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Sukyung gaped and stared at Sungwoo.

How ridiculous! He was the one who left her here, so what the heck was he saying now 


This boy had actually been nice to her all night.

Feeling apologetic, Sukyung turned to look at him.

But she saw that the boy was swearing quietly.

She nodded toward him awkwardly before following Sungwoo. 


Sungwoo seemed angry to her.

As they left, some people recognized him and greeted him.

Sungwoo only nodded to them curtly and went straight to the exit.

He was walking so fast that Sukyung had to run to keep up with him.


While waiting for his car to be brought, Sukyung looked up at him and frowned.

She asked,


“Are you angry”

“Me Why would I be”


Sungwoo looked down at her with a look that suggested he found her ridiculous.

When he looked away nonchalantly, Sukyung pouted and stuck her tongue out at him.

She smirked and replied, 


“You’re such a meanie!”



Sungwoo seemed surprised by her choice of words.

When he looked down at her in confusion, Sukyung stuck out her tongue again and repeated,


“I said you’re a big meanie! Meanie, meanie, meanie! Super meanie!”

“Did you learn to talk like that from those kids”


When Sungwoo shook his head and asked, Sukyung replied, 


“Yes! And I learned other slang too.

You’re so salty! Totally salty! You’re a big meanie! OMG, OMG!”


When his car was brought to him, Sungwoo paid the young man and ordered her to get into his car.

He began driving immediately, but he stopped within a few seconds.

Sungwoo glared at her and ordered,


“Put on your seat belt!”

“You’re such a nag! You’re so salty! So annoying! OMG!”


Sukyung giggled as if she was enjoying herself.

But suddenly, she stopped.

Sungwoo had been glancing at her in annoyance, and when he noticed something was wrong, he turned toward her.

Sukyung began to heave, and realizing she was about to throw up, Sungwoo pushed her head toward the window after opening it.


“Throw up outside!”


Sukyung barely managed to cover her mouth with her hand as she leaned out the window.

She began throwing up the dinner and snacks she ate along with the alcoholic drinks.

She could hear Sungwoo groaning from behind, but there was nothing she could do about that.

She vomited a few more times before finally calming down.

Panting and coughing, she spat a few times before leaning back on her seat. 


Almost looking like she wanted to cry, Sukyung turned toward Sungwoo and apologized,


“I…I’m so sorry…”


She expected Sungwoo to complain or get mad at her, but he didn’t say anything.

He stopped the car in a nearby parking lot and offered her a box of tissues.

Sukyung plucked five in order to wipe her lips and hands.

After throwing them away outside, she grabbed more tissues and closed the car door. 


Sungwoo glanced at her to make sure she tightened her seat belt.

When he was certain she was ready, he began to drive slowly. 


After about five minutes of silence, Sungwoo murmured,


“You were talking some nonsense, huh Anyway, are you still feeling nauseous”

Sukyung’s head was slumped.

Glancing at him quickly, she replied,


“I’m fine now.

I only had three cups of beer, so I don’t know what happened.”


She knew it sounded like a stupid excuse.

But to her surprise, Sungwoo didn’t blame her.

He only looked at her briefly before focusing on his driving.

He ordered,


“When you get home, make sure you get a hot shower before going to bed.

Don’t just fall asleep like that.

And get hydrated.

Maybe some warm water with honey.”


She didn’t have any honey at home, but she still nodded.

After another pause, Sungwoo asked,


“Did you at least have some fun”



Well, at least until she vomited.

And also until before that boy tried to kiss her.

And also before Sungwoo got angry.


The street was empty, so they drove smoothly.

The radio wasn’t on, so Sukyung felt like she could even hear Sungwoo’s breathing.

After glancing at him again, Sukyung asked,


“Things like this aren’t usually included in your services, are they”

“Of course not.”

“Then why do you keep taking me to different places” 


Sungwoo didn’t give her an answer.

Instead, he continued to drive until they reached in front of her apartment.

He turned toward her and ordered,


“We ended up wasting our day, so come back tomorrow afternoon.

We’ll finish your walking lesson.”


Walking lessons again It felt like it was a lifetime ago when she took her first lesson, but it had only been a week.

She didn’t realize she was going to get another walking lesson, but she didn’t question him.

Sukyung nodded and opened the car door.

The cold night breeze made her shiver.

She was about to get out when Sungwoo dragged her arm and pulled her back.

Falling on the car seat, Sukyung’s eyes widened.

When she turned to stare at him, Sungwoo leaned forward and asked, 


“Were you hoping to kiss that boy earlier Did I interrupt something”


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