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“N…no! Of course not! Why would I do that”

“Then why did you wiggle like a worm when I touched you”

“Like a worm!”


Of all things, why would he call her a worm! When Sukyung glared at him, Sungwoo grinned.

He smiled so brightly that she couldn’t help but stare.

This was the first time she saw him smile like this. 


Sungwoo reached toward her and turned her face toward the stage.

He ordered,


“Snap out of it and watch that girl.

Everyone said it was a miracle she changed this much and successfully became a model.

This is her first show.

She had such a shameless personality, which seems to be helping.

She doesn’t look nervous at all.”


Sukyung’s eyes were on the stage, but all she could think about was Sungwoo’s grin.

My goodness, he was so good looking that he could be a model himself!


The naughty smile he gave her… Jaewon didn’t smile often either.

And when he did, it was a kind and small smile.

On the other hand, Sungwoo smiled like a bad boy.

He was grinning like he was a young boy up to no good.

Her heart began to pound wildly.

Sukyung closed her eyes and tried to calm down, but she had no control over her own heart. 


Tap, tap.


Sungwoo tapped her head with his finger and ordered again,


“Hey, I said you gotta watch her.

Try to figure out what you’re doing wrong.”


Sukyung opened her eyes and tried again to focus, but her head was filled with so many thoughts. 


And unfortunately, all of her thoughts involved Sungwoo.




Something was very wrong. 


Sukyung studied herself in the mirror carefully.

Nothing about her face has changed.

It was the same boring face.

Her face was too pale and huge dark circles adorned the area below her eyes.

Her long hair was shapeless and flat. 


“This is so strange.”


She voiced her thoughts out loud, but it didn’t help.

Her heart must’ve been broken because it continued to feel strange things.

Sometimes, her heart remained calm, but there were oftentimes when it began to pound for no reason. 



She knew there was a reason why it happened.

It only happened when she thought of Sungwoo. 


His long slim fingers that did her makeup so expertly… The same hands that touched her underneath her underwear… The way he kissed her as he made her watch them in the mirror… His lips were so strong yet so soft… 


Just thinking about him made her blush. 


His tongue… 


Oh no! The uncomfortable sensation deep inside her stomach returned.

Her breathing became uneven.

She clenched her body to make the strange feeling disappear, but it was useless.

She remembered how Sungwoo touched her breasts… How she looked so turned on in the mirror… How his pants swelled up around the crotch area… 


This erotic scene kept playing itself over and over again inside her head. 


“What’s wrong with me”


Sukyung buried her head between her knees.

She didn’t want to think about this.

She really didn’t! She didn’t want to know about what this sensation was either! She hated this.

She was in love with Jaewon, wasn’t she All she wanted was to get Jaewon back, so why was she feeling this way about another man 


She should’ve been worried about Jaewon finding about the kiss, but all she could think about was the perverted Mr.



Of course, this perverted Mr.

Jin drove her home like a perfect gentleman after the fashion show.

Sukyung didn’t want him to see her small shabby apartment, so she asked him to drop her off somewhere else.

But he insisted on getting her home address and he dropped her off right in front of her place.

He then refused to live until he saw the light get turned on in her apartment. 


After returning home, she turned on the light and looked outside.

To her relief, she saw the silver foreign car finally driving away. 


It felt… like a date.

Didn’t men drop their dates off at their homes This was what Sukyung heard from other people.

But was this normal thing for a man to do to a woman who wasn’t his date 


“Maybe I should’ve dated before…” 


Sukyung murmured as she stared at the mirror.

Her reflection only looked at her back without giving her any answer.

She muttered again, 


“But I always thought I should wait for Jaewon…”


This was what she believed.

But according to Sungwoo, men didn’t like women who had no experience.

She suspected Jaewon would think her as a country bumpkin if he found out she had never dated before. 


“But I don’t want to do what Mr.

Jin recommended!”


To become intimate with someone she didn’t love… How could she do that Why would she

But then…


“But I already kissed him twice.”


This was the undeniable truth.

Sukyung just couldn’t understand how it could’ve happened. 


Anyway, it was again time to visit the perverted Mr.


She knew she should’ve practiced her walking, but she hadn’t been able to focus at all lately.

Sukyung knew Sungwoo was going to nag her to death today.

With a sigh, she began getting dressed.

She needed to at least dress well or else he was going to spank her again like she was three. 


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