.

Veronica said, tilting her head in remorse.

– You said you were going to change the world with a weak body that’s not even a match to a back alley bully.

She wasn’t really mocking him.

Veronica praised Gabriel in this respect.

– I was very impressed with Sir Knight.

That’s right, nothing is impossible in the world.

Even if you were born with nothing, God will reward you if you earnestly hope and work hard.

Just like Sir Knight’s divine power.

She smiled brightly as she said that.

“…That’s too much.”

Gabriel looked away for a moment and muttered.

He still lacked the talent for skillfully receiving compliments.

“The words that the Saint said to me at that time also gave me a lot of strength.

No, this might be a lot of pressure, but beyond being a source of strength, they changed my world.”

And frankly, he confessed how he felt at that time.

“Sir Knight is not wrong, absolutely.”


“So, don’t doubt the path Sir Knight is walking.”

The words Veronica said at that time meant a lot to him.

It was the word he had been waiting for all his life.

– Come to think of it, you said that there was a lifesaver in the Grand Duchy in the past.

Veronica added, as if just remembering it.

– At the time, I couldn’t ask properly, is the person the Grand Princess

The sudden and unannounced stabbing made him startled.

Gabriel was silent for a moment, then shrugged and tried to deny the fact.

“About that…”

– It’s not

Veronica showed a kind smile as if she had already seen everything.

Gabriel realized that escaping from here would be of no use.

He sighed and asked back instead,

“How did you know that”

– I just knew it.

In fact, besides that, there was something Veronica had just found out.

‘As expected, the card must have been written by the Grand Princess.’

It was also the Grand Princess who rescued the dog and brought him to the front of the Papal Palace.

‘Hmm, if he hasn’t noticed about the card until now, does that mean that the Grand Princess has no intention of telling him’

If he sees the card she left behind, she would have been able to do enough.

‘It looks like they’ve been close for a while, wouldn’t it be enough to recognize that the dog is weak at words and gets easily trusting’

The dog is right in front of her, who was willing to sacrifice his life even if she grabbed hold of him and shook him.

‘…… I don’t like it.’

Veronica was very displeased with Aria’s existence.

Aria had enough, enough power and enough brain.

After Veronica saw with her own eyes, she could definitely feel it.

‘Just by taming the dog, it doesn’t seem like you don’t know the world’s interests.

You don’t even touch the weakness that will shake his life.’

Not crossing the line and being stubborn.

Doesn’t she look more like a ‘saint’ as she never loses her humanity until the end

‘You seem to come from the same background as me, but it seems you haven’t tried hard enough’

Or she was just ‘born with it’.

Veronica’s stomach twisted.

So, she thought it would be nice to have a go at the Grand Princess.

What if the slightest favor she throws at the dog comes back at her

‘If you intercept someone’s loyal dog and tame it, you should take responsibility.


She loses everything.

Veronica, lost in her thoughts, was silent for a moment, then Gabriel said.

“But I don’t want anything more than to make the world a better place.”

– I understand.

With Sir Knight’s personality, you would like to repay for how much help you received.

Veronica said, whatever his excuses it was as if she knew it all.

Although Aria has pointed out once he can’t lie.

He wondered if it was this severe.

Gabriel blushed with embarrassment, and had no choice but to look away.

‘Actually, there is nothing strange about swearing allegiance with my life.’

Had she been an ordinary girl, he would have done it without hesitation.

But since she’s Grand Princess Valentine.

It couldn’t be, and he didn’t have to.

There were countless people around Aria who would willingly give their life for her.

‘At first, a master-slave relationship with her was impossible, and she was careful about continuing my friendship with her.’

Gabriel thought so and decided to draw a line like a sword on said matter.

“I don’t want to embarrass the Grand Princess with a sense of personal debt.

She doesn’t expect me to repay her.”

– Oh, does she

As if startled, Veronica covered her mouth and exclaimed, “Oh gosh.”

– We had a brief greeting at the Imperial Palace, and she said that she expressed her gratitude for sending Sir Knight back then and that she was very comforted.

“Did the Grand Princess really say that”

– Why would I lie It was not a formal greeting, but a sincere message.

So, of course, I thought you would be pleased.

However, Gabriel was more than happy to hear Veronica’s words.

He was excited.

He wasn’t even running, but his heart rate suddenly increased.


Gabriel put his hand over his heart for a moment at this inexplicable phenomenon.

Veronica, who had been observing him carefully, was silent for a moment, then showed a guilty look.

– Actually, I didn’t say this because I didn’t think it would be a big deal…….

And, biting her lips, she seemed hesitant to continue, but she confessed.

– You said the words changed Sir Knight’s world, so I have no choice but to tell you.

“Yes What is that……”

– I’m sorry for disappointing you.

The truth is, I accidentally read it before and told Sir Knight.

“Oh, you mean you’re quoting the words of a great man or a saint”

Well, it could have been so.

According to the situation, it is natural for her to use the words she had heard somewhere before.

Even His Holiness the Pope often quoted the words of saints.

“There is absolutely no need to apologize for that.”

What’s important about the origins of the word

In any case, during his most wandering and difficult times, the saint’s only faith reached his heart and changed his life.

He had only one person who believed in him, so he was able to survive until now.

But Veronica said that it wasn’t what she meant and shook her head.

– No, I just read the card placed near Sir Knight.

“A… card”

– I don’t know where the card came from, but on a white card the size of a palm, ‘You are right.

Don’t doubt the path you walk.’ The situation was just right, so I told Sir Knight exactly what I had read on the card.

She spoke while fixing her gaze in the air for a moment as if recalling her memories back then.

“…is that really true”

Gabriel asked with trembling eyes.

– Yes.

I’m sorry.

Veronica then lowered her head and gave a sad look, and replied.

– I meant to tell you earlier.

A white card the size of a palm.

Without thinking deeply, he could tell who had left the card.


It was the Grand Princess.’

Aria definitely saved him.

She was the one who took him to the entrance to the Papal Palace.


It was actually Aria who gave him the first touch of faith.

‘The first…….’

The meaning of ‘the first’ was intense.

So much so that he pledged his life to Veronica for a piece of faith she had said.

To the extent that he has shown absolute loyalty to her, sometimes completely ignoring her sullen appearance.

So much so that he trusted her unconditionally.

He realized it belatedly.

That he had been serving the wrong savior this whole time.

Gabriel spent several nights with his complicated head.

He had no choice but to feel betrayed by the saint who stole the words of others and hid it until now.

But he had to struggle to accept that it was not a malice towards him.

‘It was only a serious problem for me.’

Anyway, Veronica also believed in him, so she must have followed Aria’s card when he saw it.

But his attitude could not be as blind as he used to be.

“Did you hear that”

And it was then.

Gabriel, who was just passing through the corridor of the detached palace, stopped walking after hearing the employee’s voices.

“What happened in this hunting contest”

“Oh, of course.

The Grand Prince was said to have completely trampled on the cheeky nobles.”

Instead of the blatant saga as if talking about idols, they suddenly lowered their voices with concern.

“But then, he showed the power of the devil.

That, I heard, was bigger and more powerful than the devil’s power of the past seen by the Valentine’s heads.”

“What Of course, I knew that the curse wasn’t gone, but… didn’t it get weak Then how did Madam get up from the sick bed”

In fact, only the Valentine’s blood relatives knew the details of this matter.

It was for secrecy.

“Um, she also learned swordsmanship, and for a person from outside the border, she has a strong body”

“Then what will happen to the Grand Princess, who is already weak”

One employee added worriedly.

“Don’t tell me… she’ll become like the previous Grand Duchesses…”

“Hey, don’t be so mean.”

The words become seeds.

The other users started a fuss saying that should never happen.

‘Come to think of it…….’

Belatedly, Gabriel recalled the atrocious rumors surrounding Valentine.

It was the most typical of them.

For generations, Grand Duchess Valentine is cursed by the devil and has a short life after giving birth to the successors.

‘Does this mean that the Grand Princess could die at a young age’

He had never thought of that.

Gabriel stood nailed, pale and tired.

‘The devil’s malice is not completely purified even with divine power…….’


‘If I want to save the Grand Princess, I have no choice but to take her outside the Grand Duke’s castle.’


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