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Before Sukyung could even gasp, Sungwoo grabbed her face and kissed her.

Unable to breathe, Sukyung’s eyes widened as she froze in the chair.

She couldn’t move or make a sound.

The hot, smooth, and strange feeling engulfed her.

Being so close to someone… Having someone taste her like this… It felt so overwhelming that she felt a little scared. 

This felt very different from when Sungwoo embraced her in her underwear before.

This felt like… 

At the time in the lingerie store, the biggest emotion she felt was embarrassment.

But now, he felt much closer.

Much more… familiar.

It felt very wrong.

Her brain kept telling her this wasn’t right.

That she needs to push him away! She couldn’t get involved with this man! She should’ve refused him from the beginning.

No matter how beautiful she could become from the “experience” he offered, she should’ve said no. 

All these thoughts crossed her mind, yet… When his tongue slipped into her mouth, her brain turned blank.

She meant to close her lips, but when his tongue touched hers, she was so shocked that her mouth opened even wider. 

Sungwoo did as he wished.

His hot wet tongue explored her mouth as if he owned her.

The unfamiliar feeling made her whole body shiver.

His tongue stabbed at her in the most erotic way possible.

Her lips felt like they were throbbing, and the leisurely way his tongue moved inside her mouth made her body become covered in goosebumps. 

Sukyung felt… scared.

It felt like something inside of her was changing.

She felt like she was changing in a way she never expected.

Afraid she might not be able to go back to the way things were, Sukyung became fearful. 

Finally, Sungwoo ended the kiss.

Her lips ached and she could taste him inside her mouth.

When she looked up at him blankly, he gazed down at her for a moment before turning away to clean up the makeup table.

Sukyung  began to tremble, but it seemed that Sungwoo didn’t notice it.

He muttered, 

“See I knew it.

You weren’t being shy.

You’re scared, so how will you ever seduce that man”

Sukyung  wanted to tell him again that there was no man.

She wanted to tell him that it wasn’t like that at all, but her lips trembled and she realized that she couldn’t speak.

Her voice felt frozen.

In fact, her whole body felt cold except for her lips, which were burning.

They were still throbbing as if someone punched her face. 

A long time ago, she was hit in the face once.

After her parents passed away, she sold the apartment and ended up renting a smaller place.

After her lease was up, she needed to move to a different place, but her landlord refused to give her deposit back.

Sukyung argued back, trying to get her money back.

But her landlord, an older woman, called her rude and slapped her face hard. 

At the time, Sukyung was only 20.

So shocked and scared, Sukyung ended up running back home.

In the end, she never got her deposit back and just moved quietly.

She was so scared that she never got the courage to go back to the landlord. 

If something like that happened now, Sukyung knew to call the police, but at the time, she was too young and naive.

Afraid Jaewon might find out, Sukyung remembered hiding and crying in secret. 

Sukyung felt like she was back to that moment when she was slapped by her landlord.

She was just entering a whole new world, and she found it to be unfamiliar and scary.

This man had offered to help her guide the way, but she couldn’t trust him just yet.

Sukyung was afraid he was going to take her to a scary place and abandon her there. 

Suddenly realizing something was wrong, Sungwoo turned around and asked,

“Hey Hey!”

He waved his hand in front of her face to get her attention.

When Sukyung blinked a few times, tears began to roll down from her eyes.

Sungwoo, turning pale, stammered, 

“H…hey! W…what’s wrong This isn’t a big deal.

You shouldn’t be crying like that! No one will be able to tell that we kissed! I swear!”

Sukyung shook her head and wiped away her tears with her hand.

She didn’t mean to cry; in fact, she had no idea why she was crying.

But she couldn’t seem to stop, making Sungwoo even more uncomfortable.

At first, he tried to stop her from crying, but when it didn’t seem to be working, he gave up.

Sungwoo just sat on the nearby table and gazed at her quietly. 

When she finally stopped crying and sniffled, Sungwoo handed her a kleenex.

Sukyung wiped her face with it, smearing the foundation and mascara all over it.

Covering her face with both of her hands, Sukyung apologized, 

“I’m sorry.”

Sungwoo glared at her and asked, 

“Are you upset that the man you like might find out about our kiss That he might get angry”


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