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JiuZhus carriage stopped beside the mounting block at Chen Wangs mansion.


“Before you is Chen Wangs residence.

May I ask where this noble person comes from” The guards of the residence walked forward and stood in front of the carriage: “If you want to enter the residence, please hand over your waist tablet.

This humble one will pass it on your behalf.”


JiuZhu did not expect that there would be so many rules required to enter a princes residence.

She clasped the little box in her arms tightly, lifted the curtain and looked at the guard who spoke: “This girl is Assistant Minister Mings daughter.

I came to visit His Highness for some matter, so please pass this message on my behalf, brother.”


The guard looked at the woman in the carriage and saw a pair of beautiful eyes that were as pure as a mountain spring.

There were exceptionally striking.

Not daring to look any longer, he quickly lowered his head: “Please wait a moment, honored lady.

This lowly one will go and report your arrival.”


“Thank you for the trouble.” JiuZhu held the little box with one hand and lifted the curtain to come out of the carriage.


“Young Miss.” ChunFen opened the umbrella to protect JiuZhu from the snow: “Its snowing heavily outside.

You should wait in the carriage.”


“Its alright, I wish to take a look at the surroundings.” JiuZhu took the umbrella from her hands: “Sister ChunFen, you should get yourself an umbrella for yourself.”


“Young Miss is so caring.” ChunFen and other servants opened their umbrellas and whispered: “We should have sent someone to inform them before coming over.

Its snowing so much.”


“It doesnt matter.

I wanted to take a look at the surroundings anyway.” JiuZhu looked at Chen Wangs residence curiously.

It was very beautiful; even the mounting block was taller than that of the others.


“Your Highness.” Fu Gui whispered to the bulge on the bed under the quilt: “Its already two quarters into the hour of sishi1Sishi [巳時] – Refers to the time between 9am and 11am..”


“Get out!” A soft pillow flew out of the bed and fell on the ground.


Fu Gui retreated and left the chamber in haste.


“Gonggong.” Seeing Fu Gui come out of the princes bedchamber, the steward of the residence rushed forward and muttered, “The gatekeeper came to inform us that the Ming familys Young Miss has come to pay a visit.”


“Ming familys Young Miss” Fu Gui was surprised: “Did she inform in advance” 


The steward shook his head.


“This…” Fu Gui looked back at the bedchamber, feeling a little uneasy.

His Highness had been feeling very annoyed because he had to wake up early to go to the Ministry of Rites these days.

Today, he finally obtained a day off and more importantly, it was snowing so much.

How could he dare to awaken this little ancestor


But he thought of Miss Mings paintings.

The prince cherished it so much that he was reluctant to even let him take a look.

Fu Gui gritted his teeth and stepped back into the room again.


“Your Highness…”


“Why did you come in again” Chen Wang sat up on the bed: “Get out! Ben Wang will throw out anyone whoever dares to come before wushi.”


“My Lord.” Fu Gui continues speaking with a smile: “This slave doesnt want to disturb you during your rest but theres really something important to report.”


“What is it” Chen Wang slipped into the warm quilt again, unwilling to budge.


“Miss Ming has come to pay a visit.

Does Your Highness want to meet her”


“Who did you say came here” Chen Wang sat up abruptly.

Fu Gui hurried forward to assist him in getting dressed.


“It is Assistant Minister Mings honored daughter.”


“Where is she now” Chen Wang put on his robe and slipped his feet into the deerskin boots.


“Shes still at the mounting block…”


“Every one of them is a pig.

Do they not use their brains to think!” Chen Wang pulled the water basin, rinsed his mouth, and wiped his face with a towel.

Then he grabbed the cloak closest to him and strode out: “Its snowing so heavily and they let that little guniang wait at the mounting block!”


“Your Highness, you havent bound your hair yet…”


Fu Gui trotted out after him, chiding the attendant standing outside: “Hurry up! Get the hand warmer and follow.”


“Young Miss, the snowfall is getting heavier.” ChunFen whispered: “You should get inside the carriage and wait.”


JiuZhu shook her head and turned her head.

Almost immediately, she saw a person rushing out of the main gate of the residence.

She recognized him at a glance; it was Chen Wang.


“Your Highness.” JiuZhu trotted toward Chen Wang with an umbrella in her hand.

She was stunned to see his fine black hair flying freely in the cold wind: “Your Highness looks good without binding your hair too.”


Hearing this insincere little praise, Chen Wang was annoyed.

Who was he doing all this for!


Just as he was about to speak, another gust of wind came and whacked his hair in the face.


JiuZhu couldnt help laughing loudly.

Then, seeing Chen Wang stare at her, she blinked and asked in a low voice, “How about… letting chennu help you tie it”


Not hearing Chen Wangs objection, JiuZhu stuffed the wooden box and the umbrella into Chen Wangs hand, took out a long ribbon from her pouch, and walked behind him: “Your Highness, dont move.”


“Your Highness…” Fu Gui, who had chased after him with another attendant, glanced towards the gate and turned towards that attendant, “Wait at the door, dont disturb His Highness.”


“But gonggong, the snow is so heavy ……”


“The snow doesnt matter.” Fu Gui stated with a sense of profound mystery: “Its enough if the heart is nice and warm.”


“Your Highness hair is so smooth ah.” JiuZhu stood on tiptoe and gently gathered all of Chen Wangs hair scattered on his back with his fingers.

Then she thoughtfully tied it with a ribbon and even made a butterfly knot.


The tickling sensation on his back caused Chen Wang to move his shoulders and back in some discomfort: “Is it done”


“Yes.” JiuZhu stepped in front of Chen Wang and bowed: “Please forgive me for taking the liberty of suddenly coming here today, Your Highness.”


The large crimson cloak draped on her body made her face appear even more delicate, naive, warm, and rosy.


Chen Wang stretched his hand and touched the hairpin with white rabbit fur in her hair: “Its snowing so much today but you still remember to come to see me.

So, Ben Wang wont bother with you.

Follow me, lets go inside.”


Shifting the umbrella in the direction of JiuZhu, Chen Wang shook the wooden box in his hand and heard it make a clicking sound: “Whats inside”


“Your Highness, you cant shake it.” JiuZhu jumped and snatched the wooden box from his hands, smiling mysteriously at Chen Wang: “Youll know later.”


Chen Wang raised his eyebrows.

What kind of novelties did this lass bring with her


Half a shichen later, Chen Wang looked at the pigs, cows, sheep, horses and various other suchsnowmen in silence.


“Stuff the snow into the pottery mold, press it, knock it and little duck will come out.” JiuZhu placed the little duck in front of Chen Wang: “Your Highness, look!”


“Ming XiaoZhu2T/N: TheXiao here refers to small/little, so hes basically calling herLittle Zhu orLittle Pearl.

I kept it in pinyin since it sounds so much cuter >ww


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