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“You mean with Jaejim O…of course not! You came just in time.”


Sukyung shook her head emphatically.

Sungwoo studied her for a few seconds before nodding and letting her arm go.

He muttered,


“The guys who frequent that place are all rich morons.

They aren’t for a woman like you.”

“Morons! How could you say that! They told me they are taking lessons and working too! And besides, they probably didn’t notice because the lighting in that place was really dim, but I clearly look ten years older than them.

If they saw me in daylight, they would’ve never even talked to me.

I’m not an idiot.”


When Sukyung protested, Sungwoo shrugged and replied,


“There isn’t much difference between how you look from how they look.

You just have less facial expressions, that’s all.

And you probably have about the same amount of life experiences as them.”


Feeling angry, Sukyung glared at him and argued,


“I told you before that I’m not as inexperienced as you think.

Sure, I might not have much sexual experience, but I have lived a normal adult life otherwise.

I’ve gone through enough in my life.

I’m not a child!” 


Sungwoo raised his eyebrows and replied,


“Well, I don’t know.

To me, it just feels like I’m watching a baby taking her first steps.”


When she gaped at him, Sungwoo grinned and patted her head.

Well, at least she thought he was about to pat her, but instead, he pulled her hair and whispered, 


“If you didn’t smell like vomit, I might have kissed you just now.

Anyway, don’t throw up in my car next time.

I won’t forgive you.”

“W…who said I would let you kiss me! You’re so annoying…!”


Sukyung got out of the car and slammed the door shut.

To her frustration, she could hear Sungwoo chuckling. 


“You’re the worst!” 


Sungwoo drove away still laughing.

Sukyung continued to glare at his car before finally returning home.




For the next three lessons, Sukyung only saw Chief Song Jungim.

Sukyung began to feel a little nervous.

Was Sungwoo already tired of teaching her Or was she now good enough that he felt like the other employees could finish her lessons 


When Sukyung arrived at the shop the next day after getting drunk, Jungim greeted her instead of Sungwoo.

Jungim explained that Sungwoo had an emergency client, so Sukyung spent the three hours being taught how to walk and speak again.

She then got an hour massage before leaving for the day. 


The same thing happened the following week.

This was the third week when Sukyung hadn’t seen Sungwoo.

Something felt wrong.

Was Sungwoo annoyed because she hadn’t slept with him Did he lose interest because it looked like she wouldn’t sleep with him Or was he upset about her throwing up in his car Was she supposed to pay for the cleaning fee Or maybe he was really busy like Jungim claimed 


Sukyung was dying to know, but she couldn’t ask Jungim.

This woman saw Sukyung kiss Sungwoo.

She even told everyone about it. 


Jungim stated,


“You have improved greatly.

I think you just need to watch your chin angle.

Aren’t your legs and back aching”

“No, they feel okay.”


When Sukyung replied quietly, Jungim nodded and pointed at the chair.

She ordered, 


“Then please try taking a seat.”


Oh no.

How was she supposed to sit Trying to remember what she learned earlier, Sukyung cautiously straightened her back and sat down as she crossed her legs gently.

Jungim rubbed her chin before explaining, 


“You don’t have to move so cautiously like that.

It makes you look like you’re ill.

You need to make sure what you learned from here becomes part of you.

You need to do this naturally.

You’re practicing this at home, right”

“Yes, everyday.”


Well, she tried at least.

Whenever she remembered to, she tried to move gracefully.

But it was difficult to remember the proper sitting position every time she sat down.

This was especially difficult since she had so much going on in her life at the moment.

She was going to begin her new job in two weeks.

And she couldn’t stop thinking about if she would ever get to see Sungwoo again. 


What about Jaewon She needed to go see him soon, didn’t she Sukyung felt worried, anxious, and annoyed all at the same time. 


Wait… Annoyed But why Sukyung frowned.

Why was she annoyed And at whom Toward Sungwoo who accepted her as a client even though she didn’t have much money No way!


Sure, Sungwoo teased her a bit, but… He was able to improve her so much.

So how could she get annoyed just because he was a little too busy to give her personal lessons anymore Sukyung knew she was being unreasonable and ungrateful. 


But… Sukyung couldn’t stop feeling annoyed.

Sungwoo worked so hard on her, so shouldn’t he take the time to stay with her till the end Sungwoo also needed to tell her when she should see Jaewon and what she should do with her hair. 


Jungim announced, 



Keep practicing, and you’ll get another hour of massage again today.”


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