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Chapter 118

Vincent blinked with a blank face.

“Why did you say that now… of course.

You didn’t have the time to tell me…”

And he muttered with a grouchy face while plucking the grass on the ground for no reason.

“I thought the world was falling apart because my expectations were wrong.”

“…to that extent”

“Of course.

What I expected has never gone wrong!”

Torn grass piled up next to Vincent.

It was unfair that he had a hard time alone, but he couldn’t argue with Aria, so he felt like he was raging for nothing.

Aria stared at Vincent, who was hooked on some strangeness, and stroked his head.

“Your prediction is correct.

Totally correct.”

“Well, I thought so.

I can’t be wrong!”

Yes, yes. For some reason, he seems to be getting more and more foolish.

Aria comforts Vincent, who reacts just as expected, and says.

“Actually, it was a little difficult to control my emotions.

It was such a sad dream that I cried the whole time I slept.”

Aria knew when she woke up, seeing the tears running down the corners of her eyes.

She knew she was still crying.

And she realized.

Just as she got the sheet music for ‘Song of Dawn’ through her dreams, she also got the clue about Atlantis through her dreams after singing the song.

“Then why Sister-in-law passed out for three days…”

Vincent said as if he had just realized it.

Aria nodded her head.

“Yes, I think because I was dreaming.”

The dream seemed to be made to be dreamable when she sings the Song of Dawn.

Just as she saw Atlantis buried in the sea when she slept with the conch pearl in her arms.

“Ah, so that’s why Sister-in-law’s doctor has made a diagnosis that there is nothing wrong with your body.”


She was sorry that she made that person getting suspected as a quack for nothing.

Aria decided inside her heart that she had to raise Cuirre’s salary through the butler.

“So, what did you dream about”

Vincent lifted up his half-drifting glasses with his blue eyes glimmering.

He looked like a scholar and took a listening posture.


Aria began to tell the story of her dream as she traced her memory.


Aria turned her head at the sound calling her.

“… Lloyd”

It must have been his voice.

But at the end of her gaze, there was only a vast meadow spread out.

‘Is it a hallucination’

Aria smelled the salty sea brought by the wind and turned her head.

The sound of waves was heard from far away.

‘Island on the sea.’

It was too wide to be called an island, and by some standards, even it could be enough to be called a single continent.

Aria thought as she was wandering around an unfamiliar island.

‘As expected, it was a dream.’

The reason she was convinced it was a dream was the same as when she discovered Atlantis under the sea through the conch pearl.

Because she had never seen a scene like this before.

‘Wow, a waterfall!’

If not, how could she describe the water that was pouring down from wherever the eye could see it.

That description was just right.

It was so infinitely huge that a cloud bridge bloomed and a rainbow appeared.

‘A jungle!’

The densely grown trees are so high that they almost reach the sky.

No matter where she put her eyes, everything is green.

It was the nature that Aria wanted to see so much.

Living, breathing nature.

Even though she was dreaming.

‘Is this Atlantis’

Aria wondered.

It was not developed at all, and nature was preserved raw.

Of course, it’s a wonderfully beautiful sight, but…….

‘Obviously, when I saw Atlantis submerged under water in my last dream, it felt much more civilized than this.’

The place she saw at the time.

It was like a planned city.

Buildings were regularly surrounded by the Lord’s castle.

She was a little surprised because it seemed to be bigger than the capital of the empire.

Of course, it sank, so all that was left was the frames.

Aria thought so, and she continued her steps.

As she did so, she arrived in a village where people live.

“Well, did I win”

Children sitting together were playing, drawing a line on the ground and throwing ores on it.

At first glance, the ore looked like a shimmering piece of glass.

It didn’t take long for her to realize that it was a rough diamond.

“Children, go and bring the guest.

The welcome feast is about to begin.”


The children were excited by the word ‘feast’ and threw away the ores with a smile.

“I’m going first!”

“No, I’ll go first!”

“Haha! Run while you can, you idiots! The chocolate is mine!”

The children passed each other and passed by Aria.

No, they just passed through.

‘It looks like I’m invisible.’

If so, was this also an illusion Or did it actually happen in the past

She looked in the direction the children had run and moved her steps.

“Guest! Guest!”

The children ran up and down and threw themself into the arms of a man.

“Oh dear.”

The man, who almost fell because his body was out of balance, looked back at the children.

He was a man with a kind and innocent impression.

“Didn’t I tell you to call me Cavendish”

“I don’t know, the name is too difficult!”

“It’s a surname, not a first name.

My name is Raymond.”

“Then why do you have two names”

“Not two, but a first name and a last name… No, that’s fine.

Yes, what’s the matter.”

He grinned uncontrollably, pulled out four individually wrapped chocolates from his arms and gave them to the children.

‘Raymond Cavendish’

Aria tilted her head to see the man stroking a child’s head with a good-natured smile.

He must have been a nobleman, but it was a surname she had never heard of.

‘Actually, it must be the surname of a noble that existed at least 1500 years ago.’

In particular, it was called a period of turbulence.

It must have been quite difficult to survive that period and maintain the family for over a thousand years.

‘Seeing that he was a guest, he must be an outsider from outside the island…….’


Aria frowned.

Because she already knew the end of Atlantis, she had only ominous thoughts.

“Guests, it’s the welcome feast.

Come quickly!”


“Yes, come and dance, sing and play.”

The children took Raymond’s hand and led him after opening the chocolate and putting it in their mouth.

Suddenly, the sky became dark and countless stars became clear as if they were pouring down.

The bonfire burned.

Some grilled food and some listened to unfamiliar instruments.

Some bounced the string and hit the drum.

The islanders, dressed in pure white cloth, held each other’s hands and circled the campfire.

“Sing a Song of Peace at the feast.”

“A song of peace”


On the holy waters that flow peacefully…”

A child started singing.

Then the other people who were there naturally followed along.

“Follow the gleaming waves.”

“Where spring sleeps and birds sing.

May God bless you here.”

“Let’s go together, together.”

Aria felt a puzzlement as she watched the spectacle.

Since Atlantis was the siren’s hometown, she wondered if they would sing the siren’s song as well.

‘Of course, the Song of Peace is a siren’s song as she knows of.’

However, this wasn’t a siren song.

So it meant that they didn’t sing it with their powers.

It was just a very well sung choir.

As proof of that, Raymond, who was listening to the song, showed no reaction.

“It’s beautiful.

It’s like I am in an elf village.”

Instead, he mumbled to himself.

“The land blessed by the gods.

When I wondered what that meant… it’s not a blessing, it’s full of love.”

This was God’s love.

And he lowered his voice even more, and whispered in admiration.

“I can see why he wants to have it at all costs.”

Then, a woman sang and danced to the music and smiled at Raymond.

She took the corolla from her own head and put it on his head.

Raymond mumbled as he watched her dance again, mingled among the crowd.

“No… it’s like a siren.”

He said it was like a siren.

It’s as if he was defining it for the first time now.

The flames of the bonfire reflected on Raymond’s eyes, which had been darkened by the darkness, and shone eerily.

“Huh Siren What is that”

The child licked the grilled skewers and mumbled.

Raymond squatted down at the child’s eye level and whispered in his ear.

“Did you know There are more delicious things in the world than chocolate.”

“Huh, really”

“There is such a thing as a cake.

It is a soft castella with white whipped cream.”

“What is whipped cream”

“The moment it touches your tongue, the sweetness spreads throughout your body and melts away.”


The child admired, wiping the saliva from the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand.

“I want to eat too!”

“Isn’t that right I want to bring a bunch of friends and introduce them to the islanders.

To do that, I need the permission of the Lord and the adults.”

“Adults like guests, too.

They even hold feasts for them.”

It was like family when everyone laughed and talked and shared food together.

The boy smiled brightly as he said that.

Raymond smiled after the boy and stroked his hair.

“I hope the Lord will open his heart soon.”

“Ah, my father doesn’t seem to like guests very much.”

The child spoke very candidly, like a child of that age.

Raymond laughed at that remark.

“I can’t help it.

If I don’t get permission, the prince can just remember me the day you will rule this island.”

“Hnnhh, I want to eat right now…”

The child was a good talker, but he was a child who was unlike a five years old.

Hearing this, Raymond paused, pretending to think for a moment, then rubbed his chin.

“Hmm, if you tell me the story, I think you might be able to eat the cake without the Lord’s permission.”

“What Really”

What are you talking about

The child asked, with his eyes twinkled.

“A myth or legend passed down from generation to generation on the island.

Or maybe it’s a..


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