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Sungwoo frowned and rubbed his face.

It seemed that he realized something was wrong.

He rubbed his stubble-covered chin and ordered,


“Just go home.

You got me the files, so you are free to go.” 


He must’ve had a sore throat because his voice cracked.

Rolling her eyes, Sukyung grabbed his arm with both of her hands and pulled him up.

Sungwoo staggered and stood up.

He protested,


“What are you doing!” 


He looked really annoyed now, but Sukyung didn’t get scared.

She could handle a sick man with no problem.

She remembered Jaewon acting annoyed whenever he got sick, so she knew not to back down.


Sukyung replied,


“You need to get to bed right now.

Do you really think you can accomplish any work in your condition Even if you have something important to do, you won’t get it done now.

Are these paperwork due tomorrow”


This one is for this winter, and the other one is for next spring.”

“Then why are you working on them right now when you’re sick!” 


When Sukyung  yelled, Sungwoo looked at her in confusion.

He seemed to not understand why she was getting angry.

He looked like an innocent boy.

Sukyung inhaled deeply and helped him walk toward the nearest room.

Then realizing something, she asked,



Is this your bedroom”



Sungwoo nodded obediently.

He must’ve been really sick, because only a moment ago, he was acting annoyed.

But now, he stared at her quietly as if he was half asleep.

Sukyung  wondered if he even understood what was going on.


When she opened his bedroom door, Sukyung was relieved to find that it was clean and neatly organized.

If it looked like the living room, she would have been forced to take her time cleaning it.

The blanket on the bed was a little crumpled, but everything else looked clean.


Sukyung  ordered,


“You need to first change into your pajamas before lying down.”

“But I don’t wear pajamas.”


It seemed that he could not think coherently.

Sungwoo looked down at her with another frown.

It would have been better if he sweated, but he was only getting redder.

Sukyung suspected that his fever was getting worse.

Before he could argue even more, Sukyung  pushed him toward the bed and ordered firmly,


“Then take your clothes off and get under the blanket.

You have a high fever, but you need to keep yourself warm.

Or your cold will get worse.

You do have a cold, don’t you”

“I know my body better than you.

I can take care of myself.

Stop ordering me around and leave.”


Sungwoo stood up from the bed and growled at her.

Unafraid, Sukyung  put her hands on her waist and glared at him.

She replied,


“Well, you obviously haven’t been taking care of yourself well.

Look at you! How long have you been sick like this! Is this why you’ve been having me take lessons from Chief Song all this time”

“No, I’ve been busy.

I’m a very busy man.



Suddenly, Sungwoo began to cough hard.

It seemed that he couldn’t breathe as he collapsed to the bed.

His dry cough sounded painful.

Sukyung quickly ran to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of water.

Sungwoo panted before managing to sip some water. 


When he placed the on the nightstand, Sukyung argued,


“See You can’t be working right now.”

“But I have a lot of work to do.

I have to finish them.”

“Then just take one day off to rest and do them tomorrow! Even if you work right now, you won’t be working efficiently.

And you’ll feel worse.

You said you don’t have to get them done right now, didn’t you Just how did you get a cold You have your own car, so it’s not like you have to wait for a bus or something.”


Sungwoo narrowed his eyes and murmured,


“It’s because I haven’t had a woman lately.

No one kept me warm in my bed.”


When Sukyung blushed, he studied her for a moment before lying down on his bed.

He replied,



I know I have to rest.

I got it, so you can go now.”

“You have to change, okay Just wear something comfortable.”


Sukyung insisted, but Sungwoo just waved his hand.

She hesitated for a moment before closing the door quietly behind her.

She didn’t plan on leaving for a while.

She needed to make sure that he got into the bed okay.

If he fell asleep without keeping himself warm, he was only going to get worse. 


Feeling less tense, Sukyung looked around his living room.

It was spacious, but it only had an elegant white sofa and a coffee table.

There was one painting on the wall, but nothing more.

The space looked so empty.

Sukyung expected Sungwoo’s home to be luxurious and extravagant, so this was a surprise.

Was he a minimalist


She spotted two more bedrooms nearby.

Glancing back to make sure Sungwoo’s bedroom was still closed, she quietly walked to the other two rooms.

She became curious about what was in these extra rooms.

Thankfully, the doors to these rooms were already open. 




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