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Blindfolded, Sukyung couldn’t see anything.

So she flinched and looked around as she took a step back.

She thought that whatever might be waiting for her, it would be best if she got as far away from Sungwoo as possible.

Sukyung tried to free herself by shaking her head and rubbing her face on her shoulder, but the blindfold didn’t budge.

But she couldn’t give up now, so still keeping her ears open for any sounds, Sukyung continued to rub her face against her shoulder. 


Then suddenly, something touched her body.

She screamed.


“I have to admit that you do have an incredibly loud voice.

You yell a lot, don’t you”


Sungwoo’s voice sounded sarcastic.

Sukyung turned towards his voice when suddenly, she felt something silky on her upper body again.

She couldn’t breathe from fear, but realizing she needed to remain alert, Sukyung opened her eyes wide underneath the blindfold. 


She had to believe she could escape this scary situation.

She just had to be brave.


But… if she was really being sold as a sex slave… and if she was going to be forced to have her first sex this way… Then Sukyung was ready to bite her tongue and kill herself.

There was no way she was going to let some pervert have her virginity. 


“Which one do you prefer”



She turned towards his voice again.

This time, Sungwoo’s voiced sounded even more annoyed as he ordered, 


“I’ll do it again, so pick the one you like best.”

“W…what are you talking about Pick what”


Something was wrong.

Was this how human trafficking usually worked 


“I don’t care if you’re picking it based on how it feels on your skin or just in general.

Just pick one.

Now, this is number one.”


Something smooth touched her body, making her flinch.

When she felt her breasts swell up underneath the bikini, Sukyung felt ashamed.

What was wrong with her Why was she getting excited when she was about to be sold into slavery!


“Now, this is number two.”


Something slightly different caressed her skin this time.

The two things felt similar yet different.

Sukyung tried her best to remain alert and not tremble, but unfortunately, there was nothing she could do about her hardened nipples. 


“And this is number three.”


Again, something silky touched her.

It covered her shoulders briefly before disappearing.

Under the black blindfold, Sukyung blinked.

There seemed to be no number four.

All she could hear was some rustling sound nearby.


“So which one did you like the best”


After a short hesitation, she licked her lips and asked,


“W…what were those”

“You don’t have to know.

This is for my own information, so just pick one already.”


Sukyung frowned a little.

Did she really have to pick something


“Do you need me to do it again You can’t tell”


When she nodded, she felt the silky object on her skin again.

This time, she tried her best to figure out what it was.

It covered her upper body around the shoulders like a cloak, which meant it had to be a piece of fabric.

But why did she have to pick one type of fabric What was he going to do After the three fabrics touched her skin for the third time, Sukyung finally answered, 


“Number two.”

“You have the worst sense of touch.



When Sungwoo murmured in frustration, Sukyung became annoyed.

Glaring at the black blindfold, she asked angrily, 


“Then why did you bother asking me”

“Just in case I was wrong.

Now, stay there.”


She heard him move around her.

By now, Sukying wasn’t feeling as scared.

Her intense fear was replaced by curiosity and confusion.

This time, the object that grazed her skin wasn’t smooth.

Something rough touched her neck while something slippery wrapped around her chest.

Something smooth then covered her waist.

When his cold fingers touched her bare skin, Sukyung jumped.

She heard Sungwoo’s provoking words.


“Is this the first time you ever felt a man’s touch”

“D…do you think all women have a lot of experiences with men”


She felt herself blushing, so Sukyung screamed defensively.

It was true that she had zero experience with man, but there was no reason why this man had to be so rude to her about it.

All her life, Sukyung had been waiting for Jaewon and Jaewon only.

When he was away, she just focused on working, so she could send him money.

Secretly, she hoped that when he returned, Jaewon would see her differently.

After all, they weren’t related by blood, just like Jaewon said, and she was older, but only by two years, so…




When she muttered and called herself an idiot, Sungwoo asked sharply,


“Are you talking about me”


With a gasp, she explained, 



I was just talking to myself.”

“You should talk to yourself only when you’re alone.

Don’t do that while I’m working.”


The fabric that wrapped around her waist remained on her body even when his hands left.

He must’ve secured it with something.

The area where his finger grazed felt like it was still burning.

Trying to look nonchalant, Sukyung remained very still. 


A long silence fell.

She couldn’t even hear him move around anymore.

Feeling anxious, Sukyung tried to look around.

She murmured,


“Umm… Hey…”

“Just stay still a while longer.”





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