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“J…Jaewon would never do something like that!” 

When Sukyung yelled, Sungwoo stopped smiling.

An arrogant expression appeared on his face as he replied, 

“Don’t be ridiculous.

If a healthy 26-year-old man doesn’t show this kind of bodily reaction often, it means there is something wrong with him.

You said he has lived alone for a long time, right That means you just don’t don’t know about it.”

Sukyung protected, 

“I’m telling you that you’re wrong! Jaewon… Jaewon would never…”

Suddenly, she began to wonder.

The truth was, she didn’t know what kind of life Jaewon led when he was studying abroad.

He was a good looking guy and very talented, so… there was no way girls left him alone. 

Was this why Jaewon didn’t want to have her around anymore Because he got another girl Because she annoyed him Because it was hard for him to explain her to his girlfriend since they had different last names Did he feel that it was easier to live completely separate lives 

What kind of girls did Jaewon date Were they pretty Did he have a girlfriend right now Was she nice to him Was she in the beauty industry like Jaewon 

“Stop daydreaming! Come back!”

When Sungwoo yelled at her, Sukyung jolted.

Flicking his fingers in front of her face, Sungwoo ordered, 

“We’re done for the day, so go fix your makeup.

We have somewhere to go tonight.”

“Pardon Where But I need to go home now.”

Sukyung protested.

Looking down at her with a condescending expression on his face, Sungwoo replied,

“It’s not like there is someone waiting for you at home, is there You said your precious brother was embarrassed by you, so I’m assuming you guys don’t live together.

Am I right”

Sukyung blushed again.

He was right.

She didn’t have anyone.

She didn’t have anything to do either, but she didn’t want to hear it from him like this.

Sungwoo took out a mint candy and unwrapped it.

After popping it in his mouth, he ordered again,

“Go fix your face already.

Make sure you look decent.

If you look ridiculous, you’re going to be the one who gets embarrassed.

Chief Song might be still downstairs.

Do you want her to look at you the way you are right now”

With another jolt, Sukyung quickly left the room.

She thought she could hear Sungwoo laughing behind, but she didn’t have the time to turn around to check. 


Holding onto her purse tightly, Sukyung sat down in the passenger seat of Sungwoo’s car.

She grumbled, 

“You’re so strange, Mr.


Her voice cracked nervously.

Grabbing onto the car door nervously, she glanced at him.

For some reason, Sukyung felt nervous.

“What are you talking about”

Thankfully, Sungwoo didn’t look angry.

Driving casually, he focused on the road as he asked.

Still looking anxious, Sukyung replied, 

“D…do you think it’s funny that I’m still a virgin Are you having fun”

Dammit! She didn’t want to stammer like a little kid.

She was 28 years old and had worked for the last 10 years as a professional, so this was embarrassing to admit.

But she couldn’t help sounding childish and uncertain.

She had never talked to another man about this.

In fact, there haven’t been many times when she was alone with a man like this.

There had also been only a handful of times when a man showed interest in her like this. 

Sungwoo shrugged and explained, 

“You gotta admit that it’s very rare nowadays to find a virgin at your age.

But I’m not interested in sleeping with a virgin.

For a one night stand, I would prefer an experienced woman.”

“Then why do you keep doing this to me”

She finally asked him this question! She had been curious about this for a long time, but hadn’t had the courage to ask him until now.

To her disappointment, Sungwoo only continued to drive in silence.

She glanced at him a few times, but he seemed content to just drive. 

Sukyung began to wonder if he didn’t understand her question.

She was wondering if she should ask again when he finally opened his mouth.

“Because it’s fun”

Something inside of her broke.

Because it was fun Did he find it funny when she felt embarrassed and cried Was he a pervert A psycho 

Sukyung wondered if she was wasting her money.

Maybe he was a complete sociopath.

But then… she had to admit that her appearance has changed significantly since she began taking his lessons.

Her clothes and makeup have improved greatly.

And with the walking lesson she had today, she suspected she was going to look even better.

So Sungwoo couldn’t be a conman. 

What bothered Sukyung the most was the fact that she didn’t even have the courage to get angry at him What was wrong with her Glancing at him again, she stammered,

“S…so you find it fun to shock me…”


I find it funny that you don’t even know what you really want.

You don’t even really know yourself.”

At an unexpected answer, Sukyung turned toward him, who was only looking at the road.

Sukyung asked, 

“What do you mean by that”



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