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It was.

Even the castle and everything were unified in white.

‘Is there a possibility that Garcia also came into contact with the gutter rat’

If so, did the gutter rat communicate with the two opposing Empires at the same time Fineta and Garcia

“Why such an unreasonable method…”

Aria murmured softly, and Vincent heard her words.

“Based on the current clues, it appears that the gutter rat intended to exile to Garcia after pretending to cooperate with the Emperor and taking the devil’s malice from Brother.”

As he said, on the surface, there was no other choice but to deduce it like that.

“I don’t think so.”

But Aria, who was deeply in thought, shook her head.

“Because Garcia must have known that they couldn’t contain Lloyd’s power with a chimera’s body.”

Garcia’s de facto ruler, the Pope, was not an idiot like the emperor.

Especially since they were a group that directly uses the power of God, they should know more about Lloyd’s power.

“How are you sure of that”


Aria’s lips froze for a moment and turned to Lloyd.


Can I tell Vincent about ‘devil’”

Then Lloyd, who clasped his chin throughout their conversation, fixed his gaze on Aria.

“As you wish.”

It was a languid voice as if asking if she wanted something more.

She explained it to Vincent as soon as his permission was given.

“Actually, it’s ‘God’s malice,’ not ‘devil’s malice.'”


Vincent looked suspicious of his ears.

Can he believe that all the power that Valentine has been holding is the power of God

Aria understood his feelings too.

“I wouldn’t have believed it either.

If I hadn’t seen the gutter rat evaporate and disappear as soon as it touched Lloyd’s power.”

“Why haven’t you told me yet”

“It’s a top secret known only to the Heads of Valentine and the countries.

Lloyd is under an oath, so he can’t say anything.”

Even if she explained this much, Vincent understood it immediately.

He stared at Lloyd with complex, emotional eyes before letting out a sigh.

“Brother’s personality is getting worse.”

“Say it again.”

“It was a slip of the tongue.”

Vincent quickly removed his gaze and returned to the point.

“That means Garcia already knew the gutter rat was going to fail.”


Garcia approached the gutter rat knowingly.

That meant that their purpose was not the gutter rat.

“I think… Garcia wanted Hans.”

“You mean the wizard who made the chimera”


The only thing that can be obtained from the gutter rat is that wizard.”

And Winter, who witnessed Garcia, was immediately kidnapped and put on a ship headed for the Kingdom of Bruto’s lab.

Lloyd, who was then silent, crossed his arms and frowned.

“Come to think of it, there was a test subject sent from the lab on that slave ship at that time.

It was definitely a chimera like the gutter rat, but it was stronger and even deformed.”

“…I think it’s really Hans.”

Then there is one conclusion.

“The one behind the Kingdom of Bruto might be Garcia.”


Human transmutation.

Those who represent the name of God to do such a thing…….

‘Ha, that’s why they used the Kingdom of Bruto.

It’ll just end as a controversy if they step behind them.’

Aria, who had been thinking up to that point, touched her throbbing forehead.

“Then we should have gone to Garcia”

The treasure of the imperial family.

In other words, God’s feelings that the Fineta Empire stole from Atlantis were also in Garcia.

Besides, there was the possibility that Garcia might be behind the Kingdom of Bruto.

Then Vincent, who sat down next to Aria, shook his head.

“I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.”

There was something he knew.

“I’ve been looking through the Emperor’s Chronicles for several days and nights.

I didn’t really expect much, but I found some unexpected information.”

He didn’t appear during the banquet, and it seems he was locked up in the library and researching materials during that time.

“Do you know Viscount Tien It’s a butler family that has served the Cavendish family for generations.”

“Um Weren’t they annihilated too”

“Yes, of course they were…”

Vincent made a questionable look for a moment, then rubbed his chin.

“All of the Tien lineage was executed.

But Viscount Tien fled at the end, stealing some of the imperial family’s treasures.”


Aria was startled.

Not all of God’s feelings were passed over to Garcia

“Surprisingly, it was the Prince, a descendant of Atlantis, who was taken hostage that helped the Viscount escape.”

…… What He helped the butler serving the enemy’s family


There’s no way he would help.


“He pretended to help, and he was trying to get some of God’s feelings back.”


Vincent nodded his head.

“According to the chronicles, he fell off a cliff and died after escaping.”

“Then he’s dead, isn’t he”

After the long talk, he eventually died.

Lloyd, who had been silently listening to Vincent’s words, intervened.

“Looks like no body was ever found.”

“That’s right.

Of course, the imperial treasure was never found.”

Vincent opened up a map that he had on ready.

It was a map that embodies the structure of the mountain range surrounding the Imperial Palace.

It looked like a copy, but of course, it was a map that only the Emperor could see.

“…Do you know what happens if you get caught copying this map”

“Why do you care about such a thing now Because it was Sister-in-law who brought the plaque.”

Vincent shrugged his shoulders and put his finger in one place.

“This is the cliff where Viscount Tien fell.

There is a river running underneath.

Maybe he survived then.”

Aria looked at the cliff Vincent had reached with her hand.

Climbing the snowy cliff up the mountain range…….

“Isn’t it connected to the entrance to the hunting grounds”


Not only was it connected to the entrance to the hunting ground, but it could only be reached through the Imperial Palace or across the border.

‘Hmm, why did he escape through this road Was he trying to cross the border’

If he escaped this way, the escape route would be completely blocked.

Aria wondered, and asked.

“Hmm… when is the exact time”

“Imperial Calendar year 30.”

This was almost 1600 years ago.

However, since some of them belong to God, they would not have disappeared due to the passing of time.

There may be some traces left.

“Then… I have no choice but to attend the hunting contest.”

Aria muttered as she bit her lip and let go.

Aria was forced to put her name on the list of attendees in the hunting contest.

So did Lloyd and Vincent.

‘Oh, come to think of it, isn’t this the first time that Valentine’s bloodline directly participated in a hunting contest’

Aria briefly traced the memories of her past life, but they had never participated in any of the hunting contests.

‘Well, they’re going to crush it…….’

It was fun to bet with people of equal skill.

What would be the meaning when Valentine who surpasses human strength were to participate in the hunting contest

“Then I’ll go to the stable and borrow some horses for a while.”

“Let’s go together.”

As Lloyd followed her without hesitation, Aria waved her hand.

“It’s right over there.

You can see it, right”

Then said Vincent, who narrowed his eyes and stared desperately in the direction Aria was pointing.

“It’s a pity.

If my eyesight was 50 times better, I would have seen the stable.”

“Don’t be sarcastic… Anyway, I’ll be back!”

Aria, waving her hand fluttering, ran quickly to the stable.

In fact, Aria ran away to the stable because she had wanted to play with the horses for a long time.

When she’s with Lloyd, the horses were terrified and panicked.

But after that,

As soon as Aria left, the ladies approached them.

“Lord Vincent, take my handkerchief.”

“And my handkerchief!”

“I prepared a strap for the glasses.”

“Where did you go during the banquet I thought you needed a partner, so I’ve been looking for you every day…”

“I was waiting in front of the room.”

Waiting in front of the room Hearing this, Vincent reflexively showed a disgusted expression.

It reminded him of nightmares from his academy days when he was tormented by all kinds of courtship.


He shouted as if he remembered it too late.

Sister-in-law had to see this scene.

It’s not that he couldn’t get a partner, it’s that he didn’t get it because it was annoying!

But Aria had already disappeared.

He said, with his eyes quivering.

“You guys aren’t very helpful.”

It was when Vincent was tormented by an endless stream of ladies.

“Excuse me… Grand Prince!”

A lady who had been glancing at Lloyd from the beginning spoke to him.

But Lloyd was staring at the stable, where Aria had disappeared to get a horse.

It was an obvious disregard.

“Grand, Grand Prince!”

She shouted a little louder.

It was then that Lloyd’s gaze turned to her.

It was such a cold gaze that she could feel the chill.

The Lady bowed her head and held out an artifact in the form of a bracelet engraved with protection magic.


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